Overview of QNAP Brand 

QNAP produces NAS devices and network-attached storage systems, which helps organizations to manage data efficiently. A NAS system is a network-attached storage device where multiple hard drives are connected to a network. Using this QNAP NAS, you can store files on multiple hard drives to be accessible from computers/devices on the same network. The network-attached storage device is called NAS because it is attached to the network as opposed to using locally attached storage where computers/devices on the same network do not have access to the hard drives attached to them.

With the numerous benefits it provides, QNAP NAS Drive is surely a great solution for those who have large amounts of data which should be stored in a safe place. Along with the data advantages, this Storage device is also equipped with robust security features to ensure that your files are protected and unreadable to unauthorized individuals.

Are there any Data Loss Risk Factors with QNAP NAS?

Although RAID could minimize the chance of data loss, it’s still possible that multiple drives may fail. The NAS unit itself could fail, meaning your data could be lost. If multiple drives or the NAS itself fails, you risk losing your data. To prevent this, it is recommended to backup your important data to another location outside the NAS. You can

QNAP’s NAS is designed for business use, but if you’re not careful with the device, you’ll end up losing all your important data. However, sometimes, even with good precautions, you might lose important data on the NAS due to various reasons like unexpected power outages, virus attacks, drive failures,s or software crashes.

A NAS is also a powerful hard drive that can be used to store files. But all the files stored on a NAS can be lost if the NAS is damaged or corrupted.

If you’ve lost data due to damaged drives, it may be too late, and you should consider using a professional NAS data recovery service such as Recovery Squad.

Recovery Squad is a professional data recovery company that has recovered data for many NAS systems. Recently, we were able to recover an entire NAS system with 12 disks. Contact us if you need data recovery services for your NAS system.

Possible QNAP NAS Failure Scenarios – 

Overheating of RAID hard drive – 

An overheating RAID hard drive may suffer severe damage in a short period of time. Because a single hard drive failure in a RAID array can cause data loss, it’s important to have the proper measures in place to prevent overheating.

Incorrect RAID setup

When you just start your RAID operations, it’s important to choose a RAID level that perfectly fits your requirements. The wrong RAID level can cause data loss and render the entire hard drive unusable. Here are some tips on how to choose one.

RAID Array failed

RAID Arrays use duplicate copies of your data to prevent data loss, and sometimes that data can be lost due to the failure of raid arrays

Malfunctioned controller

When the controller malfunctions, it can lead to data loss. This causes a failure in the head assembly and corrupts the database.

Overwriting RAID configuration files

You can lose some of your data if you overwrite a RAID configuration file on your NAS.

Recent QNAP Data Loss Cases in Recovery Squad – 

I’m Darryl. I’m the owner of a Melbourne-based photography business. I had many photos and videos stored on my QNAP NAS drive, but they have been lost due to a virus infection.

“Our NAS drive is now damaged. We don’t have access to our business data which is on the NAS drive. I want to know how I can recover my critical business data from the damaged QNAP NAS drive.” By Joseph Stief


Do and Don’ts to get 100% QNAP NAS Recovery

  • Don’t try to rebuild the RAID if you’ve lost data.
  • Don’t try to repair your NAS drive if you have a physical storage failure. A bad sector may be beyond recovery making it harder for our data recovery engineers to get your data back.
  • Don’t use hit and trial methods of recovering QNAP NAS data may result in overwriting data resulting in permanent data loss.


  • Replace Failure Drives – If you see that a drive is failing, you should stop using your NAS system/server or replace the failing drive to prevent further damage.
  • It’s important to always keep a backup of your files and computer systems.
  • Standardize your NAS file storage with the Linux EXT3 or XFS file systems.
  • Make sure that you know what kind of access you have to the network and who you can share files with.

Contact QNAP NAS Experts – 

QNAP NAS servers provide high accessibility and availability of the data stored on them by continuously monitoring the status of the connected hard disks and operating system. If your hard disk physically fails or suffers any logical problem then you can lose your data. If you’ve lost data from NAS for any reason, contact a data recovery expert who can recover data from NAS drives configured as standalone or RAID drives.

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Prevention to Avoid Future Data Loss – 

QNAP gives you the option to backup NAS data to external storage devices, remote servers, or third-party cloud backup services. Most brands offer free cloud backup for a limited period of time. It is highly recommended to backup your NAS data to prevent a data loss situation in the future.

Cloud backup is the common way to backup your NAS data, but it is not a viable solution for NAS environments.  The design goal of the HUS-M2060 is to provide an affordable method for local NAS backups. 

Some QNAP NAS Recovery Testimonials:

I highly recommend Recovery Squad data recovery to recover lost and deleted files from QNAP NAS. It is extremely easy to use. I have successfully recovered a lot of important data on my NAS drive. Thanks!

I am very thankful to Daniel for the help I received from the QNAP NAS experts. They recovered all my data in a professional manner.

I was so frustrated after losing my data from my QNAP server. Then I came to know about Recovery Squad through Google search and I sent them an email regarding my requirement. I paid for the service and they recovered all the files within a few days.