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Is it possible to recover DVR files?

The DVR recovery software is widely used for fixing Dahua NVR crashes, recovering lost/deleted NVR files. It can easily restore files from Dahua NVR beyond recovery after the sudden power outage, scanning errors, broken storage devices, and other data loss problems. The DVR recovery tool is a cost-effective way to keep your surveillance system running.

The high-end Dahua NVR can work more effectively in the market with its excellent performance of recording, monitoring, and digital video playback. However, there are many situations that can make you fail to locate or retrieve lost or deleted files from the DVR.                   

The trash can function of Dish Network and some Hikvision DVRs is useful only in the sense that it does not actually delete your footage, but simply removes it from your view. This is because the DVR still stores the footage in its hard drive (and it is erased when you stop recording or overwrite previous content), and you can retrieve it since it is not really deleted. The next question is: does this footage change? Well, if you do not overwrite anything new on your DVR, yes. But if you record the same channel again and again (or record over an existing recording), then the contents of highly skilled hackers can track down and decrypt your DVR scrambled information with ease. This is why it’s so important to employ top-notch protection and encryption software to protect your recordings and, in case of a security breach, make it virtually impossible for any person or organization to access the corrupted files.

Deleting digital video recorder data is a simple operation. Unfortunately, you cannot recover these files by simply reformatting the hard drive. With the help of professional DVR hard disk recovery software, you can recover deleted files quickly and easily.

Recover DHFS 4.1 files Effortless with DVR Recovery

Recover DHFS4.1 files is an extremely useful and helpful data recovery tool to recover the deleted tape data from CCTV security camera hard disk and SD card. This tool knows how to recover all deleted videos and images from DVRs. This software is designed with an excellent function to automatically detect and scan all parameters, that is, you do not need to know anything about the crash cause according to recover DHFS 4.1 files Effortless with DVR Recovery is a powerful and efficient program created for recovering files from DVR. Features of this application include the ability to work with corrupted HDD, HDD partitioning/reformatting, recovering on a damaged or foreign system, and the ability to recover deleted video from a wide range of packages installed on the CCTV/DVR.

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A step-by-step guide to DVR video recovery software is included:

Step 1. When your computer fails to boot due to a disk problem, you need professional DVR video recovery software to scan the hard drive and find the missing video files. DiskInternals DVR Recovery™ is an advanced imaging utility that scans the hard disks for lost video files.

Step 2. Once the DVR drivers are connected, the data recovery software automatically detects and reads the connected drives. You can then preview or preview and recover any files from the connected drives.

Step 3. Recover video from your device, and then choose file formats for output: you can choose any combination of the four that we offer: AVI, MPEG1 Video, MPEG2 Video, and Windows Media Video. By default, DVR Recovery™ will place files in the directory structure as they were on your media. If you want it to create a new folder on your computer instead, you must select the “Keep Directory Structure” option.

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Use backup

 Is it possible to recover DVR files? What if your old hard drive with videos on it crashed, but you inserted the same hard drive into another PC or connected it to your network? You can back up the files on the DVR hard drive directly to another connected, removable disk or cloud storage. Or you can also transfer the backup file back to the original hard drive. What should I do if my NAS backup drive is broken due to any reasons? If you think your NAS is broken or lost data, don’t worry. You can retrieve data after copying data to another disk or online storage.

Here’s a guide:

Step 1. Open the DVR hard disk / SD card to find the video (which was deleted by users).

Step 2. When a disc can not be fully copied back to a disc, the software will automatically try to copy the video file to your local hard disk. After that, you can transfer the file back to a disc or SD card and play it on most devices. In this case, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the recorded content.