External Hard Drive Data Recovery
External Hard Drive Data Recovery

MacBook Data Recovery Services Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

MacBook data loss is a nightmare !

The MacBook is a laptop computer designed and sold by Apple.

It comes in 13-inch and 15-inch screen sizes are offered with a choice of Intel Core Duo or Core 2 Duo processors, an optional backlit keyboard for better usability at night, high-speed Nvidia graphics (which Apple calls the “Intel X3100”) which can play up to seven simultaneous video streams with picture-in-picture capability; features

  • an integrated iSight webcam;
  • ExpressCard34 expansion;
  • SD card slot;
  • two FireWire 800 ports;
  • global Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
  • wireless networking (including WiFi);
  • optical digital audio output/headphone connector on most models.

But here we are not talking about the “Oh-so-amazing” features of the Apple MacBook. We are going to discuss how MacBook hard drive data malfunction or accidentally deletion/corruption/format of data can be a nightmare and what are possible solutions for MacBook data recovery.

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MacBook data loss is a nightmare!

MacBook data loss is a nightmare because the data stored on the MacBook may contain sensitive business data, photos of family members, personal emails, and other valuable documents. The frustration that comes with not being able to access your information can be detrimental to both your personal life and career. To reduce this frustration, Recovery Squad strives to provide MacBook data recovery services that are cost-effective yet offer quality service so you will never need to worry about losing your invaluable asset!

What causes MacBook data loss?

Laptop computers are not built to stand up to a lot of abuse. The major causes of data loss on a MacBook include viruses, malware, power surges, physical damage and improper installation or removal of flash memory cards.

These harmful things can remove all the necessary files that you’ve been working on for years. It is always better to keep a backup. But sometimes, you don’t (Don’t worry, it’s normal) and end up facing some serious issues when it comes to retrieving those files.


Get your memories back!

Deleted or lost data can be retrieved from a computer’s hard drive no matter what the operating system. When a person has their hard drive in an external enclosure because it is broken, they may ask for help in transferring their files from the external device before getting the computer fixed. The technician will then be able to access the files residing on that hard drive and copy them into a folder/directory without having to open up the case.

We have saved countless deleted photos, videos and documents for many years with  100% success rate using our patented data recovery tools.

Recover files you deleted yesterday with Recovery Squad today. Our data engineers will provide hassle Free MacBook SSD Data Recovery Services 24/7, with 365-day support.

We can help you with:

  • MacBook Hard Drive data recovery
  • Mac Mini data recovery
  • MacBook data recovery
  • Time Capsule data recovery
  • MacBook Air data recovery
  • MacBook Pro data recovery
  • iMac data recovery
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Frequently Asked Question:

Can You Recover Files after Factory Reset Mac or Reinstall macOS?

Normally, you might lose a portion of your data on your Mac after the macOS or Mac OS X reinstallation. At the point when you are confronting this issue, you might puzzle over whether you can recuperate records lost due to reinstalling macOS or Mac OS X. The appropriate response is YES!

macOS factory resetting just executes a speedy eradication of the volume. Therefore, it will eradicate the files yet doesn’t write any other information to the drive, so the first information won’t be overwritten.

This possibility makes it conceivable to recuperate data subsequent to reinstalling the Mac operating system as long as you make a speedy move.

Note that you should quit utilizing your PC once your information becomes corrupted/lost in the event of data overwriting.

How do I restore my Mac without a time machine?

In the case of restoring, just reinstall the OS and restore your data. Without backup, you must try the simple formula of archive and install. It might be able to save your data but you must do a backup before to some external media. You will have to call our MacBook data recovery services providing experts working in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and the whole of Australia to help you out if you face issues doing so.

How do I recover data on my Macbook Pro?

Our experts can recover your data from faulty hard drives, but they’ll charge a lot for this service. Their expertise is worth the price, but it’s only worth the price if you have important information that you’re not going to want to find elsewhere.

How do I access Time Machine backups on Mac?

In case you saved your data with the time machine. There is a possibility of you restoring files in their original format and place. Just open the window for the file you have to restore and select the files like – a folder or entire disk and hit the restore option. These files will appear as they were never lost before.

Does Time Machine restore macOS?

In case you want to install another hard drive, or your Mac is totally screwed up, you may believe it’s the ideal opportunity for a new installation of macOS. However, if you have had back up with a Time Machine, then you can completely reestablish your Mac and have every one of your applications and documents precisely as you left them.

Can I completely wipe my Mac?

Yes, it is possible to entirely wipe your Mac PC or, at the end of the day, factory reset it through the macOS utility menu. This is a decent arrangement if your Mac is getting down, or you’re hoping to sell it. Doing this will wipe the entirety of your information and applications. It’ll resemble you just turned on your Mac. Our MacBook data recovery company also provides data destruction services that can assist you in permanently destroying everything from your MacBook.

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