Data is the driving force of every business today. Without enough data, no business can survive the market competition. Hence, data protection receives more significance when it comes to overall computer protection. Loss of data might be a source of hassle in many ways. 

Be it a personal desktop or a device used in the office, data always needs protection. One of the most important sources of data loss could be the RAID data array. However, if you can detect the loss in time, recovery is also possible. If you are looking for efficient and cost-effective NAS data recovery in Melbourne, you will find several IT support services. 

Here are some ways to make sure that the health of the RAID Hard Disk remains maintained. 

Check Regularly

Regular checking can be an easier way to guarantee a healthy RAID hard disk status. If you allowed intervals between two consecutive checkups, the data lost in between would be hard to trace. Regular checking ensures that you get an idea about every bit of lost data so that you can recover all of it at a time. 

Hard drive Manufacturers Monitoring Tools

 You can also use the tools of the hard drive manufacturers for detecting the RAID array data loss. You need to know the make and the model number of the hard drive. Search for the hard drive utilities on the hard drive manufacturer’s support page. Activate the features related to diagnostic based on S. M. A. R. T attributes. 

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Windows CHKDSK Tool

This in-built disk scanner can scan all the hard disks thoroughly to detect any data loss or problems. Run this tool to trace the RAID hard disk errors. If the tool can, it would fix the problem as well. However, if the problem is beyond its capacity to fix, the tool will report them. Regular checking makes fixing the errors easier. 


For monitoring the S. M. A. R. T attributes of a hard disk, you can use the WMIC command-line interface. This one is easy to use and offers simple solutions. 

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Stellar Drive Monitor

This one is an efficient RAID data monitoring option that comes with RAID recovery software. It can check the hard disk health in various ways to ensure that it is working fine. 

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