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Data loss is a common problem that can occur in any organisation. It can be caused by various factors such as power outages, hardware failures, human error, software corruption,
and natural disasters. When data is lost, it can have a devastating effect on the business. In some cases, the data may be lost forever and the business may never be able to recover.

We’re the best data recovery services providing company in Australia because we have the most experienced and qualified data recovery experts in the industry. Our engineers have a deep understanding of how data is stored and accessed, and they’re able to utilise this knowledge to recover data that other companies are unable to retrieve.

Furthermore, we have a state-of-the-art facility that’s equipped with the latest technology and tools, which allows us to recover data quickly and efficiently. So if you’ve lost important files or documents, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll be happy to help!

Trusted & Professional Data Recovery Services

Every instance of data loss is different and unique to the device and user; which is why Recovery Squad has a range of appropriate software and hardware that allows us to deliver custom data recovery services. We are proud to be a trusted provider of quality and efficient data recovery services at affordable costs for individuals and businesses across Australia. Some of the common data retrieval services we provide include:

Why We are the First Choice For Data Recovery Services in Australia

It’s a scary thought, but what would you do if you lost all your important data? Photos, videos, important files – they could all be gone in an instant. That’s why it’s essential to have a reliable data recovery service in Melbourne, Perth, sydney and across australia that you can rely on in case of an emergency.

We are the first choice for data recovery services in Australia because our data recovery specialists have over 20 years of experience in the industry. We are able to recover data from all types of devices, including laptops, desktops, servers, RAID arrays and more.

We also offer a diagnostic service so that you can determine whether or not your data can be recovered before you commit to any repairs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

How We are Different from other Data Recovery Company

At our company, we believe in providing the best possible service to our clients. We understand that data loss can be a frustrating and stressful experience, so we work hard to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of support. Here are some of the ways in which we differ from other data recovery companies:

  • We have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who are dedicated to helping our clients recover their lost data.
  • We offer a wide range of services, including data recovery from various types of media.
  • We provide free phone consultations to help our clients determine the best course of action for recovering their lost data.
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    Are you looking for Emergency Data Recovery Services?

    “Hello, I am looking for emergency data recovery services. A few weeks ago, I lost all my data when my computer crashed. I need to get my files back as soon as possible. Can you help?” A common question asked by many individuals over a phone call with our data recovery experts.

    We can certainly help! We offer emergency data recovery services that can recover your files in a short amount of time. We have experience with recovering files from crashed computers, corrupted drives, and even deleted files. So don’t worry, we can help you get your data back!

    List of Drives for Which We Provide Best Data Recovery Service

    Hard Drive Data Recovery
    Hard Drive Data Recovery
    raid data recovery
    RAID Data Recovery
    SSD Data Recovery
    SSD Data Recovery
    External HDD Data Recovery
    External HDD Data Recovery
    Android Data Recovery
    Android Phones Data Recovery
    iphone Data Recovery
    iPhone Data Recovery
    flash drives data recovery
    Flash Drive Data Recovery
    Memory Card Data Recovery
    Memory Card Data Recovery
    cctv dvr data recovery
    CCTV DVR Data Recovery
    Crypto Wallet Data Recovery
    Crypto Wallet Data Recovery

    How Our Data Recovery Specialists Retrieve Your Crucial Data

    Losing data can be a big problem for a lot of reasons. For one, you may lose important files that you need for work or school. Secondly, if you lose all your data it can be difficult to recover it, especially if you don’t have a recent backup. Finally, if someone else loses your data they could potentially use it maliciously or sell it to other people. So overall, losing data can be a big inconvenience and sometimes even lead to more serious problems.

    At our data recovery centre, we understand how important your data is to you. That’s why we use the latest technology and techniques to retrieve your crucial data as quickly and efficiently as possible. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to data recovery, we work around the clock to ensure that your files are back in safe hands as soon as possible.

    However, with the help of a professional data recovery firm, most businesses can retrieve their lost data. A data recovery centre has the experience and expertise to retrieve your crucial data from any type of storage device. They will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and will develop a customised solution to meet those needs.
      • Process to Recover your Important Data
    Data Recovery Process
    Why Choose Recovery Squad

    How Long Does Data Recovery Take ?

    Every data recovery job is different and the time it takes to complete a job can vary greatly depending on the severity of the damage, the type of media being recovered, and the equipment and resources available. That said, we typically quote a turnaround time of 3-5 business days for most jobs. However, we do offer expedited service for an additional fee. If you need your data recovered quickly, please let us know when you submit your media for recovery and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

    What Our Customers Say:

    Daniel saved me $50,000. You read that right. Normally, there is no chance in the world I would be leaving reviews, and to be honest with you all, this will be the first one ever, but it is more than due.

