In this Information Age, the most valuable commodity is data. It is used by businesses around the world to study their customers and ensure commercial success. Most of our work depends and runs on data, and even our memories and personalities today are stored in data. This makes it very important to keep our data safe.

Over the years, data loss has become a serious problem for most businesses as it involves losing files and time which in turn results in losing money. Data loss often occurs when your data is deleted or if something causes it to get corrupted. There are several factors that can cause this to happen including malware, human errors, and physical damage. This can have an adverse impact on your business or workplace.

Sometimes, the data which is lost is simply recoverable, however, it is always better to not lose data in the first place. Here are some of the most common causes of data loss and ways to prevent them from happening to your data.

Human Error

To be human is to make mistakes, and this is also true in the case of data. There are several cases in which data loss is caused by a mistake of the user operating the computer. This can be seen in cases when you may have accidently deleted files or formatted your disk without realizing there is still important data on it. Human error can only be prevented by double-checking before deleting anything on your computer, and always make sure you delete to recycle bin first.


Malware is another issue that has been growing at a rapid pace ever since computers became mainstream in every household. Malware can easily corrupt your files and cause your pc to lose data without any warning. It is important to avoid malware by having good antivirus software on your PC and also avoid websites that promise free software.

Physical Damage to Hard Drive

Hard drives are delicate devices just like any other computer part and they can be damaged when abused. It is important to never take your hard drive out of the case since this can make it more vulnerable to physical damage.

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Power Cuts and Surges

Electrical surges are known to fry electronic devices from time to time. This can also affect your computer and hard drive with ease. Another cause can be a power cut in the middle of file transfer or saving data. Such situations need to be avoided with the help of a power backup system or a UPS attached to your computer. 

Liquid Damage

Computers and their components are quite vulnerable to liquids such as water which can easily short circuit the electronic device and cause it to stop working. While most devices come with an IP rating, they can still experience water damage if the liquid gets inside a port or vent.  It’s best to keep your devices and liquids far away from each other.



Data corruption is a real problem that can occur due to a variety of factors including the OS itself. This is seen in cases when you save an important file, but when you try to open it, it is actually corrupted. The best way to avoid these situations is to double-check your saved file and keep all your software including your operating system updated.


Hacking or corporate cracking can be a very real scenario for most businesses today. There can be competing firms with malicious intent who hire hackers to delete your business data. To prevent such situations, it is important to ensure your firm has proper cybersecurity measures in place.

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