How to Recover Lost or Deleted Data from Swann CCTVs & DVRs?

Swann CCTV

Swann provides professional services to recover, salvage, backup and restore accidentally deleted/ reformatted security footage from its DVR hard drive. It helps in retaining the complete data of all hard drives attached or connected to Swann NVR or CCTV systems. The Swann 4-channel surveillance system is perfect if you like keeping an eye on your home, office or store. It’s powered by a hard drive in the DVR (digital video recorder), which lets you record anything you want in high definition, and comes with four security cameras that can be positioned anywhere to give you four different views of what’s happening.

Sometimes the footage can get lost or deleted automatically or manually. So, if you need to access content from DVR then this process is not easy and takes lots of time. Though there are few other products in the market who can retrieve deleted CCTV footage, they also limit you in some ways and demand lots of money. If you get into such a situation where there is no access to the DVR, then you can get a CCTV data recovery service from Recovery Squad.

Reasons of Swann DVR Data Loss

There are many common reasons leading to Swann DVR data loss. It could be because of some physical damage or internal issues, electricity interruption, virus attacks, improper formatting, or some other common reasons. You can only protect the DVR against natural disasters with some third-party measures.

  • No matter what the reason, a sudden power strike or outage can damage the recordings of the hard drive.
  • Fire or water damage.
  • The single most common failure we see leads to data loss of DVR records – mishandling while transferring video footage from your Swann DVR to another device.
  • The Swann DVR Recorder has the ability to instantly monitor, record and playback CCTV footage. However, data loss is possible due to mistakes made by the DVR owner. Data loss usually results due to accidental deletion of event recordings or channel settings.

Other reasons may include a corrupt hard drive, loss of radio signal, formatting hard drives, or maybe old firmware and so on.

How To Recover Data from Swann DVR?

There are two main methods to recover Swann DVR data or CCTV footage.

  1. If you have a hard drive from your Swann DVR, the hard drive backup is a great place to start restoring your lost data. In order to recover from a hard disk system backup performed by Swann, you will need the original hard disk from your system.
  2. You can recover lost video files on Swann DVRs with the help of a reliable and certified CCTV data recovery service provider near you.

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Swann DVR Data Recovery from Hard Drive Backup –

If you have a backup file of your security camera footage, whether it’s on a cloud server or on an external drive, you can restore the footage back to the original machine. or you can also view it on the backup hard drive. To do so, please follow these steps:

Step 1 – Search for the backup folder

Step 2 – open the folder

Step 3 – Find the exact Lost video or footage

Step 4 – Copy the Lost Data

Step 5 – Restore the lost video to the SD Card or Disk

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Retrieve Lost or Deleted Footages from DVR Data Recovery Specialist

If you don’t have backup of your lost Swann DVR footage or video, the best way to get them back is by the help of a DVR/CCTV Data Recovery expert.

Getting back lost data from a Swann DVR depends on the type of recorder and how many drives failed. The Recovery Squad, from Melbourne, Australia, has been providing commercial and corporate CCTV security data recovery since 2006 is able to recover missing recordings from Swann Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Swann DVRs with two or more hard disk drives. Sometimes archived data can be recovered from a faulty drive under warranty. The Recovery Squad has successfully recovered data from Swann DVRs in the past. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


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