    To start things off, I had a cryptocurrency wallet on my computer. The only way to access this wallet was through the startup screen, as I, being careless enough, lost the keys to get back into the wallet. Read more

    Sam Fallon

    We had an old external drive which had alot of our financial info on it. We'd backed up photos but had stupidly been using a few folders regularly that only existed in one place. Then the drive died, and the realization of what we'd lost set in.

    The guys from Recovery Squad. explained our options and what to expect. I did take a while to find a suitable donor drive, but as I said it was a really old WD external drive. Read more

    Steve Carnell

    Daniel and the Recovery Squad team went above and beyond to assist with the recovery of data from a saltwater damaged, very old mobile phone.

    This recovery had been unsuccessfully attempted twice previously, by two other teams of specialists.  The data was very ‘high stakes’, as it is to be used as evidence in Court proceedings.

    Daniel’s diligence, determination, professionalism and expertise were astonishing, and I cannot recommend him and the Recovery Squad team highly enough. Read more

    Alison Churchill

    Absolutely thrilled that we found Data Recovery Melbourne. We had a NAS Box that failed that dates back to 2009 - almost prehistoric. We had some backups scattered here & there on the cloud & others on backup disks but it was not systematic. So when it failed, we lost so many years of photographs & precious memories dating back to 1995. I was devastated. Daniel & his team somehow managed to get this ancient NAS Box up and running & recovered years and years of photographs & videos. I can't express how grateful & happy we are to have this data recovered. Daniel was a pleasure to deal with throughout, he explained everything clearly and the price was really reasonable & very competitive to other. 

    Fiona Cooper

    While upgrading my son's Macbook Pro to Big Sur, the upgrade failed and the system could no longer be accessed. Spent a number of days trying to recover the system no avail. Contacted Apple support, and despite being very helpful, they could not resolve the issue. This is where Recovery Squad came to the rescue. They understood the criticality of the situation and promised to do their absolute best to recover the data. I was constantly kept up to date on how things were progressing, and finally after 2 days I was advised that the entire data was recovered.

    Fardin Habibi

    My SSD drive failed after a power surge in the area , I was very pleased with the overall service provided by the team at Recovery Squad , initially over the phone with very simple clarification of the process and later during the whole process of data recovery. I was very satisfied as I kept informed and updated with the progress throughout the process. I would highly recommend Recovery Squad as the service is prompt ,efficient ,professional and data delivery is on time and reasonable price for recovering 100% of data .

    Freddie Takhtemina

    Had a NAS drive controller (full of essential data) fail due to external power issues and had to get data recovered. Data Recovery Melbourne managed to recover 100% of our data from the RAID5 drives. Allowed me to sleep again!!

    Bernie Hollaway

    I was very pleased with Daniel's work, he was able to recover my 10 year old data from an formatted and encrypted Drive which is unbelievable. Storage experts gave up but Daniel took that challenge and was able to recover data. He is very knowledgeable and I believe he is the go-to person when it comes to data recovery. He is very professional and on time and very committed. His recovery skills are at another level, l strongly recommend his workmanship

    Ravi Sreenivas

    Recovery Squad is a significantly professional data recovery service provider. They are so caring, responsive and technically capable who will treat your data with high level of care and give due attention to confidentiality and criticality of missing data. I would highly recommend the company services and their team.

    Ramzi Ibrahim

    We used a Synology 4xBay NAS to store all our business and personal data for many years which crashed over the weekend, in a panic mode we contacted Recovery Squad on online Chat system over the weekend and explained the situation, they asked few questions and feel confident they could recover the data, we delivered the NAS on Monday and all our data including full Meta data and folder structure recovered in less than 2 weeks, the customer service is second to none and they communicated with me during the recovery process, I’m more than happy to recommend Recovery Squad data recovery services for any business or individual who cannot afford to lose their valuable data, appreciated your help.

    Reza Zainolabedin

    Data Recovery Melbourne, customer service and technical performance exceeded my expectations. I do not encounter many service providers who meet my expectations let alone exceed them Well done Data Recovery Melbourne the assignment was difficult and you performed well when needed. Thank you

    Allen Walker

    Daniel was a pleasure to deal with, and made the recovery process quick. Very reasonably priced for priceless memories recovered. I would use this service again. Thank you

    Sam Hallawell

    All files intact; apparently it was a uniquely difficult job but there was no extra charge.

