Data and Information form an important and undeniable part of modern life. Everything that you do on your computer involves processing large amounts of data ranging from a few megabytes to several gigabytes. For most people, the idea of having their data corrupted or destroyed can seem quite foreign, and they are often not prepared for such situations. However, when such a situation hits, most people prefer trying to DIY through the problem instead of contacting an expert. If you are considering the same, here are a few reasons why D-I-Y Data recovery is a big NO:

The Value of Your Data

When you lose your data, you may not realize its value immediately, unless it happens to your work computer. However, when you try to look for the photos that recorded your precious memories, the reality of the situation hits you. This makes it important to make data backups whenever you get the chance. If you haven’t made such a backup, and the information is actually important for you, you shouldn’t risk taking the help of DIY or free recovery methods and instead rely on a professional.

There May Be Physical Damage
Data loss can occur due to a variety of reasons, one of these being physical damage to your hard drive. If your drive may have been damaged physically, then it is impossible to recover the data from it via a free software tool. Instead of recovering your data in such a situation, it might actually end up overwriting most of it, and may result in permanent data loss. Relying on a professional who provides hard drive recovery in Melbourne can help you recover the data from most cases of physical damage, as well as software/virus-based corruption.

Professional Services Come with Failsafe Contingencies

The one thing you can be sure of when relying on a professional data recovery service, is that you won’t lose any more data. This is never the case with DIY or free software methods. Those software are free for a reason since they don’t come with any overwriting protection and can end up completely decimating the remaining data that you have on your hard drive. You should always rely on professional services instead since they ensure that such situations don’t occur. Another fact to consider here is that DIY methods are recommended only when you have existing backups of the data, while professional recovery services cater to everyone.

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Installing Recovery Software Can Delete Your Data

Whether your data was lost due to accidental deletion, or corruption, it doesn’t exactly go away from your hard drive until it gets overwritten. Deleting data only removes it from the hard drive’s indexing and marks it as an over writable sector. This means that simply installing a recovery software can cause that data to be overwritten with the files of the recovery software and permanent deletion. A professional data recovery service would always ensure that your original hard drive does not get overwritten during the recovery process.

You Might Make the Drive Fail Faster

When a drive is already corrupted or failing, then there’s no use in adding insult to injury by trying a mix of DIY methods that you read online. Most of these methods recommend running utilities or recovery software on your drive to get the lost data back. However, this method can make your drive fail a lot faster than it would when left alone. Bad sectors keep getting worse and spread throughout the drive as the heads try to read the data stored there. This can eventually crash the entire platter and cause irreversible damage to your drive and your data can be lost forever.

DIY Recovery Methods Always Have Inaccurate Scan Results

When you read about DIY recovery methods and one of them recommends running free recovery software, you should avoid trusting it at all costs. When the free software scans your drive and discovers bad sectors, it will skip over these sectors and only read sectors that are still functioning. Not only will this give you inaccurate scan results, but may also freeze the process when it locates such a sector. Moreover, this software cannot compute the bad sectors efficiently and can spread the corruption to healthy sectors on your disk.

Your Data Doesn’t Have Any Write Protection
Windows is especially notorious for this problem as your data can have altered MBRs just when your drive gets connected. This means that most of your media will not be mounted as read only, and may actually end up causing more damage than was already on the drive. This is a reason why professional recovers write special blocks while trying to recover your data.

Now that you know the dangers of trying DIY methods to recover your data, you know the wise choice is to trust a professional. Contact Recovery Squad now for the best data recovery in Melbourne.