Data Destruction Services

Never take avoidable risks!

Data destruction is the complete erasure of storage media to ensure that it has no more value or life/useful purposes left.

The importance of timely data destruction is a concern because many computers still use the old HDD instead of SSD’s. Old HDDs have a limited amount of read-and-write cycles which can lead to failure if the drive isn’t regularly formatted.

In addition, anyone with administrative rights to your PC can bypass data encryption and read your files even after they’re deleted from your disk so it’s best to run a secure delete utility before physically disposing of the device.

Since data breaches are quite normal, organizations are trying to proactively handle data both in their current or old systems. Data destruction is happening a lot more nowadays, across large businesses or SMBs. People are realising the importance of deleting sensitive information, like – lists of customers, contracts, job letters, financial data, secret pins, payroll documents and credit card data etc.

At Recovery Squad!

Searching for “data destruction services near me”? Our experts provide secure recycling services to businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofits. Secure data deletion is accomplished through reformatting and pulping hard drives.

We offer secure data destruction as opposed to just recycling old hard drives. Secure data deletion means that businesses cannot undo the work of us as we destroy any ability to reconstitute intact files from what remains of a decommissioned hard drive – or even individual bits and bytes of unoccupied disk space on an empty drive!

Additionally, it’s worth noting that other devices such as flash memory cards, USB memory sticks and other digital storage media can also be wiped clean and destroyed securely if requested by a client. All procedures are certified by the Accredited Laboratory that ISO 9001 quality seal is achieved.

Follow key industry laws

Here, you can believe that you are working with a data scientist who will take care of your data and your organization’s fame.

  • We follow NIST 800-88 r1, HMG IA Standard No. 5 and DIN-66399
  • We commit to meeting data destruction requirements & data security laws, such as GDPR.

We will come, as sensitive information shouldn’t leave the office premises!

With our on-site certified data destruction services, you can be assured that your data is in safe hands and no one except you oversees it while we continue the destruction process.

There are many methods for data destruction. Whether it is crushing/shredding Magnetic hard drives and solid-state drives or Degaussing, our experts will make sure that your data is safely destructed/erased as per your commands.

Also, Recover Squad will give password encrypted storage mediums to store hard drives until the data destruction process is completed. These sealed receptacles hold hard drives, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, cell phones and different data-bearing gadgets. These solid receptacles can likewise be utilized to move storage gadgets to our office for final data handling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the methods for data destruction?

Deleting and overwriting files may make the files inaccessible, but it does not affect the data stored on magnetic media. Two methods for complete data destruction are physical destruction or degaussing (erasing magnetic fields).

  • Physical destruction means rendering a hard drive unusable by shredding it or smashing it with a hammer (Sigh!).
  • Degaussing involves magnetic writing new code onto a hard disk that erases all its content – without affecting the hardware’s performance when used properly.
What is a data destruction certificate?

A Certificate of Data Destruction is a review report that gives verification that all of your private data has been safely obliterated. A Data Destruction Certificate can accommodate both PC hard drives and paper reports. This is your confirmation that your business regarded all protection laws, GDPR guidelines and made moves to forestall the abuse of exclusive organization data. After the destroying work has been finished, your business is needed to keep a Certificate of Data Destruction in case of proof.

How can I safely destroy data?

The serious issue of data privacy and security is given much more credence now than ever before, as evidenced by recent scandals like the Yahoo! breach. As such, it’s an opportune time for all companies to adopt a proactive approach to better protect their clients’ information.

Thankfully, it’s also an opportune time for owners of small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to take advantage of budget-friendly solutions that can help them automate crucial tasks like data destruction–a task which gets easier every hour thanks in part to technological advancements like hiring data destructing services experts that can destroy sensitive documents on-demand with ease.

How do companies destroy data?

At Recovery Squad, we provide both offsite and onsite data destruction services. We give data destruction of hard drives, floppy disks, CDs, DVDs through shredding. We also provide data degaussing where we erase data through magnetic signals.

How much does it cost to destroy a hard drive?

Although it completely differs from client to client seeing the complexities of their issues and the number of drives they want to get destroyed. But, normally, hard drive destroying costs somewhere in the range of $7–20 for each drive. As the amount goes up, the cost per drive will go down.

How do you destroy a hard drive before recycling?

The recovery squad’s destruction machines (shredder or hydraulic crusher) are explicitly intended to obliterate your hard drives so data can never be recovered or recreated. A whole, actual destruction will guarantee that your data is destroyed completely. We use shredding and crushing processes before recycling the damaged parts to become eco-friendly.

Should I shred old bank statements of my company?

Yes, as per the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) you must keep your bookkeeping records for at least 5 years but after that experts recommend that you should completely destroy the statements with the help of a certified data destruction services company.

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