SSD SATA Data Recovery
SATA Data Recovery

Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery Melbourne, Sydney & Perth

SSD data recovery requires specialized technical expertise and experience. Recovery Squad engineers have found ways to solve the ‘BUSY’ beaver problem, affecting most SSD drives. We are capable of recovering all kinds of data from any SSD drive. Our labs are fully equipped to provide our esteemed clients with high-quality and secure SSD data recovery, including different interfaces and form factors, such as SATA, mSATA, M.2, PCI-E, etc.

 Common Symptoms of SSD failure:

  • File reading or writing failure
  • Excessively slow computer system
  • Operating system not booting
  • Frequent reformatting / data deletion
  • Sudden blue screen of death
  • Freezing of different applications
  • File corruption

How much does it cost for recovering SSD data, and how long will it take?

The cost of SSD data recovery services depends on the extent of the damage done to the SSD and how quickly you require your data back.

Solid State Drive Data Recovery

Process of SSD data recovery in Melbourne & Perth

There is much difference in the procedure of recovering data files from SSD in comparison to the hard drive. Hard drives store data on magnetic, physically moving parts, while SSD doesn’t have any moving parts, making them faster in processing speed.

A fundamental process of data recovery starts with an evaluation. Recovery Squad offers SSD data recovery in Melbourne in two packages:

Primary Level: When an SSD is required with minimal physical repairs, it is considered a fundamental level fault. Our data recovery experts access the SSD and fix and recover the corrupt files with the help of specialized software.

Advanced Level: More severe data recoveries with the physical damage of SSD fall in advanced level services. All chip-level recovery processes are complex and have to be carried out with special tools. With our SSD data recovery services in Perth, you can result assured that your data is in safe hands and will reach you in the format you want it.

Our services can be broadly classified in the table below:

Levels Problems
Logical Level Problems
Accidentally deleted files, Formatted, Overwritten, Part data loss
Hardware Level Problems
CRC errors or bad sectors recovery, Firmware issues, PCB damages
Physical or media Level Problems
Clicking and beeping noises, Grinding sounds, Tampered or broken SDD, etc.

Express and Business / Priority services

Recovery Squad provides options for emergency services to its esteemed clients. The charges of express services are a bit higher than that of our standard packages. Data extraction can be performed within 2-4 working days, as per the given situations.

Professional SSD Data Recovery Services

Data recovery from SSD is highly complicated, particularly in TRIM enabled SSDs. It is because the TRIM permits command to the SSD to wipe off the data that is no longer required. When data has been erased, and new information is overwritten in that area, then recovering old data becomes next to impossible. Therefore, it is always better to hire an experienced company like Recovery Squad to recover data, or you may be a victim to further data loss. Recovery
Squad, coupled with class 100 clean rooms, ensures data recovery from all makes of an SSD.

Professional SSD Data Recovery

Popular Solid State Drive for Recovery:

Why choose Recovery Squad?

When you choose us for data recovery, you get the following benefits:

  • Support for all Solid State Drives
  • Priority options for our esteemed clients
  • Superior technology with an excellent success rate
  • Highest security levels 
  • Guaranteed results
  • Minimum turnaround time

You may get only one chance to recover your data from a damaged SSD. It is always recommended to hire trained professionals from a trusted data recovery company. Otherwise, it may incur a permanent loss of your data. Our quality SSD data recovery services in Melbourne and Perth come with budgetary solutions and in less time.

Frequently Asked Questions? (FAQs)

Does the cost vary for different data sizes, like per GB or TB?

No. The cost is estimated on the level of the problem and the damage caused to the SSD. Generally, the price is calculated as per the time and work involved in recovering data.

Why is my SSD not showing in BIOS?

When an SSD gets corrupt, it becomes unreadable, hence BIOS cannot be deducted. Expert help is required quickly to get your SSD repaired and recover lost data. We recommend getting in touch with us for a quick, free consultation immediately.

Can the data from formatted SSD be recovered?

It is a common mistake where people tend to format their SSD without storing data on other drives. However, if an SSD is formatted and no files have been overwritten, then our experts can recover your data.

What are the main causes of SSD failure?

Some of the common causes of data loss from an SSD are:

  • Electrical component failure
  • Development of bad sectors
  • Virus attack
  • Liquid spilling
  • Short circuit
  • Human error
Is data recoverable from an SSD that fails to boot?

Yes! Recovery Squad is equipped with specialized tools to recover SSD data even when it fails to boot. We can retrieve all files even from a dead or thoroughly corrupted SSD.

Can you recover data from a physically broken SSD?

Yes, it is possible to recover data from a severely damaged SSD, as long as the flash memory inside the drive is not damaged. We can repair lost data from SSD drives that are not recognized or usable because of extreme physical damage.

What is the success rate of recovering data?

At Recovery Squad, the history of data recover is over 98%, in case of common problems. We feel proud to say that we are a leading data recovery company in Melbourne, with a very high success rate.

Which devices does your SSD data recovery firm work on?

We provide our data services for both external as well as internal SSD devices.

Can data be recovered from water damaged SSD drives?

Yes, we are capable of recovering data from damage caused by any liquid spilling.

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