Businesses that lose data report significant downtime. The number of companies reporting such issues is quite high because while most of the businesses out there have a system in place to back up IT components that they need to protect, the frequency of back up is leaving enough gaps in the data recovery process. It is imperative for these businesses or others that don’t have a robust data recovery system in place to look out for data recovery services in Perth, Melbourne or any other location. Choosing the right company for HDD or SSD data recovery in Melbourne and Perth or any other city in Australia is key to ensuring that all your valuable digital assets are protected from data loss and other such events.

While reviews and industry insights are essential to make the decision, you should make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of making a selection based on glittery ratings. Keep your data protection goals at the forefront when selecting data recovery services in Perth and Melbourne or other locations. You should know that a single setback in the form of data loss is enough to put your business out of the running if you like. Here are a few things that your data recovery solution needs to have or help you achieve.

  • It should help you achieve your data protection goals: Your data protection goals are a shadow of your data backup needs. So data recovery services or solutions that can help accomplish those goals will ensure that all of those needs are met. Whether it is maintaining over 95% uptime, identifying data breaches, or 24/7 data recovery, your data recovery solution should help you achieve all these.
  • It should be scalable: Make sure that the data recovery solution you choose meets both your current and future needs. Save yourself the nightmare of having to switch solutions due to scalability. Research more and look for companies that offer several plans based on different data recovery needs. Also, ask whether or not you can change plans in the future. It will help you in maintaining smooth operations regardless.
  • It should ensure easy usability: Your data recovery solution should be easier to adopt for your team. If the solution takes longer in adoption, it could hurt your business continuity plans. The answer needs to have a user-friendly dashboard that gathers all the data storage and recovery information on a unified portal. This way, you will be able to keep an eye on everything from pending backup tasks, report monitoring and management to threat identification, and more. It’s all-important for the solution to be easily accessible by everyone on your team. It will help your teams to be on top of things no matter they are at work or home.

A data recovery solution should be in line with your data recovery needs, both present, and future. As long as it serves the purpose, every dollar you spend on it is worth it.