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The Western Digital My Book is a networked attached storage (NAS) device that provides automatic back-up of your files on the go with ease. Compatible with your Mac and PC computers, this device allows you to access your computer files from anywhere within the home network. With its 256-bit hardware encryption, this hard drive keeps all your content private and safe. Sometimes, a system failure or file corruption can occur on your WD NAS server. Or maybe there’s a larger-than-average amount of dust and other particles on the disk, which slows down its read/write operation. Or maybe someone accidentally spilled some liquids onto it, or even subjected it to extreme heat, which would cause you headaches. 

If you need data recovery from a Western Digital system, we will remove the drives and mount them on one of our virtual NAS/RAID systems to rebuild a virtual copy of the data partition. Once this is done, we can extract the data directly. We have a record of recovering data from all WD NAS units, and we have the software tools and technical expertise to retrieve data from any NAS storage equipment.

Recovery Squad offers data recovery of your Western Digital NAS systems. The recovery is performed solely on our in-house cleanroom laboratories by our specially trained technicians and engineers. Continuous research, development and expert knowledge are the foundation for Attingo in order to recover your NAS array. In addition, we offer services for almost all storage systems. Our storage specialists will solve your problem!

The WD NAS Models we support includes:
My Cloud Home My Cloud Expert Series EX2 My Cloud Expert Series EX2 Ultra WD My Cloud EX4100
My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 My Cloud Pro Series PR4100 WD My Cloud Home Duo WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2
The WD NAS Models we support includes:

My Cloud Home
My Cloud Pro Series PR2100
My Cloud Expert Series EX2
My Cloud Pro Series PR4100
My Cloud Expert Series EX2 Ultra
WD My Cloud Home Duo
WD My Cloud EX4100
WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2



When attempting to rebuild a WD NAS, you should be aware that doing so might make it more difficult to recover data from WD NAS.

If you try to recover your WD NAS by installing a smuggled software, there’s a chance that it will cause more harm than good and affect your ability to restore your WD NAS.

Reach out to Recovery Squad, we are specialized in WD Raid recovery, let us help you recover your WD NAS data.

When you call Recovery Squad Technical Support, be sure to provide the model number of your WD NAS and the number of drives being used.

Next, you’ll need to mark the drive as defective and replace the failing drive immediately to prevent further damage and data loss..

Western Digital Data Recovery Services Highlights

Why Choose Recovery Squad?

We have certification for an ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom in our office.

We have Highest Success Rate in complex RAID data recovery.

We have Variety of data recovery tools that can work no matter what kind of data you have and how it’s been damaged.

We provide Secure and Certified Data Recovery Services. Terms & Conditions

We are located in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth to conveniently ship your media to one of our locations.

We also provides Emergency data recovery service to get your data quickly.


Can I Recover Data from Broken/Defective WD My Cloud?

It’s really a bad situation for some users that WD My Cloud storage is broken or defective. What shall they do now? In fact, the WD MY Cloud hard drive still has data remaining on its SATA disk after the breakdown. With the help of Data Recovery professional, you can get back your important files from the WD My Cloud external hard drive.

How to Recover Data from WD NAS Hard Drives After Factory Reset?

Factory reset is designed to help you quickly recover the password of your NAS hard drives. After a couple of steps, you can recover data from your NAS hard drives, including all the data after factory reset. If you want to know how to recover data from WD NAS hard drives after factory reset, then you can browse the user manual or contact us.

Is there any Fix amount to recover WD NAS Box?

The cost of a data recovery service is essentially dependent on the quantity and availability of lost data. Also, your NAS manufacturer might provide a reasonable data recovery fee for their services. But no matter what, WD NAS data recovery costs can’t be estimated precisely. If you have lost valuable business records and other critical information from your WD Diskstation and want to have them back, hurry to contact us.

Is there any privacy policies and Terms & Conditions of WD NAS Data Recovery?

Here at Recovery Squad, we have several security mechanisms in place to ensure that your data is protected throughout the recovery process. Firstly, we religiously adhere to a data recovery only policy; our premises and labs are absolutely not accessible to anyone other than authorized staff. Secondly, all our staff members and engineers are bound by confidentiality agreements. 

Our Privacy Policy :-

Privacy and confidentiality of customer’s data is our first priority and we keep all your data confidential. We keep all data on your media ( hard drive , mobile phone , flash drives , SD / Micro SD cards , NAS box , RAID arrays ) private and confidential and we use your media for the purpose of data recovery only. We might need to test and check the health of recovered data to make sure there is no corrupted data on the final recovery result . Your privacy is our priority and we respect it

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