In fact, some of the leading manufacturers of surveillance cameras offer multiple storage options for video recording, including SD cards, DVRs, NVRs in the cloud, and FTP servers. For example, Reolink cameras, especially the battery-powered ones, enable the uploading of CCTV footage to an FTP server. In addition to the SD card and disk space, you can transfer the footage to the FTP server to create a comprehensive backup plan.    

In this article, we have described an exceptional solution for recovering deleted CCTV footage from a DVR using the data recovery software Systools. If you do not have a backup or an additional copy of the deleted material, it looks like this is the only way to restore the material.   

Possible Reasons to delete CCTV Footage from Hard drive or DVR

A few main reasons can result in damage or loss of recorded footage in CCTV systems.

  • Fire damage to the Hard Drive/DVR.
  • Water Damage to the Hard Drive/DVR.
  • Logical Failure of Hard Drive/DVR.’
  • Physical Failure of Hard Drive/DVR.’
  • virus attack on CCTV hard drive/SD card.
  • damaged CCTV DVR/SD Card
  • Accidental deletion of CCTV footage.
  • Intentionally Delete the Footage from Hard Drive/ DVR

Automatically Deletion of CCTV Footage

It takes a lot of effort to maintain and manage CCTV footage, storing all the recordings is not easy, even if management software has been installed. To reduce cost and storage maintenance, most CCTV cameras will automatically delete data older than one month. But it’s better to check how your CCTV system is working. Some of them will give you an option to set up a scheduled time for this deletion.

CCTV Footage Backup

When the user backs up a CCTV surveillance video connected to a removable disk or cloud storage he can transfer the backups from the original hard drive and view the lost footage from the backup drive. All you have to do is open the backup folder, find the deleted or erased copy and save the recovered video to your camera drive or SD memory card. Users can also use a simple method of deleting the video material from a DVR.   

 If your CCTV recordings have been misplaced or deleted due to an unfortunate cause, it is a prerequisite to restore and restore deleted CCTV recordings with CP users, which are essential for restoring the hard drive 

Once the hard drive has been detected on your computer, use this software to recover the lost video. Right-click the folder in the original directory and select Restore Previous Version to restore deleted DVR recordings. 

Ways to Recover CCTV Recordings

Deleted footage can be recovered with the help of recovery software. But it is always better to recover deleted CCTV footage with the help of experts. The first reason is that this will mitigate risk, and also you will save a lot of your time by recovering it now instead of waiting till later to do it. you can get the CCTV/DVR data recovery service in Melbourne from Recovery Squad to recover DVR/Hard Drive files.

Here we will guide users through the main CCTV recovery method to actually recover deleted CCTV recordings. CCTV DVR Video Recovery is one of the most efficient and effective tools to recover deleted CCTV material from hard drives, SSDs, and other storage devices. Unabated by whether the hard drive is damaged by your CCTV DVR, water is damaged, fire is damaged or error shows, this tool will work in any situation for the hard drive to be read from a PC or laptop. You can try this step-by-step guide to know how to use this tool to retrieve video footage on a DVR.  

If you have lost an important video recording of CCTV / DVR on a hard drive due to deletion or hard drive formatting, do not worry. If you do not have a backup or additional copy of the lost CCTV DVR video, it may seem that DVR hard drive recovery software is the only way to restore deleted and formatted CCTV video material and recordings.

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If your lost videos or images are less than 2GB in size, the free EaseUS file recovery software is your free choice. If you do not have any backups or additional copies of the lost DVR video or images and prefer a robust recovery with powerful features, you have a second chance to perform the recovery of DVR files with powerful recovery software. As we all know, the recording of video and image files is recorded from a video or DVR camera and stored on a hard disk or SD card.   

CCTV / DVR Data Recovery Service in Melbourne and Perth

Our data recovery in Melbourne and Perth of CCTV DVR can help you recover lost footage you want to check if it has been lost due to damage to the storage device, accidental formatting, corruption, or viruses. Many companies that have implemented CCTV / DVR technology in their premises as a security measure against burglary, shoplifting, or similar vices store the recorded recordings in NAS, SAN, or RAID storage devices. If the recordings from video or DVR cameras are missing from the memory, they can be stored on a hard disk to see if their allocated space is empty.  

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You can recover CCTV footage affected by malicious code. Overwritten CCTV footage can’t be recovered because the old video has been overwritten by a new video. No matter how hard you try, it gets lost and can’t be retrieved. Losing CCTV footage if you want to use it as evidence to prosecute or re-examine funny incidents can be disappointing.  

Recovery Squad can recover lost or deleted data from computer hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, digital cameras, and more. We restore deleted or lost videos in various formats such as MP4, AVI, MPG, WMV, MOV, and even scan hard drives without altering the original data.