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Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Internal and External Hard Drive. Get Reliable and Certified Data RecoveryService in Perth From Best Rated by Customer Company.

Certified Data Recovery Services in Perth

Recovery Squad is one of the leading Data Recovery Companies in Perth, Australia. It offers a wide range of affordable and secure data recovery services that include recovery of lost data from hard drive, Raid Drive, server, SD & SSD cards, USB Drives, iPhone and Android phones. 

Some of Our Main Recovery Services in Perth are as Follow:


We rely on our external hard drives to store and protect some of our most precious data


SSD data recovery requires specialized technical expertise and experience


If your USB has unexpectedly given up, there is no need to panic; Recovery Squad is here to help


Are you having problems with RAID 0-6 Array? Is there a power failure leading


We offer #1 CCTV Footage Recovery Service by our certified technicians


Has your screen gone black? Never fear, Recovery Squad will come to the rescue.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Our data recovery specialist is capable of recovering data from all types of hard drives. (IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS). Recovery Squad is the only data recovery company in Perth offering an integrated solution for hard disk data recovery.

From physically damaged hard drives to not detecting hard drives, in all data recovery cases you need the help of a data recovery expert. Our data recovery specialists can handle your data from the most complex data loss situations.

We retrieve data from our Perth branch directly from all the complex situations such as:

  1. Deleted Data Recovery from hard disc
  2. Damaged disk drive Data Recovery
  3. Formatted hard disc Recovery
  4. Formatted Partition Data Recovery
  5. Dead disk drive Recovery
  6. Physically Damaged Hard drive Data Recovery
  7. Firmware Failure Hard Drives
  8. Pcb failure data recovery from disk drive
  9. Broken disk Recovery
  10. Data Recovery from all Corrupted hard disc
  11. Virus Infected Hard Drive Data Recovery

We offer data recovery services for all popular storage brands such as:

  • WD disk drive Data Recovery
  • Seagate disk drive Data Recovery
  • Samsung disk drive Data Recovery
  • Toshiba disk drive Data Recovery
  • HGST disk drive Data Recovery
  • IBM disk drive Data Recovery
  • Hitachi disk drive Data Recovery
  • Dell disk drive Data Recovery
  • HP disk drive Data Recovery
  • Sony disk drive Data Recovery

Server Data Recovery

We are well equipped and specialized in recovering data from all servers and from all data loss situations.

We retrieve data from;

  • RAID servers
  • SAN (Large storage area network) systems.
  • NAS Servers – Network Attached Storage

We have the ability to recover data from any instance of physical or logical damage to the server. Our professional server data recovery services are available for both physical and virtual servers.

Our data recovery experts can help you recover:

  • Virtual server data
  • Lost file server data
  • Damaged server data
  • Web server data is lost

In addition, we also control databases, SQL Server data, counting data, accounting data, etc. from hard drives (internal or external), laptop, desktop, etc.

SD Card Recovery

SD cards are more preferred data storage devices for storing and transferring photos, videos, documents, and more. SD cards are commonly used by professional photographers because it is easy to access anywhere, anytime. There is a risk of damage to the SD card due to virus attack, formatting, data corruption, data removal etc. Our Recovery Experts are able to recover all kinds and brands of SD cards such as;

  • Samsung
  • SanDisk
  • Transcend
  • Sony 
  • Toshiba
  • Kingston

SSD Drive Recovery

SSDs have a limited number of read and write operations and sensitive components such as controller chips, capacitors, and power supplies that may fail from time to time. Therefore SSD data recovery requires special technical expertise and experience. The Recovery Squad channel has to find ways to solve the ‘business’ beaver problem, affecting most SSD drives. We are able to recover all types of data from any SSD drive. Our professionals are fully equipped to provide our esteemed customers with high quality and secure SSD data recovery, including various interfaces and form factors such as;

  • NVME,
  • mSATA, M.2,
  • PCI-E, etc.

Common Symptoms of SSD failure:

  • File reading or writing failure
    Excessively slow computer system
  • Operating system not booting
  • Frequent reformatting / data deletion
  • Sudden blue screen of death
  • Freezing of different applications
  • File corruption

Other Data Recovery Service Offered;

  • SD/Memory Card Recovery ,
  • Flash Drives Recovery ,
  • Compact Flash Card Recovery / CF Card Recovery
  • Pen Drives Recovery
  • IPhone Recovery
  • Android Phone Recovery
  • Email Data Recovery

Our Data Recovery Process:

Why Choose Recovery Squad?

Immediate technical assistance
Immediate technical assistance
Immediate technical assistance
Same Day Assessment

Emergency Service for All Critical Recoveries

The completely transparent recovery process
The completely transparent recovery process
Minimum Downtime

Minimum Downtime

Secure Data Recovery Process
Secure data recovery process
Customer Care Service and Help Desk

Customer Care Service and Help Desk

High Success Rate

High Success Rate


Yes, we provide emergency data recovery services in Perth. To deal with such instances, we have a team of dedicated data recovery specialists who works 24 hours immediately after receiving your device, until the device is restored and handed over to you.

Our data recovery specialists in Perth can help you get your data back from one to three working days. However, sometimes this time period may change due to the availability of spare parts, data size, disk response time, or other linked complications.

For data recovery in Perth, you can simply post your storage device from any reliable courier service provider in Perth Centre:


Suite 72, Ground Floor
50 Cent Georges Trace
Perth WA 6000

Typically, we only keep data for 7 days. However, if the customer requires us to remove all immediately after delivery, we can do this on a request.

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