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Surface won’t turn on or wake from sleep ? Don't panic ! Recovery Squad can recover data from all broken Surface computers

The Microsoft Surface Book (1st Generation) is the PC’s answer to the enormously popular Apple MacBook. It features Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processors for top-end speed and performance, up to 16 GB of RAM, and supports external graphics cards through the optional Surface Dock.

The Surface Book 1st Gen also comes with a detachable screen that can be used as a graphics tablet for artists making use of its touch-sensitive surface. Best part? The battery lasts 12 hours- giving you ample time to work from anywhere!

But, happiness doesn’t last long? Well, in the case of laptop maintenance it’s true. We daily receive many calls from people saying that they have spilled tea on their Surface, accidentally corrupted the software part by downloading a malware app, formatted all the data or forgot the credentials to access files etc.

It’s not just that surface laptop recovery is complex and tiresome – any good Geek Squad agent will tell you that. It’s also that some of these procedures are downright dangerous. Trying to internalize data without proper knowledge of the materials being extracted from the device often results in more damage, which costs customers time and money in repairs on top of all their other losses from data loss.

Microsoft Surface Data Recovery- www.recoverysquad.com.au/

Reasons behind Microsoft Surface Data Loss

Surface Data Loss can happen whenever there is a failure in the system’s hardware or software followed by human error – fat fingers anyone? But don’t get upset! Most people who experience this kind of problem can recover their lost information.

Well, there are various reasons behind Microsoft Surface Data Loss. But one of the most common reasons is you’ve lost your Windows password or administrator account password and you are not aware of Windows 10 Home Edition passwords reset methodologies

Glitches with hardware or software on one’s device can lead to an inability (or lack) thereof when performing regular processes such as connecting wirelessly through WiFi networks at home.

It’s possible that scratches could be inflicted onto sensitive areas like its screen resulting in not only data loss but aesthetically harming the laptop’s design.

Another possible explanation could come down less directly related: malware attacks can cause serious problems if not detected early enough.

Why Recovery Squad?

Many people opt for Microsoft Surface Pro data recovery services to help with their company’s computers. The last thing your company wants is to have their data stolen by an outside source. A qualified Microsoft surface data recovery company in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and the whole of Australia will make sure you can fully recover your work in case anything goes wrong.

Experts at Recovery Squad can take care of your need for getting data from a dead surface pro, backup solutions, and disaster recovery plans. We are experienced in the latest software technology for Surface Pro devices including Office 365 by Microsoft. They can help you with:

  • Surface pro data recovery
  • Surface pro 5 data recovery
  • Surface pro 7 data recovery
  • Surface pro 4 data recovery
  • Surface pro 3 data recovery
  • Surface Pro 5 SSD data recovery
  • Surface book 2 data recovery
  • Surface RT data recovery
Professional Microsoft Surface Data Recovery- www.recoverysquad.com.au/

Prevent your Microsoft Surface from future data loss

If you want to keep your data safe, avoid copying or transferring files directly to your device. Instead, content like this should be downloaded and then transferred with the USB cable or other appropriate connection method available for your model of the Surface device.

Even using the recommended method may not always work because there are many variables involved in preserving data on these types of machines – no amount of care may prevent all instances of Data Loss – but taking these precautions will make it much less likely.

The best way to avoid data loss is to make regular backups of your files. Try using OneDrive or Dropbox for simple methods of doing this. A computer-savvy friend may also have an old hard drive you could use for backup purposes. If your problem appears to stem from Microsoft systems themselves, one way to stop unexpected crashes would be by running Windows Update.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I recover data from my Surface laptop?

There are three options for data recovery if your data is not backed up. Your first option is to use the Microsoft family of recovery tools, which you can download from this website.

The second option is if you have had an application installed that has removed all files, then you will need to repair Windows, but always ensure that your device itself gets backed up prior. And the third one is that you’ll have to contact a surface hard drive recovery expert and have him/her solve your issue.

How do I get data off my Surface Pro that won't turn on?

Do not worry! You can still recover the data of your Surface Pro because it does not have a hard drive to speak of.

To recover the data, you will need to either grab your USB cable and connect the device to your PC or insert a second storage media such as an SD card with which you can connect your Surface Pro. If you are able, try inserting the Surface Pro directly into an available HDMI port on a TV where it may be easier for you to see what’s happening on the screen.

How to delete data safely from Microsoft Surface?

You can manually erase your hard disk as an additional precautionary measure. With this, all data will be overwritten so the chances of anyone being able to recover your information are very low or nonexistent if you have plenty of time and space available. One easy way to do it is from within Windows by going into ‘Disk Management. When you’re done deleting a disk, just remove it from Disk Management — all data should be gone for good!

How to get data off a broken surface?

Broken Microsoft Surfaces can be repaired by a data recovery expert

A common misconception is that if your tablet is broken, you’re out of luck, but fortunately, the Surface has a wide range of hardware pieces that are replaceable and most repairs are replaceable as well. All it takes is a Microsoft Surface Data Recovery Expert to make the change!

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