External Hard Drive Data Recovery
External Hard Drive Data Recocery

External Hard Drive Data Recovery Services Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

External hard drives are generally used to back up your computer.

An external hard drive is a useful way to take the computer’s data with you when travelling, for example. It can also be used in case of hardware failure because you’ll always have an up-to-date copy of your data on the device. If your home or office should catch fire or be flooded, You won’t lose any valuable data because the files are stored on this external hard drive. Of course, these devices should connect through wires and not WiFi to avoid security risks. Although, data recovery from hard drives becomes impossible if they get corrupted or formatted. 

Numerous PC users utilise an external HDD as the storage on which to store their system’s backup files. When you lose the data, residing on this storage gadget might actually obliterate your long-lived memories, significant financial data and other important records. It is important to notice hard drive data malfunction/corruption soon before it becomes a big threat to your organisation or individual self.

Can you recover files erased from an external hard drive?

Indeed, it is feasible to recuperate records that have been lost because of erasure or the formatting of an external hard drive. You can solve this issue due to the manner in which current operating systems handle data erasure on hard drives.

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At the point when you erase a record on Windows, legitimate access to the data is eliminated, however, the data remains truly on the disk. The space taken by the erased thing is set apart as accessible for later use by the system. In the end, that space will be reused as new data is saved.

Until the first data is overwritten, external hard drive data recovery services can fix the sensible connections and make the files/folders available by the OS and your applications. These particular data programming experts check the disks for erased things and make them accessible once more.

Get help before you lose it completely!

If you’re looking for help with your portable hard drive or other data recovery needs, then an external hard drive repair service provider is the best option. It’s important to get quality data recovery done by experts, not amateurs.

If you had any important information on that hard drive – family heirlooms or business records – wouldn’t you want them back? Then make certain they are retrieved by qualified professionals who use the latest technologies and methods to seek out even damaged files.

Enjoy Reputable Hard Drive Recovery Services at Recovery Squad!

Hiring our external HDD data loss recovery experts to help get your hard drive data back is an excellent idea if you’ve accidentally deleted any files or lost access to them. It provides several benefits that regular users won’t get on their own:

  • They know what kinds of errors may occur with drives and how best to identify and fix these errors before they degrade the drive beyond repair.
  • They use some powerful tools like Data Extractors Tools (specific software for particular file types) or Advanced Scanning Methodologies which will speed up the process.

Know about Losing Data From Your External Hard Disk

There are many reasons that your external hard drive can encounter data loss. The absolute most normal ways are:

  • Human blunder: This is by a wide margin the most well-known justification behind your data. It can happen incidentally by erasing documents or formatting disks. Maybe you are new to the Windows cmd order and incidentally ran content that erased a lot of records.
  • Faulty updates: Sometimes, a defective system or new update to your system can affect your hard drive data. If an external hard drive was appended to your PC during the update, it might have been adversely affected and you might have lost a few data from it.
  • Power Supply issues: A spike can harm your portable hard drive and result in a wrecked storage gadget that requires data recovery services to recuperate its data.. The drive can show up dead if there is too much sudden power supply.
  • Extreme conditions: Leaving an external hard drive in a hot vehicle or other areas where it will be presented to high temperatures can cause harm. The same problems will occur if there’s too much humidity and exposure to direct water.

Frequently Asked Question:

Can you recover corrupted data from my USB drive?

yes, our data engineers have years of experience in recovering any type of lost files from external hard drives. They can help you with external hard drive data corruption in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and the whole of Australia.

What are your prices?

Every issue we cater to is unique, there is not one price tag. Our experts offer a free consultation call in which we listen to your issues, analyse them and come up with different alternatives to help you make the right decision without losing a lot of your hard-earned money.

My drive is making some weird clicking sounds. What should I do?

You should know that any type of clicking or scratching noise coming from your external hard drive is not a good sign. It means that the drive is facing issues and the physical components are harming. Unplug it now and take it to your nearby data recovery services expert.

How can I protect my drive from future harm?

Below we have shared some tips to prevent your drive from any harm:

  • Back up your data that is truly important or that can’t be made. This might include backing up your external drive to the cloud or making a full copy to one more gadget of comparative or more limit.
  • Mark external drives with the right tags so you will not accidentally format the wrong one.
  • Keep your external hard drives out of direct daylight and don’t expose them to limits of low temperature or water.


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