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SSDs (Solid State Drives) are a newer and faster format of the hard drive. They use NAND flash memory, which is much more reliable than traditional magnetic storage media found in mechanical drives.

In addition to being more durable, they have no moving parts so there’s less noise as well as reduced power consumption with lower energy consumption due to their lack of motors for spin-ups and recalibrations. The best part about SSDs is that they have no moving parts or spinning disks that can fail, making them a workhorse for those who edit video frequently.

A second advantage is speed: because accessing data on an external SSD is just a matter of milliseconds.

Losing your primary hard drive and all the data on it is very close to the number one nightmare in our opinion. In the end, only an external SSD data recovery professional can be your saviour.

Can you get your External SSD data bacK?

The good news is with an external drive, if you can connect it to another computer, such as with a USB cord, you should still be able to access some data from that drive.

However, depending on what happened to the file when you lost it, anything that’s been deleted will definitely not be available anymore. You will definitely need some external SSD data recovery expert’s help to retrieve those important files back.

Also, If power was never cut and your passwords remained unchanged there is a chance you can get back most or all of your files; This requires reformatting the disk.

Windows Driver Update

You can try updating the drivers of your windows. At the point when the file system installed on the SSD gets corrupted, it may show your Windows drivers are not updated.

  1. Click on your PC’s Device Manager
  2. Check the properties of your hard drives and snap on “Update Driver”
  3. After the finishing of the updates, restart your PC

Normally, the dead SSD can be repaired by refreshing SSD firmware or Windows drivers. But, please note that you should take great attention when it comes to taking care of all information put away on the dead SSD.

How do external SSDs fail?

It’s important to note that many reasons exist for an external drive both failing and losing it’s data even without any sort of failure (i.e., due to human error, like accidentally overwriting your external storage device with a new document while it formats, or hooking up the wrong portable hard drive to your PC).

External SSDs devices are vulnerable because they’re relatively inexpensive–a cost/value issue that often forces such devices (particularly ones purchased off-brand) to cut corners which degrade performance and increase the possibilities for failure.

Why Recovery Squad?

External SSD data recovery demands an exceptional skill set to keep away from additional harm and loss of data. Our group is knowledgeable about full data recovery from SSDs.

We utilise advanced software and strategies in our ISO-5/Class 100 cleanroom environments to recover your data. Many say that it is impossible, however, Recovery Squad has a high success rate in recovering every type of data loss on SSDs.

We can get your data back from any model or brand of external SSD.

  1. Intel
  2. PatriotMemory
  3. STEC
  4. SanDisk
  5. Samsung
  6. PNY Technologies
  7. Western Digital
  8. Micron
  9. Crucial
  10. OCZ® Technology     
  11. Kingston Technology
  12. Transcend
  13. Toshiba
  14. Seagate
  15. Other

Frequently Asked Questions? (FAQs)

How do I recover data from an external SSD?

Data on an SSD drive can always be recovered unless the data has been overwritten or removed from the disk itself. It’s also possible for a person to lose data by attempting some computer repair on their own and causing some accidental file corruption as a result.


You should quickly contact an external SSD data recovery company to help you recover all the necessary information back with ease. Our data engineers are available 24*7 to improve your chances of getting data back.

How to recover data from deleted external SSD?

This is why it’s important to make sure that any files you delete from an external SSD, you empty your recycle bin and confirm all copies of those files are gone before moving on. If they’re not, new versions might keep getting automatically created and will eventually overwrite whatever was there previously. External hard drives; which are magnetic- don’t have this issue because bits of information about their original contents remain after deletion even if erased as such.

How to Update Firmware of Dead/Not Working SSD?

You can try by going to the device manager and expanding the disk drives option. You will need to click the SSD drive and see properties. Check the details and hardware IDS and hit the ok button. Now, you’ll have to install a trusted software and see if the firmware version of your SSD is there or not. If yes, then hit the “Accept” button. See if there is any update available and if yes then update it. Click the ok button to complete the firmware update cycle.

How to fix a dead SSD?

Assuming the SSD is now on your PC, take the data cable, yet not the power cable. On the off chance that you’re plugging the SSD in a PC or interfacing it to a loose power supply briefly, do SSD data malfunction recovery in a below-mentioned way.


  • Interface the power cable to the SSD. However, not the power cable,
  • Switch on the power and leave the power on for 30 minutes. Following 30 minutes, shut down or take out the power cable.
  • Stand by 30 seconds, then, at that point, reestablish power. Allow the drive to sit turned on for an additional 30 minutes. Shut down once more, then, at that point, stand by 30 seconds.


In the event that all works out in a good way, the SSD drive might return to life when you interface the data cable or plug the drive back into your computer.

How can you repair my accidentally deleted SSD?

Recovery Squad has been working in this sector for many years and we have a team of external SSD data recovery specialists, who possess the right tools and technologies to recover your accidentally lost data.

Our specialists get regular training and skills workshops to polish their knowledge of SSD data recovery. We follow the externally high data security standards of Australia.

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