Recovering the Admin Password for Dahua DVR or NVR is an art; you need to find the right entry point for the Dahua NVR reset password. Even if you found the “right” method, it still depends on the multiple things mentioned above. You might have to spend some time on the experiment. The methods are divided into two categories: without a serial cable and with a serial cable. The Dahua DVR/NVR sometimes forces you to use the firmware update tool on its website to change passwords, even if you have access to the console port. Recovering an admin password is the top issue when you are dealing with Dahua DVRs or NVRs. That can be accomplished by using these 3 methods to reset your admin password.

To change the Dahua DVR/NVR admin password, you can either use a hard reset (physical) on the motherboard or try the default password (Unicode) and create a temporary new admin password based on the date or serial number. If you have forgotten the admin password to your Dahua DVR/NVR, you’ve come to the right place.

The Dahua DVRs and NVRs versions 3.1, 4. x, 5. x, 6. x, or 7. x may require you to turn on the “user account” function after rebooting the device. If this is not done, it may be impossible to log in to the DVR with the default password “9999@”, which is then no longer accepted after a reboot or power cycle of the appliance.

Dahua Password Reset (DVR or NVR)

When your Dahua password reset successfully or the OEM recorder through the methods, then you can log in and view the recordings.

Which brands can be reset?

These reset methods work for Dahua models that use a web browser such as Activecam, Amcrest, Ameta, Ascendant, Backstreet Surveillance, B/V Security, CCTV Security Pros, CCTV Star, CP+ (Orange Line), Dax Networks, eLine, ENS (formerly Eastern CCTV and SavvyTech), Expose, Lorex, GSS, Honeywell, Infinity CCTV, Innekt, Intelbras, KBVision, Lumixen, Macron, Montavue, Oco, Optiview, Rhodium, RVI, Saxco, Security Camera King (Elite), Space Technology, Speco, ToughDog, Tyco Hollis, Tyco Illustra Essentials, Insight, VIP Vision. 

How to easily identify a Dahua brand DVR or NVR? If you have a Dahua DVR or NVR and have lost the password to log in, at least since 18/4/2017, this may help you recover it. This method should work if the user interface of your device is the same or very similar to the Dahua OEM HAC-HDW2332T-A. In my case, the only difference was an extra menu option in mine labeled “0404CAPTURE” which I will demonstrate how to access.

Method 1. Reset the password by pressing the Dahua NVR reset button

Now, you can reset the dahua nvr default password by following the methods below. The success of this method depends on the DVR/NVR model you have, some of them come with a reset button that can be found on the motherboard. Open up your recorder to check if there’s any reset button on the board as shown in the pictures above. If you don’t find one, then proceed with the second way.

If you only install the hard disk in the DVR/NVR model without inputting any password, it will automatically lead you to the interface for recovering the password.

By resetting the recorder’s password, you can bypass the previous password and open up the full potential of your recorder. Dahua introduced a built-in reset button on their motherboards so resetting a recorder is easier than ever before.

How To Reset A Dahua DVR/NVR To Factory Default

  1. Power off the DVR/NVR.
  2. Press and hold the reset push button.
  3. Power on the DVRNVR.
  4. Keep the reset push button pressed for 30 seconds.
  5. After you see the startup wizard on the screen, create a new password.

A dahua nvr factory reset can be performed by holding down the front power button. To do this, make sure you have a monitor connected to the DVR. Then disconnect the power cable from the back of your Dahua device, and reconnect it while holding down the front power button.

Turn off the DVR/NVR and disconnect it from the power supply. Put a jumper or a pen tip across the reset pinhole on the CPU unit, then turn on the power supply again. Hold the reset pinhole for at least 30 seconds. The startup wizard will be displayed after releasing the jump start. Please note that all data stored in the DVR/NVR will be deleted and thus require you to create a new password and re-configure settings. If you don’t want to delete all data, use VIR5505T to configure system settings and restore data files before resetting

Security mode protects sensitive recordings by locking out access to the DVR/NVR until you provide the correct user name and password. It is especially useful when the surveillance system is installed in locations accessible to the general public (such as shops, banks, or restaurants).

Method 2. Try Dahua default passwords

If you forgot the password for your surveillance, then you’re in luck! The list below contains all Dahua’s default account names and passwords. The default user name changes from model to model but it is always a “root” account with a blank password. Try simply logging in with this user to access the camera. If you can’t remember the password, check out our article on how to reset dahua dvr/nvr.

If you can log in, you can change the password or create a user account with full authority. If this method doesn’t work, try the next one.

Method 3. Use Dahua Daily Password Generator

Use a daily password generator to create a new daily password for Dahua DVRs or NVRs. Enter the current date showing up on the timestamp of the recorder and generate a password. This tool will generate a password that is based on the date (timestamp) you input, this tool is intended to be used daily or for daily monitoring, if you have a job that requires you to rotate your accounts from day to day then this is the tool for you.

The Dahua password generator is very straightforward. If you need to get a temporary password before you get to the site, type in the year, month, and day (YYYYMMDD) of today’s date. A sample is shown below.

After generating the temporary password use it to log in to your DVR/NVR and once you’re in you can modify the password. Use the temporary password as the old password, don’t replace it. You can download the Dahua password generator on the link above. If this method still doesn’t work, try the next step.

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Method 4. Try the CCTV Super Password Generator

Open the CCTV Super Password app and enter the model of your DVR/NVR. Then click “Next” three times and choose a master password. You can use up to five master passwords on your DVRs/NVRs depending on the provider. For example, if you have two DVRs made by different manufacturers, you can use two master passwords for each of them. It is Because easy To recover CCTV Footage.

In these times, you can never be too careful. In providing a little extra protection for your camera, the Dahua Super Password generator should prove useful in foiling unwanted access to your video feeds. There are two password generators, one based on the date, the other based on the serial number. Try both until you get a hit!

Our CCTV Super Password generator will help generate the Super Password for your Dahua DVR/NVR. It will help you spend less time modifying the initial password of your device instead of generating it one by one.

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Method 5. Reset by removing the battery

Simply removing the battery on the motherboard for this Dahua DVR/NVR will reset the clock on the system. You can then use a new master password to access the DVR.

Once the DVR has been powered up, a username and password prompt will appear. The username is admin and the default password is 668648 or admin and 000000000000.

Method 6. Call your dealer/seller

For Dahua DVR/NVR devices, there is a simple way to reset the password if you have purchased your product from a local Dahua dealer/store or reseller. Many Dahua dealers can simply make a phone call to their Dahua company to reset your password remotely, which only takes a few minutes. However, if you recently changed Dahua’s encryption method and can’t get the original dealer to help, check out our upgraded recommendation for the Best IP Security Camera Systems.