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DaHua CCTV Camera Recovery in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

We offer #1 Dahua CCTV Footage Recovery Service by our certified technicians in Australia

Dahua Security Camera System Overview

Among organizations creating the best surveillance cameras available today, there is one name that can never slip out of mind, i.e., DaHua CCTV cameras. Dahua Technology is the Earth’s second-biggest maker of video security gear. The organization endeavours to convey high-quality, all-rounder video security features with an accentuation on honesty and personalisation that improve the client experience.

The organization offers a variety of video recorders to enhance clients’ security frameworks. Dahua’s NVR includes high recording quality and an incredible processor with up to 4K. Dahua additionally uses its ePoE innovation to transmit data & power over big distances through Ethernet or coaxial cables. It helps you save time and money as well.

What are the common causes behind DaHua CCTV Camera Data Loss?

There are various causes behind a CCTV Camera loss. Here we have talked about some of the most common yet fundamental reasons.

  • Physical damage: Sometimes thunderstorms, office fires, floods, and other unforeseen incidents can result in a DaHua Crash Hard drive.
  • Distorted power supply: This is a circumstance where there isn’t sufficient power bringing about poor video signal, a camera going dark or camera video glinting on and off.
  • Poor internet connection: Video deletion or frail video signal on surveillance cameras in an organization could be brought about by shaky WiFi or low data connectivity.
  • Absence of IR night vision: One of the principal reasons numerous surveillance cameras are used is to watch out for things at night when the business is shut and abandoned. That is why IR night vision cameras are fundamental. So not having working IR night vision is a major problem.
  • Hardware issues: Catastrophic hardware failures such as hard drive crash, motherboard issue, or power supply overload. Improper operation can also cause it, including improper installation and cabling. Operation with insufficient hardware resources (e.g., not enough memory).

How can you recover lost DaHua CCTV Camera footage?

Backup system:  In order to recover deleted footage, the deleted video files must be copied from the server onto an external device. At this point, they can be transferred to a computer and examined by a third party data recovery software for restoration.

This is usually done with the help of a USB connector that connects directly to a CCTV camera or system access point. The content on that drive will then appear as any other file system folder on your machine’s desktop so you may review it there or copy it over to another machine if necessary.

Professional data recovery services: If it’s still not working we advise contacting a DAHUA DVR/NVR recovery professional who can take care of these kinds of requests as soon as possible by trying different accounts until they find one that works.

If you cannot get access to your recording device or your history is extremely critical, one would suggest sending it off for specialized work. Companies such as Recovery Squad can do that sort of job and would be able to see what went wrong with the camera footage and fix it if possible. This will help avoid any future problems and potential damages should there happen to be other issues on any other days worth of footage whether recorded before or after the incident in question happened.

Who are we?

It is right to say that you are searching for a data recovery services expert for your business’ security system? Recovery Squad’s specialists can give you a free security consultation and give you a price estimation on what the arrangement will cost. Regardless of whether you don’t know what you need, our DAHUA CCTV data recovery experts will walk you through the stuff to have a surveillance camera data recovery with no issues.

Why should you consider our services?

  • At Recovery Squad, we’re proud to work with various popular makes and models of surveillance equipment like DaHua security cameras.
  • Whether it’s an SD card, SSD, Hard drive, physical server or USB drive, we can get every footage back.
  • We have been helping with every normal or unique issue related to any data recovery for the past 10 years.
  • We have successfully maintained a customer satisfaction rate of 100%.

Preventing yourself from future CCTV data loss

  • Use an external hard drive to store your files.
  • Update the CCTV system regularly with new hardware and wiring.
  • Set up firewalls for both the network and all entrances/exits to the building (to prevent physical access).
  • Conduct regular backups of CCTV footage (snapshots) on storage formats like CDs, DVDs or flash drives that will allow them to be accessed by other machines in case of failure during the data file acquisition process. The frequency varies depending on how many cameras are included in a system, but snapshots should be taken at least twice per day.
  • Storing data off-site is also recommended where possible as well as choosing a suitably high level of protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are your main branches?

Although, we help commercial businesses from all over Australia. However, our main branches are in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

What are your contact details?

You can email us at: info@recoverysquad.com.au or better call us at 1300 381 230. Our DaHua Deleted footage recovery experts are always there to help you!

What is your Sydney Branch location?

The address is simple, just come to Suite 270, Shop 1/44 Mountain Street, Ultimo NSW 2007 and call on this number for any sort of data recovery help 1300 381 230.

What are the prices of your services?

Just visit our website and on the home page, you can see the “How Much Does It Cost?” inquiry form. Fill in the details there, confirm you’re not a robot (which we hope you’re not!!) and hit the “Submit” button. Leave the rest to us. We’ll send you a quotation within 2 working days.

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