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Do not panic. Do not attempt to repair or Recover the Media. Contact Recovery Squad now.

Types of Media and Data We Can Recover Data From

 The Recovery Squad team’s slogan is “Any Media, Any Data, Any Time.”

We are among one of the few companies to recover data from any media. Below are some of our data recovery services in Perth:

  • Hard Drive Recovery

Because of the advancing technology, hard disks are getting smaller and holding more data. With a holding capacity of up to 200 TB, the potential of hard drive failure is escalated. At Recovery Squad, our trained technicians ensure the recovery of the most corrupted data from all types of hard drives.

  • RAID Recovery Services:

Extreme complex nature of RAIDS increases its chances of failure. They are encountered with frequent damage and configuration problems.

With our data recovery services in Melbourneyou will get solutions to all hardware and software problems for any RAID levels.

  • TAPE Technologies

Used as a backup for sequential storage media, TAPE allows a large capacity of backup. Similar to RAID, they are also very complex. In the case of TAPE failure, the user should not take up the recovery by themselves. Recovery Squad has an experienced team of data recovery professionals who employ unique technology and tools to recover your data from a damaged TAPE successfully.

  • Optical Recovery

Media read and written by laser is known as Optical Media. CDs, DVDs, etc. fall into this category. These get corrupted because of mishandling and scratches, resulting in data loss. We recover most of the optical media and preserve the stored data on different workable media.

  • Removable and Digital Media

It comprises removable storage media, such as floppy disks, zip drives, flash drives, SD cards, camera media, mobile phones, and many more. They go corrupt because of physical damage, virus attack, loose contacts, etc. At Recovery Squad, we understand that every recovery situation is different for different devices. We recover all your data and store it in a clean drive to ensure no further data corruption.

Our Data Recovery Process:

Data Recovery Process

Why Choose Recovery Squad?

Immediate technical assistance
Immediate technical assistance
Immediate technical assistance
Same Day Assessment
emergency service

Emergency Service for All Critical Recoveries

The completely transparent recovery process
The completely transparent recovery process
Minimum Downtime

Minimum Downtime

Secure Data Recovery Process
Secure data recovery process
Customer Care Service and Help Desk

Customer Care Service and Help Desk

High Success Rate

High Success Rate

Can all my data files be recovered?

Recovery Squad team can retrieve most of the data from any media. However, the process of recovering files also depends on the condition of the storage media.

Why should I not recover my data with the help of free software on the internet?

Free software will fix minor problems only. They can render data unrecoverable in case of extreme situations. Also, there is a fair chance of data loss and data hacking with the use of online free software.

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