iPhone data recovery
iPhone Data Recovery

Mobile Phone Data Recovery in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

Mobile Phones Data Recovery

Nobody wants to lose priceless data from their smartphone, whether it be once-in-a-lifetime photos, song playlists that took forever to organise, or crucial contacts, but the sad reality of modern life is that losing important information from our mobile phones is all too common. From corrupted data to accidental deletions, we’ve all either had it happen to us or had a scare with it at some point, even those of us who think we’re on top of backing up our devices.

That’s where Recovery Squad can help. We’re Perth- and Melbourne-based mobile phone data recovery specialists who can assist you in retrieving your precious files and memories on Android or iPhone.

Mobile Phone Data Recovery


Our phone data recovery services:

The types of mobile phone data Recovery Squad focuses on retrieving for you are:

  • Photos and videos
  • Contacts
  • Notes
  • SMS/text messages
  • Call history
  • Internet history
  • GPS history
  • Dynamic text history
  • Calendar history/items
  • Mail and calendar accounts
  • Device properties/settings; and
  • App store applications 

At Recovery Squad, we do our best during all our mobile phone data recovery jobs, but certain types of data are harder to retrieve than others, especially in the case of deleted phone data. When data is deleted, it may be overwritten immediately by the phone in an attempt to optimise space-saving measures, or the data may still be available for recovery until the phone receives new files to write over the deleted space. Most cell phones follow the latter process so it’s usually only the most recently deleted files that can be salvaged.
Once we’ve finished recovering your phone data, we’ll give you a detailed summary of our results and findings. You then have the option to upload your recovered data onto a new device (if you have one) or onto your preferred cloud storage platform for safekeeping.

Need mobile phone data recovery?

Losing your data doesn’t have to be the end. Get the experts at Recovery Squad to take care of all your iPhone and Android mobile phone data recovery needs in Melbourne and Perth. Contact us by calling 1300 495 440, email info@recoverysquad.com.au, or request an appointment.

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