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EXPERT iPhone DATA RECOVERY in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

Has your screen gone black?

Never fear, Recovery Squad will come to the rescue.

For many people, iPhones are the crucial communicative link which keeps them in touch with the rest of the world. The first reaction that many people have when their iPhone breaks down is one of panic, but things aren’t necessarily as bad as they seem. Recovery Squad are specialised in offering iPhone data recovery services and can retrieve files and data off even severely damaged devices. We service all iPhone models and can retrieve data from both logically and electronically damaged devices in Perth , Melbourne and Sydney .

iPhone data recovery Made Simple

Our business is dedicated to making data recovery as simple and painless as possible if your located in Perth or Melbourne. When your iPhone breaks down the last thing that you want is a lengthy wait before your information becomes available and functional again. Our service is quick, and efficient; in as little as 24 hours we can recover and return your data. Recovery Squad’s data recovery service can be broken down into three simple steps, these include:


This happens as soon as your iPhone arrives at our Perth or Melbourne office. Your device will be inspected by a qualified engineers who will then be able to estimate how much data is retrievable and how long it will take. You will also be provided with a quote for our service, which will remain the same regardless of whether or not the job is more complex or time consuming than initially estimated.


One of our engineers will extract the data from your iPhone without causing any further damage to the device. In many cases, your iPhone will still be functional after data recovery has been completed.

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iPhone recovery situations:

  • iPhone bootloop – Repair iOS Stuck in BootLoop
  • Accidental deletion
  • iPhone fail to start up or freezes
  • iOS up gradation causing problem
  • Attempts to jailbreaks leading to device failure
  • Synchronization leading to loss of files

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Beyond iPhone data recovery, we offer retrieval services across a range of devices in Perth and Melbourne and Sydney including RAID systems, NAShard drivesSD cardsAndroids, and USB flash drives. If you would like any more information on Recovery Squad’s services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 495 440.

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How much does it cost?

Not as much as you have estimated!

iPhone data recovery is a complicated procedure that has to be carried out in a clean environment and labs. Recovery Squad has expertise in iPhone data recovery at Melbourne and Perth. We use much-advanced troubleshooting techniques and combine them with our expert knowledge of common iPhone problems. Our Mac data recovery services are pocket-friendly.

The estimated cost of iPhone data recovery in Melbourne and Perth can only be done after a complete analysis of the damaged instrument. The standard data recovery price depends on the iPhone condition and storage capacity. This price includes the recovery of all photos and videos, notes, and audio recordings. Contacts and text messages are in their database, and extracting them may cost extra.

How long will it take?

Total service time required depends on the kind of damage the iPhone has encountered. Physical damage takes a longer time in comparison to other types of software-related damages. In general, iPhone data recovery problems are resolved in 24 hours to 4-5 days, depending on the damage caused.

However, Recovery Squad offers quick and same-day Mac data recovery in Melbourne and Perth for all our valuable clients.

Frequently Asked Questions? (FAQ)

Is it possible to retrieve text messages on iPhone that I deleted long ago?

It depends on the time that has passed since you deleted the messages. When a file is deleted, the system only removes its entry from the file system. Memory on the iPhone that saves the deleted data is marked as free and can be overwritten by new data. So, there is a fair chance to get the files back from an iPhone’s memory.

If the iPhone screen is blank or irresponsive, can data still be recovered?

If a computer recognizes an iPhone, there are chances to recover all your data files, even when your instrument is irresponsive. At Recovery Squad, we have a team of experts capable of extracting data from a dead phone.

What about the confidential data and information on my iPhone?

We ensure our clients to safeguard their confidential data. All the recovery work is held in the strictest confidence on secured workstations with limited entry. We take written confirmation from you while deleting all data files from our servers once the customer data is retrieved, ensuring 100% data security.

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