The Importance of NAS Data Recovery

Data is a critical asset for any small, medium or enterprise-sized business, and Network Attached Storage is an effective way for companies to store and share a large amount of data. When NAS systems fail however, any information on them is no longer accessible and your business may suffer because of this. Data outages and file loss can cause your teams to be unable to collaborate or provide customers with the level of service they expect. These problems can be caused by several things, such as:


 This is what you should do right now:
• Do not panic.
• Turn off the NAS .
• Do not attempt to repair the NAS .
• Contact Recovery Squad now.                                    

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Common failures affecting NAS devices:

  • System crash
  • Single or multiple disk failure
  • Power surge(s) causing physical or logical corruption
  • Cyberattack via malware like viruses
  • Changes made to the original configuration
  • Unintentional reformatting of NAS volume
  • Accidental deletion of data

Leading NAS data recovery experts in Perth and Richmond, Melbourne

NAS environments often use specific proprietary software and/or hardware that may present challenges for computer technicians, or even other NAS data retrieval companies who don’t specialise in NAS data recovery. Recovery Squad has developed specific proprietary in-house NAS data recovery tools and techniques to increase recovery rates and reduce downtimes for crashed multi-disk systems running in Snap and other NAS environments. Our team of highly trained technical engineers are based around Perth and Richmond, Melbourne, and know how to restore lost information to NAS devices and have your NAS system performing at its best again as soon as possible.

Get professional NAS data recovery services

If you or your business has a failed NAS device, it’s important to act quickly. After turning off the NAS device and securing any other devices’ NAS data, Recovery Squad is your first point of call. Contact us straight away on (03) 7016 8120 for our Richmond, Melbourne team or (08) 6355 6244 for Perth. For less urgent enquiries such as designing a new NAS system for your business or other data recovery options including HDDs, SSDs, and USBs, feel free to request an appointment.

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