The current operation of almost all businesses is done over the internet which has made all the business servers more prone to threats and Ransomware. The term Ransomware stands for a kind of malicious software that poses threats to harm you. The harm is generally inflicted by denying the user access to their data. A ransom is demanded from the victim by the attacker in return for giving the victim access back to their account once the ransom is paid.

Ransomware has been a major issue a very popular method of attacking business and it grew by nearly 350% in 2018. As a result, ensuring security along with NAS server data recovery is an important step to fight against Black KingDom Ransomware Attack. The evolvement of ransomware over time is proof of the adversities that are possessed by this software over the business. According to cybersecurity experts, the intensity of ransomware is on the rise and will increase even more than ever.

The best way to avoid such a risk and protect your business from any sort of threats is to gather all the knowledge you can about it. Here is all that you should know.

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What Exactly Is Black KingDom Ransomware Attack?

When it comes to operating a business of any scale online, being vulnerable to online threats is a common issue faced by many.  The threats that are possessed by Black KingDom Ransomware Attack are among the most prominent ones. The Black KingDom is a kind of ransomware that specifically intends to attack on-premises exchange servers. Usually, these exchange servers are either not update or have been exposed to the vulnerabilities possessed by ProxyLogon.

Therefore, it is essential that a deep understanding of the ransomware is acquired to avoid any risk of attacks over your server. Moreover, it is also essential to learn about how to execute NAS server data recovery if the server is attacked by ransomware.

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How Does Black KingDom Ransomware Take Over The Server?

The month of February of the year 2020 was when the Black KingDom Ransomware was first detected. Attackers made use of this ransomware to target the corporate networks by using Pulse VPN and it is now used to attack vulnerable Exchange servers. Thus, any NAS server whose server encryption has not been updated is mostly prone to one of these attacks.

The working process of ransomware is fairly simple to understand. The ransomware starts its work by encrypting the files that are present on the compromised server. After this, the ransomware adds .DEMON extension to the filenames that have been encrypted by it. Moreover, it also adds a ransom note into the server which is usually named ReadMe.txt or decrypt_file.txt.

This ransom note is added to demand the amount pleased by the attacker as a payment for the decryption key. The attackers promise to hand over the decryption key to victims with which they can retrieve all their data, once the payment is made. However, it is not a very wise idea to trust the said attackers and in turn meet their demands or pay the amounts that they have asked for. This is because, most of the time, even after the demands are met, users do not receive the decryption as promised.

How Can The Data Be Restored From The Server?

Elimination of the Black KingDom Ransomware from the exchange server is the first most important thing that needs to be done when the server is attacked. Although, freeing the server from the ransomware does not necessarily mean that the affected files and data can be restored if they have already been affected by it. Here are the steps to protect the exchange server:

  1. Restoring From Backup: The most basic but the most reliable option to opt for when your server is hit by any ransomware including Black KingDom Ransomware is to set up a new server. And after the new server has been set up, you can restore your data from the backup. But, , you will need the help of an exchange repair software NAS server data recovery in case the backup is not available or outdated.
  2. Using Mitigation Tools For On-Premises Exchange: It is essential to run the Exchange On-Premises Mitigation Tools or EOMT before the exchange software is used for extracting the mailboxes. This process is done to eliminate the presence of the ransomware or any other related malware from the server. It also helps in checking the vulnerability of the server
  3. Updating The Server: After the EOMT has been run, It is necessary to update the Exchange servers and once it is done, the mailboxes can be exported. Although it should be noted that the data can be restored only if the server was unharmed after the attack.
  4. Restoring Into New Server: Once all the setup has been completed, the mailboxes are now installed and stored in the new server.

With the help of the NAS server data recovery services that are provided to you by Recovery Squad, you can always stay assured of speedy and hassle-free recovery at all times. Furthermore, these services ensure the utmost safety of all your data. Serving customers for years now, the services that we offer are efficient, quick, and cost-effective.