    Liam King

    Brought in an SSD with a difficult and complex controller chip issue. Daniel was very friendly, professional, and took the time to explain the costs involved, the required time, what the process would involve, and the chance of a successful recovery. His honesty and transparency gave me the information I needed to make an educated decision; in the end I decided not to go through with the recovery due to a lengthy time required and low chance of success.

    Luke Iannello

    Excellent response time, professional trustworthy service. Data Recovery Melbourne were expert in their knowledge and delivered results which saved my precious data from permanent loss. Highly recommend.

    Van L

    Daniel is highly skilled in retrieving data. My NAS drive suddenly gave me errors and I was not able to locate a specific folder (it was not deleted). Turns out the folder was encrypted and hidden. Daniel managed a way to locate the folder and all its contents, then he returned the drives back to me with all data intact. He turned it all around in less than a week, whereas another person tried looking at it and took 1 month (including lockdown 4.0) Trust the professionals.

    Gabriel Goh

    Daniel has been fantastic in helping us to recover our damaged hard drive contents and making sure we get our urgent files back as quickly as possible. Would definitely recommend Recovery Squad Melbourne, A+ service.

    Elly F

    I had accidentally formatted a SD device with loads of photos that I hadn't backed-up before. Data Recovery Melbourne was clear with how they could help and prompt with their service. They managed to recover all my data. Thanks again!

    Liam Beasley

    Daniel was very helpful, patient, and responsive to all my questions about recovering data that I had lost on my hard drive. Definitely recommend!

    Kiara Allis

    Data Recovery Melbourne were able to fully recover my data within a week, and Daniel was very responsive, he gave me an estimate of how much it might cost and called me with updates. I was able to drop off and collect my hard drive from the CBD location.

    Loretta Gasparini

    Still remember the day when my hard drive had crashed and all the confidential files got corrupted. Too perplexed to think of anything I consulted a friend who is into all things tech. Based on his suggestion, I contacted Recovery Squad's hard drive repair service in Melbourne. They not only assisted me promptly but also fixed the hard drive by next day evening. Great service, I would say.

    Mark Elanie

    I accidentally re-formatted an SD card which held 100's of valuable family photos. Daniel quickly and efficiently restored the photos and sent me a link. So not only did he recover my photos, he gave returned them to me in a digital format. I highly recommend his services. Thanks Daniel!!

    Anita Aarons

    The Recovery Squad we amazing in their response time and knowledge of the problem. There were able to retrieve all my data which was spread over 8 x HDD's in a RAID 5 configuration. These guys kept me informed and worked in a highly professional way. I would highly recommend their services.

    Phillip Hancock

    Daniel was very prompt and helpful when I lost a stack of work on my laptop and somehow managed to corrupt my external hard drive at the same time. He kept me in the loop every step of the way so I knew what to expect both in terms of recovery and cost. In the end, he managed to recover most of my files which he backed up onto a new hard drive for me. Definitely recommend!

    Morna Hu

    Recovered all the history of my emails , very happy with prompt service and professionalism .....

    Peter Arvanitis

    They were prompt in repairing my USB and there was nothing lost. Thanks for the service.

    Robyn Bousie

    Prompt service. They were able to recover all my critical data.

    Jim Foley

    Daniel was able to recover the data from a damaged naserver on a timely basis. He was professional and knows what he is doing.

    Life Cycle

    Excellent service, professional, responsive, trustworthy and very efficient. I highly recommend Data Recovery Melbourne. Who helped me recover all my important personal files and university files from my dying WD hard drive. Thankyou!

    Nathaniel Mollison

    Data Recovery Melbourne were able to fully recover my data within a week, and Daniel was very responsive, he gave me an estimate of how much it might cost and called me with updates. I was able to drop off and collect my hard drive from the CBD location

    Loretta Gasparini


    What to do to avoid future data loss?

    The most crucial step is to keep backing up your data. Make sure to perform frequent tests on backed up data to keep it secure.

    In addition to the above, here are some other suggestions to prevent data loss:

    • Partition your hard drive: This enables the user to create separate programs and data zones so that if a hard disk crashes, the data can be recovered, considering that it was stored in a different location.
    • Perform disk fragmentation: It helps in arranging files contiguously, thus lowering the risk of data loss. It is also useful in boosting the speed of a system, making it more efficient.
    • Use of Antivirus software: It is essential to keep your computer safe from any Malware and Virus attack. A virus attack is one of the most common causes of data corruption and data loss.
    • Keep your system safe: Computers should be kept in safe locations with limited access. All the hardware should be protected from dust and moisture. Avoid overheating of the components to keep them safe and secure.
    Why choose Recovery Squad for Data Recovery in Perth & Melbourne?

