Network Attached Storage, or NAS drives, are a helpful tech device for several people, whether they work from home or in an office. Files, which include music, documents, movies, and more, can be backed up and stored on Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. 

You can set up programs on them to lead them to accomplish duties like hosting a website, automatically downloading documents, and controlling your home safety cameras. While NAS disks from Synology and Qnap are popular, there are numerous wonderful alternatives available. These alternatives include Thecus NAS, which has multiple features, and a simple Thecus NAS data recovery process to restore lost data. Continue reading to know about other top NAS alternatives:

Thecus N4200 NAS

Network storage is available for your home or small enterprise with the Thecus N4200 NAS Storage Server. With the N4200, you can select from lots of RAID configurations to fit your needs for redundancy while using many difficult drives. Data safety is assured on the occasion of a power outage or hardware fault with the twin DOM design and Li-ion BBM. If there is any issue, you can use thecus nas data recovery to recover lost files. 

TerraMaster NAS Devices 

Like Synology NAS devices, TerraMaster NAS devices are pre-configured with the operating system. TerraMaster products are a good alternative for Synology and QNAP NAS.

TOS 5.0, which came in 2022, is the TerraMaster operating device to which this is applied. With continued development, the TOS-running device is regularly turning into a competitor to the Synology DSM. Also, compared to their Synology equivalents, the majority of TerraMaster NAS gadgets have hardware that is way more powerful.

WD Red Pro NAS

WD Red Pro drives are designed to withstand excessive stress workloads in commercial and employer community place structures that perform 24/7. For businesses trying to keep, share, and work together on huge volumes of data in multi-bay RAID-optimized NAS structures, WD Red Pro drives provide the overall performance, scalability, and reliability they need. With high performance and dependability, it is easy to use WD NAS data recovery if there is any data theft.  


Debian Linux serves as the foundation for the open-supply NAS working system OpenMediaVault. Though OpenMediaVault includes all the features one would assume from a NAS-running device, its versatility and simplicity of use with various hardware configurations are its standout qualities. With its consumer-pleasant interface, OpenMediaVault is an extremely good NAS running system for beginners. 

OpenMediaVault can be installed as a virtual computer or on a Raspberry Pi to increase its compatibility. Also, it has resource-friendly materials with simple NAS file recovery. That covers maximum structures accessible, so users should give OpenMediaVault a few thoughts because their hardware will most possibly be well suited to the OS.


ASUSTOR network attached garage, occasionally called NAS, is a computer designed particularly for document serving and storing. Direct community attachment allows network customers to access a percentage of files from a single, valuable area.

You can also prevent keeping duplicate copies of the files on numerous hard drives by using an ASUSTOR NAS. You can get the right of entry to the same documents from your ASUSTOR NAS from any device related to your network. Your most valuable virtual assets are covered from loss and feature a centralized backup way to an ASUSTOR NAS. Certainly, one of your files could often be kept in a single system, without difficulty reachable place.

TrueNAS Core and TrueNAS Scale 

The difference between TrueNAS and different systems is that it is available in TrueNAS Core and TrueNAS Scale. FreeBSD is the foundation for TrueNAS Core, which was released in 2005 under FreeNAS. Based on Debian-Linux, the TrueNAS Scale was published in 2022. TrueNAS is free and open-source, regardless of the version you operate (TrueNAS Core or Scale). Like in Synology nas data recoverythere is an option for data recovery in TrueNAS Core or Scale.

Buying Guide for NAS

After you have decided to shop files on a network drive, you have to consider what you plan to do with the kind of NAS. Nowadays, the wide variety of concurrent devices is more important than the entire quantity of customers. Therefore, customers might not and should worry about it. 

It is straightforward if you are using the NAS to back up your computer systems each night. However, if you use QNAP and lost files, then QNAP disk recovery can help you with recovering your files. 

Final thoughts

Your needs for facts recovery can be met in a single place with NAS Data Recovery Service, whether it is thecus nas data recovery or others. Recovery Squad offers NAS, RAID, and SAN tool facts recovery services at affordable prices. They will provide you with the best assistance in recovering your files till the whole process is completed.