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USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

If your USB has unexpectedly given up, there is no need to panic; Recovery Squad is here to help. Our team understands the importance of USB data and how valuable your records are, which is why we perform USB data recovery for clients who have been unlucky enough to suffer a broken or faulty flash drive.

When you think about flash drives, they are compact, durable and handy, which is why it is sometimes hard to remember that the USB that you loosely toss around you backpack is actually a piece of fallible technology. Used widely on the go, and handled by multiple people, USB flash drives are easy to damage, which is why our team have become experts in retrieving data and assisting in USB data recovery. We provide services on all sizes and brands, and we can usually salvage most of the data stored on the flash drive.

The way we perform data recovery

We understand how frustrating it can be to lose work because of a device failing, especially as the whole point of technology is to make our lives more convenient. The USB data recovery process our team has developed is designed to be quick and efficient and to get you back on track as soon as possible.

Once we have your device, we will diagnose the issue, and our Recovery Squad engineers will perform an inspection of the flash drive to estimate how much data can be recovered. We will then provide you with a quote on our data retrieval services and start your USB data recovery using our unique software. When we have finished, we will send you a list of the data recovered.

Monolithic USB Data Recovery
Broken USB Data Recovery

Common USB Loss Situations


  • Broken tip off USB flash drive
  • “Unknown Device” appearing “out of the blue”
  • Loss of functionality
  • Inserting device into the wrong slot
  • Snapped or Overheated Electronics
  • Memory Wear from Excessive Use
  • Accidental Deletion or Formatting
  • Virus Damage
  • File Corruption
  • Missing or Damaged Files
  • Smoke, Fire, or Water Damage


What is the cost of USB Data Recovery?

The cost of USB data recovery can only be ascertained after a complete analysis of the affected data drive and the root cause of the defect. USB data recovery in Australia is usually more affordable as flash drives are less complicated than other high-density drives.

At Recovery Squad, our charges are fundamentally based on the following parameters:

• The data storage capacity of the USB drive
• The complexity of the situation
• Type, make, and model of the flash drive
• The physical condition of the external drive

USB Chipoff Data Recovery -

Recovery Squad charges are vary for USB data recovery services in Melbourne , Perth and Sydney :

Level Fault / Recovery
Physically damaged USB drive with broken pads and detached connector .
Chip-off recovery services .

Get in touch with our data recovery experts

Recovery Squad can retrieve data from a range of technological devices including flash drives, phones, hard drives RAID systems and SD cards. To learn more about our services or to start your USB data recovery process, call us on 1300 495 440 .

How long will it take to recover my data?

Time taken to recover data from a corrupted USB drive depends on many factors. In case of some logical issue, the data can be recovered immediately, while a hard drive problem will take more time to recover lost and damaged files.

Recovery Squad’s expert technicians usually take only around 24 hours for USB data recovery in Melbourne , Sydney and Perth. In more complex data corruption situations, time taken may go beyond 3-4 days.

Recovery Squad ascertains high-quality USB data recovery in Melbourne , Sydney and Perth with express service solutions at the most economical prices.

Frequently Asked Questions? (FAQs)

From which types of pen drives can you recover data?

Recovery Squad holds the expertise to retrieve data from all types of USB drives. To name a few, we operate on:

  • Monolithic pen drives
  • Standard USB drives
  • High-performance drives
  • Secure pen drives
  • Novelty flash drives
  • Traditional NAND Flash USB pen drive
Can you ensure my data privacy?

Yes! We do ensure to secure your files. Our USB data recovery services are performed with strict adherence to confidentiality in a closed environment, with limited access to the outsiders. Once the data has been retrieved, we make sure to delete all the files from our servers, preventing any misuse.

Can the Recovery Squad team treat file corruption on a USB drive?

File corruption is a common cause of data corruption in all USB drives. Our technicians have developed many specialized utilities to recover data from external drives. We are well experienced in all standard file formats and operating systems to allow 100% safe treatment.

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