External Hard Drive Data Recovery
External Hard Drive

Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery

Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

SSD data recovery requires specialized technical expertise and experience. Recovery Squad engineers have found ways to solve the ‘BUSY’ beaver problem, affecting most SSD drives. We are capable of recovering all kinds of data from any SSD drive. Our labs are fully equipped to provide our esteemed clients with high-quality and secure SSD data recovery, including different interfaces and form factors, such as SATA, mSATA, M.2, PCI-E, etc.

We rely on our external hard drives to store and protect some of our most precious data. Whether you’ve been working on a huge video project, or you’re almost ready to submit your final assignment, an external hard drive should be the safest place to save our work.

So when your hard disk malfunctions and all of your hard work either disappears or can’t be accessed data, you need urgent repairs. Across Melbourne and Perth, the Recovery Squad is coming to your rescue. As experts in hard drive data recovery and repair in Melbourne, we know all the tips and tricks to locate your lost or damaged files from your external hard drive.

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Bring Your Wiped & Damaged Hard Drives to Us for Repair

With the Recovery Squad, there’s no need to panic if your external hard drive goes on the fritz. It’s not necessarily a catastrophe – our data retrieval process has been tried and tested on a number of data storage devices such as external disks, USBsSD memory cards, and much more. We will make copies of the data on your device to preserve the original files. Once all the salvageable data has been recovered, we will provide you with a detailed file list, and then transfer the recovered files onto the device of your choosing.

The Hard Drive Data Recovery Experts in Melbourne & Perth

When disaster strikes your external hard disk, there’s no need to panic. Simply drop into our Melbourne or Perth locations with your damaged storage device, and we’ll diagnose the issue and get to work on finding the right repair solution. If you have any questions about our Hard drive repair and data recovery process, or whether your storage device is eligible for our services, get in contact with our professionals on (03) 7016 8120 (Melbourne) or (08) 6355 6244 (Perth).

Most Common Causes of Hard Drive Data Loss

There are various reasons to the failure of the hard disk. The most common are listed below;

  1. Smoke or Fire Damage
  2. Humidity or Extreme temperatures
  3. Defective mechanical or electronic components
  4. Sudden power cut or surge
  5. Accidental formatting of Hard Disk
  6. Virus or malfunctions
  7. Corrupted RAID configuration in hard disks
  8. liquid penetration in the hard drive
  9. Some DIY data recovery software downloaded from the internet
  10. Moisture in the Hard Disk

Process to Recover the Hard Drive

hard disk

1. Electronic
Next, we will attend to the following areas:
√ external electronics (motor controller, broken data path)
√ internal electronics (pre-amplifier, motor)
√ re-written servodata / service area

2. Mechanical
√ scratched plates
√ broken heads
√ seized bearings
√ damaged servodata / service area
√ off-axis plates

Hard Disk Drive Recovery and Delivery throughout Perth & Melbourne

During the recovery process, we make copies of the data in order to preserve the original files. In many cases, you will be able to use the disk again and will not need to re-install it.

Once we have recovered all salvageable data from your internal or external hard disk, we will provide you with a detailed file list. We can transfer the recovered files onto any device you choose or we can upload it to your cloud storage.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Cost in Melbourne and Perth Area

The cost of repairing and recovery depends upon the type of hard disk damage and size of that hard drive. A drive may be damaged mechanically, physically, or it may have a logical error.

For our customers’ ease, we have categorized our fee structure in three different levels, viz:

  1.  Primary Level: At this level, we run diagnostics to identify problems and recover damaged and deleted files on a functional hard drive.
  2. Moderate Level: The data recovery procedure is adopted, including custom physical recovery methods. If the hard disk has been accidentally formatted or crashed, we categorize it in our moderate-level services.
  3. Advanced Level: Sometimes, laptop or external hard disk data recovery can be tedious and cumbersome in case of a physically damaged drive. This requires extreme recovery procedures, professionally carried out by our hard disk data recovery technical experts in Melbourne. We count these services under the advanced level.

Get Free Hard Drive Recovery Consultation

Are you looking for professionals in Hard Drive Data Recovery Melbourne & Perth experts that can help recover lost files and data from hard drives? Get in touch with us at Recovery Squad– a team of expert computer forensic specialists that have extensive experience in this field.

Recovery Squad offers free phone consultation on the range of internal and external hard drive data recovery in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Our Recovery experts serve customers in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney area, So, don’t hesitate and call (08) 6355 6244 to get free phone consultation or contact us.

Recovery Squad is one of the best hard drive data recovery company in Melbourne & Perth. Our services include hard drive data recovery from laptops, desktops, and even flash drives.

Also Get Recovery Service for Laptops and Notebooks

We provide solutions for laptop data recovery to recover your valuable information. We have the expertise to work on all leading brands of notebooks and laptops, offering one of the best data recovery solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions? (FAQs)

Recovery Squad professionals utilize the latest equipment and recovery procedure to recover all your lost data files. Except in extreme cases, most of the data files can be retrieved from an hard drive.

We assure all our clients of the confidentiality of their files. We follow stringent standards with a secure environment and limited access to ensure our clients’ data privacy. We provide the 100% privacy secured & certified Hard disk recovery service in Melbourne and Perth.

Any changes in the corrupt Hard drive damage the storage structure of the lost files. If the recovered data is stored on the same Hard drive, then the original data structure and data content will be overwritten, resulting in permanent data loss.

Total turn-around time depends on the nature of the problem and how the damaged drive responds. Data corruption, because of some logical error, takes less time than a mechanical fault — the usual time taken ranges from 24 hours to one week.

If you take our emergency data recovery service Melbourne, then our experts will recover your disk within 48 hours. Our data recovery professionals will work 24 hours until the hard drive is restored and handed over to you, even if they have been permanently deleted.

If you require your hard disk data recovery in Melbourne and Perth to be done in a set period, we recommend selecting Recovery Squad emergency services. Here, your hard drive repair and recovery request will be processed under priority in our state-of-the-art labs.

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