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Thecus are a popular manufacturer of NAS devices that often use RAID technologies.It provides a great solution for your home or business, with a built-in print server and multiple USB ports for attaching external drives. Its HDMI port can turn it into a media center, and with its ability to run RAID 0 to RAID 5, it can store up to 14 TB of data.

The Thecus NAS server can support NFS, CIFS, FTP, SCP and RSYNC. This device offers high performance on its dual Ethernet ports. Both hardware and software RAID is available in this device. The Web Thecus can also be used as a search engine log cache or database node from the command line. In addition, Ethereal/Wireshark capture files can be stored in this Thecus NAS server for off-line analysis.

A NAS data storage system such as a Thecus is a great solution for businesses that process large amounts of data, but using one doesnt mean that the data is now safe and can never be lost. Don’t risk losing all of your data! If your Thecus NAS was involved in a crash, don’t wait to get in touch with our team at Recovery Squad data retrieval group. We have many years of experience with the recovery of storage arrays and RAID systems and we have the proper resources and knowledge to quickly diagnose and repair your Thecus NAS system. We guarantee that you’ll be able to quickly restore access to all of your data to bring an end to any data loss!

The Thecus NAS Models we support includes:
N2100 N5500 N12000 TopTower N8850 N7710-G N7770
N4100 N7700SAS N16000 TopTower N10850 N7770-10G N8880U
N5200 N8800SAS N8200XXX N4800Eco N8880U-10G N12910
N1200 N2200 N4100EVO N12000PRO N8810U-G N12910SAS
1U4500 1U4600 N8900V N5550 N4310 N16910SAS
N4100+ N0503 ComboNAS N3200XXX N4510U N5810PRO N2350
N5200PRO N7700PRO N2200XXX N7510 N16850 SY2340
N3200 N8800PRO N8900 N4560 N12850 TopTower N6850PLUS
N299 N4200 N2800 N2560 N8900PRO N4910U-S/R
N199 N4200Eco N2200EVO N16000PRO N5810 N4910U PRO-S/R
M3800 N2200PLUS N16000V N4520 N2810 (v2) N4350
N7700 N7700+ N12000V N2520 N12850L N4820U-S/R
N4100PRO N8800+ N4800 N7710 N12850RU N8910
N3200PRO N4200PRO N7700PRO v2 N8810U N2810PLUS SY2320
N8800 N5200XXX N8800PRO v2 N2310 N2810PRO  
N0204 miniNAS 1U4200XXX TopTower N6850 N4510U PRO N4810  
The Thecus NAS Models we support includes:
N2100 TopTower N8850
N4100 TopTower N10850
N5200 N4800Eco
N1200 N12000PRO
1U4500 N5550
N4100+ N4510U
N5200PRO N7510
N3200 N4560
N299 N2560
N199 N16000PRO
M3800 N4520
N7700 N2520
N4100PRO N7710
N3200PRO N8810U
N8800 N2310
N0204 miniNAS N4510U PRO
N5500 N7710-G
N7700SAS N7770-10G
N8800SAS N8880U-10G
N2200 N8810U-G
1U4600 N4310
N0503 ComboNAS N5810PRO
N7700PRO N16850
N8800PRO N12850
N4200 N8900PRO
N4200Eco N5810
N2200PLUS N2810 (v2)
N7700+ N12850L
N8800+ N12850RU
N4200PRO N2810PLUS
N5200XXX N2810PRO
1U4200XXX N4810
N12000 N7770
N16000 N8880U
N8200XXX N12910
N4100EVO N12910SAS
N8900V N16910SAS
N3200XXX N2350
N2200XXX SY2340
N8900 TopTower N6850PLUS
N2800 N4910U-S/R
N2200EVO N4910U PRO-S/R
N16000V N4350
N12000V N4820U-S/R
N4800 N8910
N7700PRO v2 SY2320
N8800PRO v2  

The Common Causes of Thecus NAS Failure


If you’re trying to rebuild your Thecus NAS array, it might cause significant problems with data recovery.

Installing illegal software can lead to unwanted problems and may even stop a recovery in its tracks.

Get in touch with experts who can recover your data from a Thecus NAS Such as Recovery Squad

When you call to report the problem, be sure to mention the model number and how many drives are being used.

Mark the failed drive as defective, or your data will not be able to be read.

Error Messages From Thecus NAS systems

The hard disk indicator Red LED: Your hard drive is about to fail.

The red system-LED indicates a serious problem with your Thecus NAS.

If you see the red warning-LED, please contact our customer support.

The warning / failed status describes the health of each disk drive.

Thecus Data Recovery Services Highlights

Why Choose Recovery Squad?

We have certification for an ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom in our office.

We have Highest Success Rate in complex RAID data recovery.

We have Variety of data recovery tools that can work no matter what kind of data you have and how it’s been damaged.

We provide Secure and Certified Data Recovery Services. Terms & Conditions

We are located in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth to conveniently ship your media to one of our locations.

We also provides Emergency data recovery service to get your data quickly.


Thecus NAS Data Recovery
Can multiple hard disk failures Possible in a Thecus NAS server?
The Thecus NAS server carries multiple hard drives, and in case one of the hard drives fails, it will not create any trouble to the server. Moreover, the Thecus NAS server has the capability that allows it to work even if one of the hard drives is not working. However, if two or more of the hard drives fail, then there is a chance for the NAS to fail. In this case, it is highly recommended to get your data back from the other hard disk which is functional.
What is a configuration error in a Thecus NAS?

If you make a change to your NAS  server’s configuration that isn’t desired, then your NAS server might stop working. It’s call the configuration error in the Thecus NAs. In these particular cases, your NAS server can be fixed by reinstalling it.

What is the Thecus NAS server failure?

Thecus NAS drive controller failure happens if the hardware that controls the hard drives in the server fails. Recovery in situations involving NAS drive controller failure is not easy. Stellar has the technology to recover the data from such failed NAS systems.

How are you assured that the Recovery Squad is able to keep my data private and confidential?

It’s important to keep your data safe. We’ve invested heavily in security, and are an accredited data recovery service provider in Australia. Everything we do is governed by our privacy policy and terms of service.

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