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Hikvision CCTV Camera Data Recovery in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

CCTV Hikvision

We offer #1 Hikvision CCTV Footage Recovery Service by our certified technicians in Australia

What is Hikvision?

Being one of the world’s top providers of video security cameras, Hikvision is at the cutting edge of the CCTV innovation industry.

Their inventive way to design surveillance cameras has made them a vital part of many kinds of premises, including retail, government, finance, hotels, and other commercial sectors. Furthermore, with this excellent innovation turning out to be more cost-efficient, maybe it’s time that you consider redesigning your business’ CCTV gear to Hikvision.


An inadvertent error or a normal issue with erasing a video recording incidentally may have shocking outcomes if the data being referred to was vital. Recorders keep their recordings in an extraordinary form so getting the Hikvision Deleted footage recovery isn’t so particularly simple as it appears. You will require the help of a specialist who understands the issue and can fix it as soon as possible so that your firm can continue working smoothly.

Common causes of Hikvision CCTV Camera data loss

Do you know what causes video loss from CCTV security cameras? There are many reasons why this can happen, and most of them depend on the type of camera.

Some common reasons for video loss include:

  • Improper installation (the cables were not properly connected or grounded)
  • Power interruption,
  • Error is software
  • Water or common physical damages like – thunderstorm, leakage, fire or rat-bites, etc.
  • Improperly shielded camera cabling,
  • Faulty equipment.

If your company’s security system is experiencing these problems it may be time to call in a professional for Hikvision CCTV camera recovery!

How to recover Hikvision CCTV Lost Data?

In Hikvision DVR or NVR recovery, you should use the below-mentioned two steps to get Deleted CCTV Footage From DVR.

Using a backup

In cases where unplanned erasure of CCTV data, wherein, you eradicate the footage from Hikvision DVR or hard drive. But, if you have a backup system, you can get to your records by following the basic steps mentioned here.

  • Check the recording backup folder and click on it.
  • Discover the shift erased pdf documents from a hard drive or SD card and copy them back to the SD card.

Look for Help of Data Recovery Services to Recover CCTV Recordings

Data recovery tools are never helpful, that is why we recommend not to use them, look for help from specialists. The group of specialists at Recovery Squad has the ability to get the erased CCTV recordings back.

Prevent your CCTV Footage from any further harm

Physical Damage: If you hear clicking sounds from the DVR hard drive, quit utilizing it. Any commotion from the drive demonstrates actual harm, which needs proficient support to recuperate information.

Water Damage: If your CCTV/DVR hard drive is harmed because of water, don’t dry or wipe it. Wiping the hard drive would additionally harm its platters, diminishing the odds of getting data back safely. It is prescribed to keep your hard plate wet.

Fire Damage: When your hard drive is harmed because of fire, don’t attempt to clean or destroy it all alone. This might prompt video information permanently lost. Look for proficient assistance to get video recording if it is harmed by fire.

CCTV/DVR Failure: When you see corrupted files or there is any sort of clicking or bustling noises from CCTV/DVR, it is an admonition indication that the drive is corrupted. Try not to attempt to open the DVR hard drive all alone. It can prompt extremely durable data to blow away.


Advantages of hiring CCTV Footage Recovery Services Provider

Getting Hikvision CCTV recovery in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and the whole of Australia is a difficult assignment and requires specialized skill to re-establish erased video film, while additionally keeping up with the original video quality. Recovery Squad’s group of data recovery specialists is talented in taking care of simple and intricate CCTV data misfortune situations, like incidental erasure, corrupted files, damaged USB or hard drives, burnt tapes, and formatted ones.


Who are we?

Recovery Squad is a certified and authorised firm that has a Class 100 Clean Room lab, which is important to open delicate DVR hard drives for a safe information recovery process. The group of experts recover erased information from a harmed DVR with 100% proficiency and precision. they can recover anything whether it is hard drives, RAID’s, digital camera cards or even your iPhones etc.


Things to remember to avoid any future damage!

There are different ways that you can avoid any future damage to your CCTV camera. You should know what type of installation it has before moving in order not to waste time or money fixing something wrong with the equipment afterwards, make sure all connections match up correctly by visually checking them against one another if possible (sometimes things get removed while working on other aspects), and test out every component at least once so nothing unexpected happens when setting up remotely monitored systems like these without fail!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you guys also provide your services in Brisbane?

Yes, the highly experienced team of Recovery Squad helps businesses and others all over Australia. All you have to do is; contact our experts and give all the necessary information. After that, they take the bait and furnish you with the right solution.

Can you recover my Android Phone’s Data?

Of Course! Our experts can easily recover lost data from servers, SD & SSD cards, USB Drives, hard drives, Raid Drive, iPhone, and Android phones as well.

What are the reasons behind SSD failures?

Some of the common reasons are a failure in writing, booting issues in the operating system, corrupted files, freezing of applications, unexpected blue screen, and data deletion etc.

Why should I choose your services?

There are multiple reasons why you should choose our services. Some of them are:


  • Excellent success rate
  • Fast evolution and data delivery
  • 24*7 experts available
  • Data Protection
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