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Need to safeguard Email Data and PST Files!

A PST file is a Microsoft Outlook Profile. It stores your personal information, including messages and calendar appointments for future reference or to share with others in an organization that uses email internally. It is a program that allows you to organize your emails. It also has the ability to archive old email messages so they can be found at any time in case there are some that were deleted or forgotten about previously!

Emails and PST files are critical business assets. They store all of the contact information for your company’s employees, clients and vendors which means they’re in charge of not just day-to-day operations but also big decisions like buying new equipment or deciding who will be making key trades with other businesses on behalf of yours!

But what happens when you lose access to this vital data? You can’t perform any tasks at all without it – how would anyone know whether someone was calling about something important if there were no phone numbers listed anywhere? You must contact an enhanced recovery company in Australia to help you in Email/PST recovery with comfort and security.

What can cause PST files and Email data loss?

PST files are often damaged by system errors, power failures. They can also be lost if their folder is deleted or corrupted due to any of the following reasons:

  • Software issues – obsolete versions installed on your computer without proper notification;
  • Hardware failure causes data loss through accidental deletion of important information such as emails sent during certain periods when you weren’t using that particular application/solution.

Why Recovery Squad?

At Recovery Squad, we will assist you with settling Email & PST File Recovery issues in a brief timeframe so you can rapidly recapture admittance to your emails, contacts, and planned schedule occasions. We generally target SMBs and huge enterprises in spite of the fact that we never evade away individual customers with a similarly urgent need to recuperate significant pieces of data from harmed and undermined storage gadgets.

Is your Email stored on the Device? Well, our experts can proficiently recover google accounts, and any other important files from your hardware even when it is not working.

Is your email data was stored in Cloud? If yes, then no problem we have a group of trained google accounts recovery experts who can easily bring back your most crucial information with a guarantee.

Prevent yourself from future data loss!

Storage of PST files on a network share is not recommended.

  • Option 1: Encrypt the PST file. However, this requires that the person has access to your password, and encrypted data is either readable or unusable–there’s no middle ground. There are also documented exploits of these files from encryption algorithms that have been published over the years. Finally, Outlook will have difficulty identifying all messages in some cases when there are more than 22GB of data in a single folder because it might overflow past 2 GB capacity imposed by partition size limitation for FAT file system format.
  • Option 2: Move PST files to an external storage device such as a USB drive or removable hard drive with at least 256 bits AES encryption built-in.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I recover PST emails?

You just have to contact our specialists and explain your issues over the call. You should know that Recovery Squad is your best hotspot for your outlook repairs or email data recovery. We offer risk-free diagnostics with the best security in our industry, and a free quote when you reach us by telephone or through our website.

What is PST recovery?

PST files are susceptible to damage and loss. Any harm to PST can make detachment access to contacts, notes, schedules, and every other data appended to it. In such cases, you wanted a specialist PST recovery service expert, like Recovery Squad, to recuse your numerous fundamental documents.

How do I use Recovery Squad's PST Repair Service?

Recovery Squad is a certified PST Recovery Company in Australia. Availing our services is quite easy. You just have to call us; our expert will provide a free consultation. Afterwards, we’ll do the media assessment and start the recovery process if you give the thumbs up. Within 2 working days, you’ll receive your data in the original format.

Can a deleted PST file be recovered?

Yes, a deleted PST file can be recovered. A deleted PST file doesn’t actually get removed-only the shortcut to it gets hidden and is no longer accessible in the user interface. The most common cause of PST deletion? Human error. Missing or misplaced emails with attachments, archived items (.pst files) gone missing when moving from one computer to another, uninstalling Outlook without deleting email data…all lead to lost information and files inside PSTs. Luckily if you’ve got a good backup plan in place for your computer firm’s database backups-or even better, local backups on your PC-you’re already protected against accidentally deleting emails and other important data by mistake.

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