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Recovery Squad can restore or convert legacy tape data

Data protection for businesses is a very serious matter. While technology has changed since the days of floppy discs and backup tapes, many enterprises still rely on tape technologies, such as LTO-5 and DLT-30, to secure their data.

As backup tapes are robust, offline, and physical they’re easy to keep secure.

It’s important that if the business has sensitive data that their online systems can be hacked into or additional services can go down for any reason that there will always be a second copy in an offline system. These backup tapes ensure that even when things happen outside of our control, they won’t hinder the customer from accessing their information when they need it most. Backups also protect against accidental file deletions from routine hard drive failures and other hardware malfunctions.

What are the reasons behind backup tapes data loss?

Although there are many different reasons behind backup tapes data loss, the two most commonly contributed factors to tapes failure are mishandling and faulty hardware. Serious mishandling occurs when plastics or paper leave an oily residue on the inside of a tape reel or shoddy labelling results in confusion as to which side is up/down and which direction one should rewind if not reading from the designated machine.

Slotted and fixed head drives employ brushes that sweep across the top layer of data contained on a tape- this action can result in damage if stationary spindles or paddles contain dust after brushing across metal parts. Improper conditioning at room temperature can also contribute to malfunction due to distortions caused by thermal cycling.

It can also happen when a tape is written incorrectly, a drive head crashes during a write stage, failure in the read/write laser, failure in the power for the drive or controller cards and more.

How can I recover my Backup Tape’s lost data?

Restoring Data From Backup Tapes can be a tedious and tiresome process, but is not impossible.

Firstly, you need to realize that there are two main actions required for successful recovery

The first action is to stop any new backups from overwriting your data; if anything goes wrong (during the reading process) with the old tapes, new information will overwrite it and make future retrieval efforts all but futile.

The second step is to carry out a program that will read what’s left on the tape and copy it into some form of working memory or project storage. Failure to do this could result in system aborts and general corruption during retrieval attempts, as information tries to stray outside of its boundaries.

Contacting a Backup Tapes Data Recovery in Australia

It is possible to recover backup tapes of lost data, but it’s not an easy process. A professional Backup Tapes files Recovery company with the necessary staff and equipment must be contacted in order to complete the data recovery. Data that has not been overwritten or fragmented during its retrieval should be done so that it will take less time for the professionals to retrieve.

Hard drives may also need to be pulled apart in order for technicians to get physical access to electronic components which can eventually provide data reorganization solutions.

How can we help?

In case you want help with Backup Tapes Data Loss recovery you should contact the specialists at Recovery Squad. Our experts have the right technical skills and equipment to deal with any sort of recovery.

We highly esteem our potential to save your most significant records through an exceptional recovery process and our remarkable client assistance, paying little heed to how troublesome or complex it may appear to you. Regardless of the case, if you’re an enormous organization with a huge network, an SMB with only a couple of gadgets, or just a person with a PC, you can reach out today to get a free and instant consultation.

Prevent yourself from future Backup Tapes data loss

You can use many methods for backup, but almost every method’s goal is the same: preserve your data in case of failure. Consider how important it is to back up specific files. Your work files are valuable, and you’ll want to make sure they’re readily available when you need them again without any fuss. Here are a few common ways people use to back up their data before disaster strikes or if future Backup Tapes data loss ever arises!

You can purchase external hard drives that can be connected via USB cable on an as-needed basis for archiving specific files. It takes minimal effort on your behalf, and the drive is always ready with your latest file backups when disaster strikes or if future Backup Tapes data loss occurs.

You should prevent them from any sort of dust, water, and open air. Put them into a proper case and open it with delicacy. Also, remember to not keep it outside in the sun for too long as it can affect its design and structure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, we can do the tape duplication work. We can make multiple copies (as per your wish) and store them on a different hard drive or any storage medium chosen by you.

Yes, in addition to providing free consultation over the phone we also give an expense quotation to our customers prior to providing a solution to their issues.

You should know that we have a dedicated team to handle all the problems of our customers. These experts listen to all your problems and assign your work to the suitable  Backup Tapes malfunction expert.

If you have the backup tape that is working fine without any issues with regards to reading the disk. You can just plug the tape into your PC and start copying the data from there. If you are facing issues reading your backup tape, then you should take it to the data recovery services company immediately, their data engineers will help you get your precious data back in its original format.

Essentially, that is the thing that makes such tapes an exceptionally solid deal. Storage life and the way that backup tape doesn't need much as far as maintenance make it a cost-saving choice for long term data maintenance. A tape can survive as long as 30 years if put away in the right conditions.

A careful review of the raw data files from a failed storage media allows an experienced technician to extract the original data even if that was not done at error recovery time.

The result is as good as if that data were never lost in the first place, and professional companies offer this type of service for large quantities of digital information from backup tapes.

Our experts perform Backup Tapes Data Recovery in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and all over Australia. You can get a free consultation and afterwards visit our office to resolve your issues.

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