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Drobo is a data storage company that creates online and offline data storage devices. Drobos are rack-mounted, “network-attached storage” devices that appear on your computer like a disk drive. It can be used to back up all of the data in any environment – from Windows PCs and Macs to special-purpose servers.

Drobo includes two or more big hard drives (the latest is up to four) but never turns them off (so they don’t need cooling). Drobo’s line of products includes

  • the DroboFS, an enterprise-level storage appliance optimized for NAS applications;
  • high-capacity appliances designed to provide massive amounts of online storage space such as the 5N+, 7+ and 8s;
  • all-purpose solutions such as the Duo, which offers gigabit Ethernet speeds in a compact size;

media servers for home entertainment PCs like the Mini might be best suited for remotely accessing your music, photos and videos over a network well away from your office or workstation

Drobo offers an array of products to choose from. We can help you with:
Drobo 5C Drobo 5D3 Drobo 8D Drobo 5N2 Drobo B810n
Drobo B810i Drobo B1200i DroboProFS DroboElite/B800i Drobo Mini
We offer data recovery services for all models of QNAP® NAS systems. ​
Drobo 5C Drobo 5D3
Drobo 8D Drobo 5N2
Drobo B810n Drobo B810i
Drobo B1200i DroboProFS
DroboElite/B800i Drobo Mini

Reasons behind Drobo Data Loss

Drobo Data loss can happen for many reasons. Operating system crashes, RAID controller errors, storage failures (bad disk), power outages or plug-pull incidents are all common causes of Drobo data loss.


Don’t try It Self

If you’re having issues with your Drobo NAS drive, don’t try to repair the physical component.

RAID Recovery Tips

The list of data recovery Tips & Do’s and Don’ts at the time of Data Loss

Don’t Apply hit-and-trial

If you use hit and trial methods, your data might be overwritten resulting in permanent data loss

Contact Specialist

If you need to recover lost files from your Drobo, talk with a company that specializes in Drobo data recovery.

Replace Failed Drive

If you see these signs, stop using the NAS system/server or replace the failing drive immediately to prevent further damage and data loss.

Drobo Data Recovery Services Highlights

Can you recover your Drobo data?

Drobo has quite a few different backup and recovery options. All it takes is the installation of one add-on for Drobo that will enable your computer to create backups on external drives using Storage Manager (SM). SM allows files to be selectively synced between your synced folders and the remote source.

It’s compatible with Apple Time Machine, Windows Backup, or Linux/UNIX systems like rsync. So, if something happens to your machine, you’ll still be able to quickly recover them by simply restoring from the last backup point before disaster struck!

Drobo data recovery services experts can help in Drobo data recovery by providing a variety of solutions. Services range from hardware repair to data recovery and include optimized workflow processes.

How can Recovery Squad help you?

There are Drobo RAID recovery services experts available who offer their services for a certain fee. If one faces a dilemma, then these experts can aid them throughout this difficult time by providing assistance from straightforward diagnostics to efficient staff work plans for the restoration of data through wiping functionalities from within the device’s firmware.

Our experts offer technical assistance against Drobo errors including malfunction due to hardware damage as well as human error, virus infection or factory setting corruption among various other reasons.

Our Data Recovery Drobo services experts are highly trained to target the specific needs of working professionals all across Australia. The full-service Drobo data recovery company offers everything from portable, ruggedized hard drives to enterprise servers, offering one of the most comprehensive networks on earth. This diverse range of skills and technical abilities helps provide fast solutions for clients, regardless of their data warehousing needs.

Why Choose Recovery Squad?

We have certification for an ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom in our office.

We have Highest Success Rate in complex RAID data recovery.

We have Variety of data recovery tools that can work no matter what kind of data you have and how it’s been damaged.

We provide Secure and Certified Data Recovery Services. Terms & Conditions

We are located in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth to conveniently ship your media to one of our locations.

We also provides Emergency data recovery service to get your data quickly.

Why Choose Recovery Squad?


Why should I choose you for Drobo Data Recovery?

It is important to find a company that is licensed, insured, and has an in-house certified data recovery specialist. Make sure they have state of the art equipment that can detect any bit errors or file degradation which occur over time due to hard drive failure or logical failures. If you need data retrieval services for your Drobo NAS you will want someone who follows security protocols like ISO 27001 (etc.).

Is it possible to recover Drobo 8D data?

Indeed! You just have to contact our data engineers and get a free consultation, where you’ll be told to elaborate on your issues and after analysing the matter, our experts will provide a range of solutions. The decision will be yours to choose the best one. Contact us today to get an instant quote for your Drobo 8D data.

How do I recover data from a dead Drobo?

First of all, don’t panic. Your data is safe on your Drobo until you turn it off. This means that if you’re not getting any power out of your battery (via AC adapter), or there’s something wrong with the drive inside, It’s still possible to recover this information.

You just have to call Drobo reset and repair technical support group at 1300 381 230 and we’ll be able to connect our technician’s PC directly to yours.

How do I access Drobo files?

Just check where the file is. Now, open the My Computer section. There you will see a list of computers. See the hostname of your Drobo product. Find your device on the list. Click on the file you were looking for.

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