Data Sanitisation Service

Importance of Data Sanitisation

Data sanitisation means making sure that data is properly disposed of so it can’t be recovered by someone else without getting access to your computer or other devices. We need to do data sanitisation because once we store our confidential information or any personal information on our devices, there are chances that the data might get leaked.

If this happens, it can cause major problems for us if someone has got access to this private information and shared it with the wider public world. Also, it could cost you dearly in terms of both time and money if identity theft is attempted.

The importance of data sanitisation time-to-time depends on

  • Whether or not you are in violation of any laws or regulations,
  • What you do for your job and if your employer needs to keep data unavailable;
  • The type of security (organisational) at your company;
  • How much it takes to encrypt/wipe files; what kind of information is stored on the devices

We need this process done periodically because that way we can prevent companies or individuals from stealing data that isn’t theirs, that way our personal information stays private, and also because generally speaking, there’s always a chance for something like this to happen again.

Recovery Squad: Forget all your Data Security worries!

Recovery Squad has a demonstrated history of over 10 years in giving data care results for people and organizations. Aside from being a data recovery service expert in Canberra, we are the main pioneer in giving data deletion to clear data off of a wide range of servers, PCs, and all storage gadgets.

Data is quite possibly the main resource, particularly for organizations. The simple format or erasing of your delicate data from a gadget doesn’t eradicate your data. It can undoubtedly be recuperated by utilizing a data recovery administration. Henceforth, assuming you need to arrange your storage gadget, you will have to clean it to forestall spillage of your personal data.

You need data Sanitisation because:

Data Cleaning or sanitisation services are needed when confidential data is processed. Such data includes, but is not limited to credit card numbers, social security numbers, and medical records.

Data cleansing usually means removing ‘junk’ (e.g., blank spaces or white space characters) from one or more files; though it may also refer to correcting errors in an attribute value according to the requirements of the environment in which the data will be used.

Sanitization refers to removing information so that its content can’t be easily understood by human beings if they see it out of context – for example removing sensitive personal names from mailing lists where those people will not receive marketing materials compiled exclusively on their own category criteria.

In order to maintain a safe environment for employees and customers, it is important that any company adheres strictly to all laws. That is why you opted for a data sanitization Australia as you were obliged to follow security laws and compliance for the protection of personal data.

Why should you choose our services?

  1. We guarantee the security and safety of your data over the span of the data deletion cycle.
  2. We clean your storage media and give you a certificate of eradication that affirms that the cleaned or deleted data is totally deleted and would never be recuperated.
  3. Our degaussing service guarantees data deletion and media removal in an environment-friendly way.
  4. We offer SQL injection services following all the data privacy laws and guidelines made by the Government.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of data sanitisation?

Data sanitisation aims to free data of any confidential, sensitive information so it can be made accessible without revealing the owner’s identifiers. This is done through a process of running all of the data through some standard methods so there are no abnormalities or mistakes. When done correctly, only the original person who had originally created the document would know its meaning, meaning that any other person who had seen it can neither extract information from it nor identify their creator.

How do you sanitize data?

How do you sanitize data?

Answer: This includes common methods like shredding up papers before disposing of them

Alternatively, melting down CDs at high temperatures to remove any traces of metal, running degaussing techniques to delete all the data from hard drives. Our data clean up experts can help with all this, while you focus on completing your core business activities.

What is sanitisation in information security?

Sanitisation in information security is the process of removing (or obscuring) sensitive data, both in electronic format and on paper or other physical mediums. This includes possible ways to permanently erase media containing any sort of data.

What is Server sanitisation?

Server sanitisation is the process of removing or obscuring certain data from a server so that someone who would illicitly be able to access it cannot see it.

A perfect example of when this might be necessary? Say you’re an employer and you wrongfully terminate an employee, and he/she takes their computer, laptop, phone with them when they go. You can’t just wipe his machine clean because then your trade secrets will inevitably be compromised – but if the machine has been properly sanitized before handing it over, any sensitive information about employees and clients will not remain on its hard drive for theft’s sake.

Do you provide a signed Data Wipe Certificate?

Yes, we always do. After every data sanitisation service, you will get a Data Wipe Certificate affirming that your material has been completely erased/wiped/destroyed. Not just a peace of mind but, your Certificate of Destruction helps with giving an audit trail, assisting you to show your obligation to guarantee compliance with data protection guidelines.

Should I use data wiping software?

No, we do not recommend using a data destruction tool. They are not secure when you talk about data security. You must know that such software is not approved and certified by the Australian government, so they can easily steal your personally identifiable information.

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