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We live in an age of technology. The Internet, digital music players, MP3s, MP4s – all these items are everywhere in our society; in offices, schools and homes. And to power, them all you need is a simple USB drive or hard drive installed into the back of your computer. This increases personal storage capacity significantly for people who would usually have to buy external drives that can easily get lost or scratched- thus saving data from the same fate. But sometimes, fate decides something else and you lose data from your most significant USB stick. It feels like a nightmare as you have everything stored in there and in one moment everything’s gone for real. In such cases, you should immediately visit a USB data recovery company that can help you retrieve important data back.

Common reasons behind USB stick data loss

There are two fundamental ways your USB data malfunction/loss stick can get harmed: physically and logically.

Physical harm happens when the attachment part is accidentally snatched or snapped off while connected to your gadget. It can likewise occur inside the equipment. For this situation, it very well might be tough recovering anything from it, particularly if the connector, NAND memory chip or circuit board is cracked.

Logical or non-actual harm happens when you’re not mindful of it until you see errors when attempting to utilize the USB or the information saved in it. Its product can be corrupted or there could be issues with the NAND memory inferable from NAND memory chips.

Basic reasons for corruption include unexpected power misfortune, wear of NAND memory, USB driver issues, issues with the operating system, and program crashes, or inappropriate separation.

Solution 1: Soldering & Repairing the Circuit

Assuming the circuit board is harmed, or the connector is broken, it can remove the power supply to the USB. For this situation, a circuit fix or soldering is required.

Get a USB Data recovery expert with specific gear to deal with this for you so you don’t lose information access or the USB stick by and large.

Solution 2: Reinstall The Disk Drivers

Assuming you actually can’t access your information from the USB stick, don’t preclude corruption on the drive. It may be the case that your PCs drivers are corrupted. Certainly, reinstall the disk drivers and check in the event that your records can be restored once more.

  • You have to click right Start and check Device Manager. Extend the Disk Drives category to see every one of the drives connected to your PC.
  • Right-click on the drive you need to check and choose Uninstall device.
  • Eliminate the outer drive and restart your PC.
  • Attach the USB stick to the device and permit Windows to recognize it and reinstall the drivers. See, in case you can get to your documents and save them on your PC.

Solution 3: Take help from a USB data recovery professional

A USB data malfunction recovery service providing company can help you get all your files back with ease and a high success rate. Rather than just doing it on your own, you can actually hire an expert that has the right skillset to resolve this issue.

Fear? Not! Just hire our USB Data Recovery Expert Online!

Recovery Squad is Australia’s most developed and trusted USB data recovery company. Our data engineer promises you to get an excellent opportunity with regards to getting data back from folded/corrupted/formatted USB sticks. We offer consultation and evaluation to analyze what issue you have and what it will cost to recuperate data. You can visit us or send a USB gadget to us with our easy online booking system .

Our lab is furnished with Australia’s most exceptional USB data recovery gear offering you the most obvious opportunity with regards to progress inside the IT business.

Failed USB Drives Symptoms:

  • Damaged circuit board
  • Drive shows as raw in disk manager
  • Drive shows capacity 0mb or incorrect data size 
  • You need to format drive
  • “Drive: not accessible”
  • Light does not power on
  • Not detected by the computer
  • “Please insert disk into removable disk”
  • “USB device not recognized” or malfunctioned
  • Dead or unresponsive
  • Format disk error
  • Snapped off usb connector

No matter what brand you have!

  • Sandisk
  • Toshiba
  • Verbatim
  • Corsair
  • PNY
  • Kingston
  • Dynabook
  • Samsung
  • HP

Frequently Asked Questions? (FAQs)

Can USB data be recovered?

At the point when you accidentally erase/corrupt data from a USB drive, the data remains genuinely present on the drive, yet the extra room involved by it is set apart as empty. That is the reason, you still have a chance to get your erased documents back, if it’s been overwritten.

Why is my computer not reading my USB?

Windows might be missing other significant updates, equipment or programming issues. Your USB regulators might have become unsteady or degenerate. Your outside drive might be entering a specific suspension. Your PC motherboard may require drivers update or reinstallation.

How much is data recovery in Australia?

USB Data recovery cost depends on the level of repair and complication and case by case is different. Your data recovery technician will compute the right charge dependent on the intricacy of the venture and the time required. Our data recovery services are quite affordable, so they won’t burn through your cash.

How to Fix a Dead USB Drive?

It is a normal issue that occurs when you install some third-party apps that makes it difficult for your USB drivers to read and write properly.


  • Hold the Windows logo key and X together.
  • Choose Device Manager.
  • See the Universal Serial Bus controllers part.
  • Click right for your USB drive.
  • Choose Uninstall the device option and give permission.

Try to restart your computer and after logging in again you will be able to see the right drivers automatically installed.

How do I recover hidden files on my USB?

If you are attempting to fix a dead USB drive, you ought to consistently preclude the likelihood that your PC is to be faulted.


In the first place, plug in the USB drive to an alternate USB port. When your PC quickly remembers it, it implies that the USB port is harmed. You can figure out how to fix a dead USB port by checking some online instructional videos, or you can pay a USB data recovery expert to fix it for you.

What are the tips to prevent your USB drive from data loss?

You should routinely backup your USB data. It is the best avoidance against data loss brought about if your USB drive is out of nowhere dead or corrupted. To guarantee recoverability under all conditions, we suggest you use cloud technology. Also, most USB drives are delicate, and it doesn’t take much for them to break. To not wind up with a dead USB drive, you really should keep it far from the dirt and harmful things and put away it securely when not being used.

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