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Like many people, you’ve probably experienced the horror of Micro SD Data loss. You were in the middle of downloading some important documents or transferring your favourite mp3s when suddenly “the card could not be accessed by what is currently installed”.

Imagine every time you lost a memory card containing precious files – imagine how your desk would always be cluttered with spare cards and cables- Imagine never being able to find one because you had so many scattered around after years of impulse buying without thinking about where they all were.


This nightmare scenario will no longer exist for you. In order to make things even easier for people dealing with these problems, our Micro SD data recovery company has been working for years to help troubled people like you recover their important files.

Why is it tough to do Micro SD data restoration?

The worst thing about micro SD cards is that they are small, so it’s easy to lose them. Secondly, they are connected to your phone all the time so you can’t always immediately realise when you have lost or misplaced one.

And lastly, because there is no automatic scan/driver for this type of card on either PCs or Macs, any Micro SD data loss due to corruption etc., will be permanent without other help.

Micro-SD Card Data Recovery -

How to fix Corrupt SD Cards and Recover Data?

Micro SD data recovery requires a good understanding of the file system and how it will react when exposed to corruption. The process includes searching for deleted, lost and reformatted files, locating them on the disk’s catalogue, then recovering the desired information.

Professional Micro-SD Data Recovery-

Solution 1: Leverage chkdsk command to see errors in memory card

Plugin the harmed SD card with the PC by means of the card reader and follow the underneath steps to fix SD card mistakes utilizing chkdsk order:

  1. You have to Right-click on the Start button from the Windows taskbar and select Computer.
  2. Look for your SD card under Devices with Removable Storage and note the drive letter given.
  3. Hit the Start option once more. Type “cmd” in the search box.
  4. Right-click cmd and choose Run as administrator. You will see a command window, now just type “chkdsk” trailed by the drive letter relating to the SD card, then, at that point, by a colon and /f. (e.g., chkdsk E:/f)
  5. Click on the Enter button.
  6. Let’s see if the Chkdsk command can find any potential blunders and it will also attempt to fix the bad SD card. Then, follow the next message.

Solution 2: Seek Professional help!

You can contact a Micro SD data recovery expert to recover your data. They have experience in handling different Micro SD data loss cases.

If you don’t want to go through getting new hardware, investing in software and licenses, and generating an extremely high level of frustration due to the demand for patience and persistence, there is a solution: consulting with a professional data recovery expert in Canberra.



Get Your Data Back With Assurance!

At Recovery Squad, we always strive to offer best-in-class Micro SD Data Restoration services within the minimum time period. The data is retrieved with utmost safety on highly-advanced cleanroom labs. You can stay assured that your data is safe with us and we don’t share access with anybody but you only.

We have been working in this field for years and helping our clients to get their important files, images, videos, recordings, collections and more with ease. Just don’t panic and contact our data engineers without any worries. We’ll provide a free phone consultation , call us  on 1300 495 440.

Expert Micro-SD Data Recovery-
Will the "file" I am looking for in my sd card really be there?

Assuming losing important data is your vital worry with an SD card, realise that at whatever point an SD card gets corrupted, the information might show up as lost yet it’s as yet recoverable. You can get the photographs, recordings, and sound documents back with the assistance of a Micro SD data recovery company as long as your SD card isn’t genuinely harmed, and overwritten.

How much time do I need to get back what's lost on my device?

Our data recovery engineers start working on your issues instantly after you confirm to proceed the recovery job. Before this, we give free phone consultation or  an instant quotes for your ease after the assessment procedure . We attempt to solve most basic recovery cases within 2 business days, but it might take a week or more if the issue is complex or need spare parts , as it might need more complicated work.

How do I access/fix an unreadable micro SD card?

Assuming you are getting an SD card ‘read-only’ issue message and you have additionally checked the card isn’t write-protected then, at that point, attempt to fix the issue by utilising diskpart utility in CMD command. Follow the beneath steps to utilise the diskpart fix technique:


  • First, you have to plug an SD card into a Windows PC.
  • Click Start >Run. Enter cmd.
  • Type diskpart and hit Enter.
  • Type list volume, here you will see listed connected drives.
  • Type select volume 1. Here you’ll see 1 that describes the letter of your SD card drive.
  • Type attributes disk clear read-only and tap Enter.

Now, you have to restart your computer device and plug in your SD card. The issues will be solved by now.

How to keep my Micro SD card safe?

All in all, it’s really important to carefully manage these tiny cards and back up your files regularly to another device. This way should you happen to lose or misplace your SD card then at least some of your data will still be accessible elsewhere by connecting other possible memories.

How to recover a micro sd card free at home?

Although handling these types of issues on your own is tough, you have to understand the fact that you can’t accomplish the level of perfection; a Micro SD data recovery technician can do. There are some methods provided by the manufacturer which you can follow to get corrupted/formatted files. You can utilise their methods to fix problematic SD cards and get photographs, recordings and so on. You have to go to the maker’s site to download the tool or contact the client’s assistance.

How to Protect your Camera SD Card?

You can follow these tips to protect your SD card from any harm,


  • Try not to eliminate SD cards while saving/seeing its information.
  • Try not to remove the SD card from the camera during the transfer of data.
  • Try not to shoot pictures and recordings at a low device battery.
  • Shield SD cards from outrageous temperature, soil, and dampness.
  • Use SD cards from renowned companies/brands.
  • Try not to utilise a similar SD card in numerous gadgets.


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