Western Digital has organized its drives based on the features of each model to make the process of choosing a hard disk easier. However, people usually recognize them by their distinct hues and label abbreviations (WD + colour).

 Blue, Green, Black, Red, Purple, and Gold HDDs are currently available at Western Digital. Each colour indicates the kind of HDD used. Following this easy instruction, you can select the ideal HDDs for your Synology NAS. 

The hard drives are compatible with a variety of NAS brands. However, since this post focuses on Synology, which also happens to be the greatest NAS, you will discover how to select the best hard drives, such as wd black, for Synology in this post.

WD Blue:

Following general-purpose storage is the primary use for the blue HDDs, among the famous Western Digital hard drives. A Blue is a terrific option for the typical user as they are excellent all-arounders.

 It’s ideal for household use with 7200 rpm, great performance, and cost-effective benefits. Some drawbacks of blue HDDs are that they perform worse than black HDDs and produce more noise than green HDDs. 

There are some drawbacks associated with WD Blue; to deal with such cases, you need to use WD Care. While purchasing your product, you need to register for a warranty; otherwise, you can later go on the website to avail yourself of the warranty offers. You are also ensuring wd hard disk repair services for you.

WD Green

Though this WD HDD performs worse, WD Green is essentially the same as WD Blue. Still, it’s the least expensive HDD and the greenest one. As it produces less noise, it is more suited for use at home. For downloading files, this is the best HDD.

 Its advantages are that it heats less, produces less heat, is quieter, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly. It is a huge-capacity HDD that uses the least amount of energy. 

The speed can be automatically adjusted between 5400 and 7200 rpm by utilizing modern technology. Cons include mediocre results, lengthy wait times, and average lifespan. 

So, at the time of the purchase of WD Green, avail of WD care as well; you can ship the product if you find any malfunction between the scheduled warranty period.

WD Black:

Wd black is ideal for video, gaming, and content creation because they are designed for sheer performance. WD Black is the costliest WD HDD. 

Some big pluses are excellent speed, huge cache, and performance. LS WD Caviar Black is an alias. This is ideal mostly for high-end enterprise applications, including video, picture, and graphics editing, as well as high-end gaming consoles.

WD Red:

WD Red is a network-attached storage (NAS) device, unlike wd black. NAS devices like Synology are optimized and specially made to work in the NAS system, which demands 24/7 uptime, constantly operating every day, seven days a week. 

Small and medium-sized organizations hosted on network-attached storage (NAS) devices typically employ one to five Western Digital Red HDDs. 

Red hard disks function almost the same as green ones. Because it uses less power and produces little noise, NASware technology can be used for continuous operation. 

This technology is more compatible and easily integrated with RAID or NAS. It works flawlessly with Synology NAS backup. There are chances that you may come up with compatibility issues or raid configurations; in such cases, WD Care will assist you technically in troubleshooting the issue.

WD purple:

For surveillance, the best WD hdd Is WD Purple. 24/7 operations are advised. Green HDD AV-GPs are suited for video surveillance storage and are built to run around the clock. 

They replicate, support, and ignore cyclic redundancy check (CRC) failures. It is advised to use the Synology Surveillance Station in sync. 

The similarity between WD Black and WD Purple is that there are extensive storage options; for those who are looking for huge storage, these two are great go-to options.

WD Gold:

The best among the Western Digital hard drives is WD Gold, a premium HDD from WD. It is designed for numerous applications related to data centres. Enterprise solutions and data centres are the intended uses for WD Gold HDDs. These are superior hard disks.

These are WD’s most advanced products. WD Gold can manage two million hours of Mean Time Between Failures and 550 TB of data annually. Other characteristics of the drive include Dynamic Fly Height Technology, Multi-axis Shock Sensor, and StableTrac. 

They are the most costly and modern WD HDDs available today. Surprisingly, Gold has a 5-year warranty, much like WD Black. Because servers are their intended purpose, these hard drives perform admirably in that capacity. It is recommended for Web Hosting and VMS.

Western Digital data recovery services should be taken advantage of because there are many possibilities that you may lose your HDD data.

Bottom Line:

The above points can help you learn the differences between WD hard drive colour codes such as blue, purple, Gold, and green. Black and red. You should rely on a hard drive recovery service if you lose sensitive data due to a mishap. Another best option to cope with such unfruitful circumstances is a portable hard drive recovery service.