iPhone data recovery
android phone data recovery

Android Mobile Phone Data Recovery in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

Android Data Recovery is a headache because of what happens when you delete all your files off of your old phone without properly backing them up on some other device. 

We know that people are busy. They juggle a dozen tasks during the day – whether it be work or family life. A smartphone makes those things less taxing because it operates as a personal assistant that can do far more than a traditional phone could on its own.  

Apple has dominated the market for phones for years, with many people even preferring the iPhone over Android devices. But now more than ever before Apple’s monopoly is under threat, with some companies now producing some of the best smartphones in the world.

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Mobile Phone Data Recovery for any Android Brand!

Android Phone data recovery is a vital service these days. With the boom of using tablets, smartphones and electronic gadgets people have been storing more data across these devices rather than on their desktops or laptops. This has created a need for experts to be able to help with all types of disasters – from passing viruses to hard drive crashes, accidental deletions and malware infections – expert android phone & tablet data recovery services can save you from the total data loss!

Usage of Mobile Data recovery Tools is a BIG NO NO!!

There are some data recovery software out there like TweakBit Boot, Amila Software Filesalvage Wizard, or OfficeRecovery Pro – these programs help you recover your files for their trial time; otherwise, the more expensive versions will offer a fully guaranteed result. These tools are not safe either. It’s hard to determine whether they follow industry data security standards & protocols or not.

Instead, if you have lost your data or broken your Android phone and the device needs repair, an android broken screen data recovery technician might be able to use a particular technology and software to salvage some of your data. Under their guidance, you will be assured of data safety and data has been handled by a trained specialist.

How can you lose data off an Android Phone?

Data loss can be frustrating and debilitating if it’s not taken care of swiftly. You might feel at first that there’s nothing to do but give up when you realize all of your information has disappeared.

  • You have unintentionally Deleted/Formatted all the data off your phone.
  • You faced a system update failure.
  • Slipped important login details out of your mind and you entered wrong information more times than recommended.
  • You have put a corrupted SD Card that has infected all the stored files in the phone.
  • You are seeing an error while rooting your phone.
  • Your phone is damaged physically because of your carelessness.
  • It is showing a black screen and the touch is not responsive.


Best Android Data Recovery At Recovery Squad!

It’s easy to misplace or delete important files from old cell phones, and it can be devastating when this happens. Our Broken Android Data Recovery Experts can help you recover your precious data such as photos, audio recordings and SMS messages that might have been deleted by mistake – without you even realizing they were there in the first place!

Experts at Recovery Squad are skilled with state-of-the-art technologies that allow them to recover anything on any remote storage device which makes it possible for them to work successfully in cases where other remote support specialists are unable to identify the required information. More importantly, because they specialize exclusively in Android data recovery services they are familiar with all of the Android operating system standards which means their solutions will work flawlessly.


Operation Systems we can handle are:

  • iOS™
  • Android™
  • Windows®

Brands we handle but are not limited to:

  • HTC®
  • LG®
  • Microsoft®
  • Motorola®
  • Samsung®
  • Oppo®
  • Huawei®
  • Realme®

Frequently Asked Questions:

Professional Android Phone Data Recovery Service - www.recoverysquad.com.au/
Is Android Recovery Data Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe. Our android data recovery engineers use tools and technologies that have been completely tested before. You must note that we follow all the data security & safety guidelines made by the government to safeguard your personally identifiable information. Please contact us today for free assistance with your android phone data recovery needs.

How can I recover my android phone data?

You can go to your profile drive like – GDrive, Dropbox or others. Check the backup data there and see which files you want to restore. You should know that this feature can only be availed if you have done the backup before. Otherwise, you can contact our experts and take their assistance to get the important information back.

How can I recover my lost mobile data?

It can be very unsettling when you find out that you lost your phone or someone stole it. An android phone data recovery expert can salvage any precious pictures, text messages, contacts, videos etc. Many things are gone forever but there’s always a chance to recover them – no matter how big the mistake!

Can I do a system restore on my phone?

Just go to Settings, Backup and reset and afterwards Reset settings. If you have a choice that says ‘Reset settings,’ this is perhaps where you can reset the android without losing all of your information. Back up your Android gadget before tapping both of them, for good measure.

How can I recover data from my Android phone that won't turn on?

Retrieve Files from SD Card Android

The most important way of recuperating information from an Android that won’t turn on is by extricating documents from the SD card. For this, you just need to recover the information by utilizing a USB card reader.

How can I recover my Android phone's internal memory?

If you have had the backup or your phone synchronised with your Google Account Manager then you can easily get the data back. You just have to log in to your Google Account and restore the information you want.

If you are struggling to do all this work, then you should contact an Android data recovery expert like Recovery Squad.

We have a committed mobile innovative workgroup that spends significant time in finding new recuperation strategies for all models of Android cell phones.

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