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Bosch CCTV Camera

We offer #1 Bosch CCTV Footage Recovery Service by our certified technicians in Australia

About Bosch CCTV Surveillance!

Robert Bosch GmbH (also known as Bosch), is a German global designing and technology manufacturing organisation situated in Gerlingen. The organization was established by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886.

Bosch is quite famous in the realm of IP CCTV for utilizing the most recent technological innovations and conveying fresh pictures and videos – making them reasonable for different types of uses from SMBs security to an MNC.

Bosch cameras and camcorders are amazing surveillance camera decisions. Bosch PTZ cameras can record high-quality clear video recordings. Nonetheless, sometimes Bosch camera recordings might be inadvertently erased or lost after the memory card/SD card/MicroSD card reformat.

Different issues like water damage, virus or corruption may likewise cause footage on Bosch camcorder/camera hard to get back. That is why it is advisable to take help from a Bosch DVR & NVR recovery expert and safeguard your important footage.

Reasons behind Bosch CCTV Camera data loss

We all know that CCTV security cameras can be a great way to protect your store and its merchandise, but did you know there are some things you need to watch out for?

There are various reasons that could lead to Bosch CCTV Camera data loss and harm your organization’s smooth workflow. Below we have talked about all such reasons:

  • Power failure,
  • Damage to the data storage device.
  • Due to hardware problems in the system caused by internal conflict or external interference.
  • Disruption of network service,
  • Interference from other electromagnetic waves,
  • Malfunctioning software and compatibility error.

Recovering Bosch CCTV Lost Data

In the past, many CCTV companies had been keeping their data for a few days to a year. Those who wanted to delete old surveillance data could do that as long as they knew how to request deletion from their company via email or snail mail. However, with advances in technology, storage space is currently cheaper and the need for records is often lessened/transferred electronically rather than physically involving shipping tapes back and forth. As a result, some CCTV companies may only save the footage for 30 days or less – if at all. The best course of action should be to contact your area’s Bosch CCTV data recovery services expert.

Just take your computer to someone who specializes in the recovery of lost or deleted footage, hopefully, they can retrieve some data from both the lost session and previous sessions before it was lost.

Did you have a backup option?

If you had done a backup of your CCTV footage then you can easily do Bosch deleted footage recovery. Just plug it into the computer and see if there’s a backup folder, click on it. See the videos that you want to recover and copy them back to an external SD card. It’s an easy process that you can do with the help of a technician from your company.

How can the Recovery Squad help?

It definitely helps if you have a really great security system that has all the latest bells and whistles. But let’s not pretend that your security team is always on it. We can even agree to leave emergencies aside for now because life happens, right? And accidents happen which is why something like having Recovery Squad (a top CCTV Footage Recovery Services Provider in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and the whole of Australia) make our lives easier.

The reason you should hire us is that it’s difficult to see everything in HD quality under surveillance cameras but at least our professionals will be able to retrieve lost data with ease – even if it means going into multiple feeds or setup models to reconstruct something from an event that has taken place weeks ago.


Checklist to follow to safeguard your CCTV data in future

  1. Always install surge protectors near the cameras (don’t skimp on this). If there is a power outage, you’ve typically got one or two minutes of the buffer until the equipment goes offline. That’s plenty of time to get up and fix whatever went wrong.
  2. Keep your IT and OT equipment up to date and protect them from hacker intrusion. Install a firewall with an appropriate configuration of port access, this will control internet protocol (IP) traffic accessing or leaving your premises or network.
  3. Ensure that you have antivirus software on all computers running on the network, install it regularly and delete old files when required otherwise there is a chance of virus attack on computer devices.
  4. It is very important to maintain encryption keys for data backup in offline storage mediums such as external hard drives at another location just in case of theft and some other disasters.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you do the Optical Media work of my CD?

Yes, from corrupted CDs/DVDs to scratched ones, we can help you do optical recovery and help you save your important data to other storage devices.

My web server data is lost. What to do?

Our Bosch Crash Hard drive experts are highly trained and hold the expertise of recovering data from popular storage brands like IBM, WD, Hitachi, Sony, Dell, and Samsung etc.

My web server data is lost. What to do?

Don’t panic! Take two deep breaths, drink water and just call our experts at 1300 381 230. We guarantee to solve your data recovery related issues as soon as possible.

Well, you should know that we don’t charge for online and phone consultations. We are not like those “money-minded” service providers who think that a phone call to listen to somebody’s issues should be paid.

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