Thecus NAS devices are used for high-performance business applications such as enterprises, small-businesses and non-governmental organisations. With reliability and surveillance, they also feature a highly modular storage system that allows for extremely flexible configurations to meet your specific business needs. Thecus NAS is your fast track to achieving data security, data backup and disaster recovery.

Do you need a data recovery of your Thecus NAS system? Are you worried about losing all your data? Do not wait until it’s too late, you do not have to lose everything! 

It is possible to do NAS data recovery from encrypted Thecus NAS devices that were formatted by users themselves or by accident, with accidental file deletion from Thecus NAS devices, corrupted Thecus NAS data due to various reasons like system crash, virus attack or human error etc.,   Thecus NVR storage device wasn’t connected or not displaying in server mode and stopped.

The Recovery Squad will analyze the problem and provide a correct solution during their free inspection. Recovery Squad are NAS recovery experts with over 15 years of experience in data recovery. We have been providing data recovery service in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney since 2006. So, you can rest assured that your NAS device will be in the hands of experts and will be fixed soon. We have worked with the recovery of all Thecus network-connected storage devices include Thecus N4510 and many more, and we have lots of case studies of NAS drive recovery in Melbourne and Perth.

What are the most common reasons for NAS hard drive failures? This blog explains the most common reasons of NAS hard drive data loss to help users to prevent future failures.

Reasons for Thecus NAS Hard Drive Failures

The reasons for hard drive failures in NAS systems from Thecus are varied. In many cases, we found that the hard drives used in NAS systems are already used in the computer. Hard drives that have also been briefly used for PC applications often have a variety of issues that can include bad sectors, marginal firmware, and other problems. Which are not typically seen in hard drives designed only for NAS use.

1. If the firmware update fails, you may get Data loss

Thecus provides the latest firmware updates for their NAS servers. The administrator gets notified via the web interface that a new firmware version for his Thecus NAS is available. In some cases, the firmware update can lead to a loss of data.

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2. In most cases, a Raid Drive failure is caused by excessive heat, leading to the loss of the array.

Always operate your NAS in a well-ventilated environment. The heat build-up will affect the disk’s working temperature. To reduce the chance of damage caused by temperature fluctuation, we suggest you install a 2-bay expansion enclosure (sold separately) and use it to expand hard drive capacity. It comes with an independent cooling system. The built-in fans will transfer heat from the interior of the enclosure to outside air for cooling so that it can effectively reduce the working temperature inside the enclosure.

3. Possible Error messages from Thecus NAS systems

You can check the information of the disk installed in NAS with the Disk Management function or CLI interface. The message shown on the LCD will be “Warning Disk” or “Failed Disk”, and system operation will be unstable due to it, So please replace the failed hard disk as soon as possible.


4. Damage limitation with Thecus NAS systems

Thecus is a high-end NAS manufacturer from Taiwan. Thecus NAS offers a lot of features and benefits: it has a user interface that makes things so easy to use, it offers an extensive feature list. But it also has some significant design flaws that can lead to data loss. In normal operation, these problems are not well known, so we need to inform a large majority of Thecus NAS users.

Thecus NAS RAID Recovery – We can help you retrieve data from your failed NAS

Don’t risk losing your mission-critical data! At Thecus, we take the safety of your NAS system very seriously. We have developed a unique technology to recover lost NAS information from failed devices. Our specialists can provide different diagnosis options to help recover your data in the shortest possible time following a loss of data or power supply crash. For urgent cases, we can also proactively plan and develop a system that will help you prevent future incidents. After a successful recovery, you pay only for the recovered information – no hidden costs! Thecus NAS Recovery is a unique service offering Recovery Squad for broken Thecus hard drives. Our engineers may attempt a repair, which covers up to six individual drives during the lifetime of your NAS. If a repair is not possible, we work to recover your data from the broken HDD with our specialized data recovery equipment. You get complete control over your data.

Thecus NAS device data Recovery Specialist 

We are experienced Thecus Data Recovery specialist in Australia with a success rate of over 98%. Our Offices are located in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth and you can also ship your devices to us from anywhere in Australia. You just need to fill the Data recovery job  form and shipped along with the media. Get Shipping instructions and Recovery form. We also offer emergency data recovery services for clients/users in urgent situations.