    Recovery Squad provides top data recovery in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney with immediate technical assistance to our clients.

    We understand the importance of your data and ensure recovery from all-optical and magnetic storage devices. With unique data extraction tools, highly equipped labs, and clean rooms, we provide data recovery for mechanical and logical failures, deleted files, and corrupt data.

    Our cutting-edge technology to recover data has made us one of the trusted names for data recovery in Melbourne and Perth.

    What Types of Data Recovery we cure for you?

    With years of experience as one of the top providers of data recovery services in Melbourne and Perth, we have resolved most of the hardware failures, human errors, missing data, cyber-attacks, and data corruption because of malware and physical damage.

    Experience Cost Effective Data Recovery Services from Our Team Today

    If you need help with data retrieval, we have stores in Melbourne and Perth where you can come in to drop off your device for evaluation. If you would like to know more about our services or have questions about the cost of our data recovery, feel free to give us a call on 1300 381 230.

    Recovery Squad is here to help with all data failures or errors so fret not. Book an appointment with us today and we’ll have your file restored in no time.

    Privacy Policy - Recovery Squad Data Retrieval Group

    Privacy Policy

    Privacy and confidentiality of customers’ data is our first priority and we keep all your data confidential.

    We keep all data on your media ( hard drive, mobile phone, flash drives, SD / Micro SD cards, NAS box, RAID arrays ) private and confidential and we use your media for the purpose of data recovery only.

    We might need to test and check the health of recovered data to make sure there is no corrupted data on the final recovery result. Your privacy is our priority and we respect it.

    Benjamin McMillan
    I had a hard drive that was failing to initialise, I tried some some random programs to fix it and (stupidly) opened the drive, nothing worked. It had years of personal photos and all my financial spreadsheets, and I also used this drive as a restore point for other old drives, so it was like an inception of hard drives within hard drives. I called Recovery Squad and they were very informative about the likelihood and difficulty of recovery since it had been opened. They called me with regular updates throughout the process and in the end managed a 90% recovery, though I can't see anything missing so I consider it basically a full restore. I'm extremely happy with the outcome.
    Benjamin McMillan
    John Everett
    Managed to recover a lot of photo files from a plug in hard drive and USB. All done quickly and efficiently.
    John Everett
    Ann Knight
    Identified the issue promptly and provided great expertise in finding a solution , highly recommended.
    Ann Knight
    Roy Pan
    Recently tried recovering old family photos lost over 10 years ago on an old hard drive. Daniel and his team were very professional and pleasant to deal with throughout the entire process. Unfortunately the hard drive was beyond repair and the photos could not be recovered despite their best efforts. Daniel was very kind to not charge any additional fees despite the many hours of work put into the recovery attempt. 10/10 would recommend for data recovery. Thanks Daniel!
    Roy Pan
    Steve Henzell
    Full recovery of my data. Daniel was helpful and responsive to my questions. Slightly cryptic drop-off process but all became clear with a phonecall.
    Steve Henzell
    Anthony Coia
    Daniel and the Recovery Squad team were professional, completely transparent and very easy to deal with. I and would highly recommend this team for your data recovery needs. I had 2 replicated hard disks that unfortunately had both failed. I was informed of recovery status at every step of the process. I was provided full transparency on probability of success of recovery without technical mumbo jumbo. They were able to recover personal and family private photos and videos from 2004 -2014, 10 years worth of family memories. Thanks you Recovery Squad!
    Anthony Coia
    Irwin Guevarra
    Daniel was amazing! He was there every step of the way when it came to recovering crucial files I have accidentally deleted for a client. From the moment I have submitted the inquiry form to the moment the job was complete he was there every step of the way and he managed to recover everything, he truly is a wizard! I would highly recommend him!
    Irwin Guevarra
    Maisie Matthews
    Daniel was really helpful, and understanding when I was quite stressed with my computer troubles. My computer has broken, and in the process of trying to fix it myself I had wiped all the content from my external hard drive and computer. He managed to get back all my important folders onto a new hard drive for me, which was a big relief! He was very transparent with me of the costs, which I valued, being a fairly poor student!
    Maisie Matthews
    Jordan Karagiannidis
    quick and efficient data recover highly recommended
    Jordan Karagiannidis
    Sharna White
    Incredible service! My only Harddrive with all of my first borns photos were on my Harddrive. I went to back up the Harddrive to a cloud based one when it wouldn’t open at all! It took a lot of patience from the team to recover the files but they did it and I’m just so so thankful!!!!! Thank you!
    Sharna White
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