iPhone data recovery
iPad data recovery

iPad Data Recovery in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

Apple iPad is an all-new tablet that’s powerful, personal and incredibly portable. With its gorgeous 9.7″ Retina display, fast A6X chip and support for the ultrafast 4G LTE networks in Australia, you’ll feel like you’re touching your apps with a fingertip because they appear on the larger, sharper screen so vividly.

The Apple iPad packs lots of power into one slim super sleek device with enough battery life to keep up with you from morning till night. From productivity apps to games, it makes every experience beautifully simple and instantly engaging.

Sometimes, this beautiful tablet can become worthless if it loses all its important data intentionally or unintentionally. In many cases, the data is retrievable with the help of iTunes cloud backup but when the problem is serious you might need the help of a professional iPad  Data Recovery Services expert in Australia.

What are the most common causes for iPad data loss?

 A lot of factors can cause data loss. The most common are power surges while charging, hardware failure, malware infections, jailbreaking failure or factory settings restore,  inadvertent deletion of files when they’re used or transferred.

Sometimes when an iPad gets broken or becomes corrupted with bad blocks then it may have to be replaced too to recover lost files.

Low battery: Losing power in the middle of an operation can result in data corruption and even file deletion

Connecting to unreliable sources: Connecting your iPad to compromised networks or public Wi-Fi hotspots can expose your device and its data to cybercrime or intrusion by hackers. Always use a virtual private network (VPN) when connecting remotely for this reason.

Multiple copies/misplaced files: Copies of files with the same name will not be differentiated when you sync them back up, so when one is deleted or reformatted, they all go along for the ride.

Methods to recover lost iPad Data

Keeping information from being overwritten will be the need. When your iPad information gets deleted/formatted/corrupted accidentally, regardless of iPad, iPad 2, iPad 1 or iPad Air, you should quit adding or erasing information on your phone. If you’ll update that information, it will be overwritten and what you’ve lost can never be reestablished.

So, let’s follow these solutions to help you recover iPad data:

Solution 1: Recovering Lost iPad data from iTunes Backup

For this option, you must have synced your important data to iTunes online. Open iTunes, click “File”, point to “Devices” and select the “Restore from Backup” option to restore iPad data, which makes your devices switch back to an earlier date when you have made a backup using this software.

The second way is another option if the previous one doesn’t work for you have been trying with the iCloud service of Apple as well as other cloud services like Dropbox and GDrive. Just open those backup files and click on the restore option. You will get back your important contacts, call history, notes, messages, photos and videos etc.

Solution 2: Getting help from an iPad data recovery expert

An iPad data recovery services company can help you recover your business data and they’re able to offer a guarantee of the results too.

If the damage is severe, all data can be lost so contact a company as soon as possible. The sooner they start working on restoring the iPad device the better, as this will minimize loss and maximize success rates. Some companies would prefer not to work within warranty agreements therefore an outside expert is recommended in these cases.

Why choose Recovery Squad?

Perhaps the greatest worry for iPad buyers is losing information before it has been synchronized. Our data engineers have broad experience performing information recovery on iPads that have experienced normal or disastrous information loss and can recuperate information from a gadget that others may consider lost for eternity.

They mostly recover unavailable messages, photographs, contacts, videos and some other information types from Apple gadgets that have endured file framework corruption, physical harm, fluid or fire harm. Our R&D group has expert information on Apple products and has used many tools & technologies to guarantee that we can recover information from even the most recent models by Apple.

Recovery Squad offers iPad data recovery services in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and the whole of Australia. Our experts follow data security protocols as per industry standards and make sure you get your information back in its original format.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can data be recovered from an iPad?

Yes, it is possible to recover iPad data. You just have to get back up restored from iTunes or iCloud if you had synchronised it before. Otherwise, you can contact our data recovery experts if the issue is too serious and you’re facing problems retrieving important data. Our data engineers are highly trained in whether it is water damaged iPad data recovery service or ios data recovery.

How can I recover files from my iPad without backup?

Although, we don’t recommend using software there are many in the market providing easy iPad data recovery without backup. All you need to do is connect your iPad to the computer, scan the files using any software and retrieve the data. Keep in mind that these tools are not very reliable and can cause more harm. We suggest you go to an apple service store or meet an iPad data recovery services expert who is trained at doing all this stuff.

How do I recover data after factory reset on the iPad?

If you factory reset, don’t panic. There are steps you can take to try and recover your data like the following:

Keep in mind that if you cannot locate or don’t have access to the iPad during this time, any other person who has access to it might be able to bypass the security features on it and delete data. This means it’s possible that your data will not be saved. Apple offers a free service called iCloud Activation Lock Status that provides information about whether an iCloud account is locked or unlocked at Apple’s end; see https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202590 for more information about using this service to determine whether an iCloud account has been locked by Apple.

How do I retrieve photos from an old iPad?

Since there are so many old models of the iPad, one would need to purchase a new one for this purpose. The original iPads had connectors that were different from the new ones.

To learn more about the process of retrieving photos from an old iPad, visit Apple Support at https://www.apple.com/retrieve-lost-photos/. Here you will find more information on how to retrieve lost photos from various devices including your original iPad version. You can also book a free consultation with our iPad data recovery company and get instant solutions free of cost.

What is iOS Data Recovery?

iOS data recovery is a type of solution provided by different companies. They help Windows or Mac systems to recover formatted/corrupted/deleted files from your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Their experts can get back your lost photos, texts, emails,  messages, videos, and more. They are usually compatible with all iOS versions.

Can't find recently deleted photos on iPad, can you help?

Utilizing the most recent Forensic Data recovery tools we can remove content from any iTunes backup file including erased files, for example,

  • Messages
  • Pictures
  • Emails
  • Videos
  • And a lot more!

After we finish the information recovery work, we will give you a USB drive containing the extricated information. Just contact us on 1300 381 230.

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