Email Data Recovery Services in Melbourne & Perth

Email is one of the vital communication systems for most businesses. Any damage to email accounts can cause inaccessibility to attachments, contacts, calendar, notes, and every other data attached to it. In such cases, you need an expert email data corruption recovery provider, such as Recovery Squad, to recuse your many essential files.

Reasons for email data corruption

There are many reasons for email corruption.

Hardware Related

  • Corrupted storage media
  • Bad Sectors on a hard disk
  • Power failure
  • Network device error
  • Hardware malfunction

Software Related: 

  • File header corruption
  • Improper shutdown of Outlook application
  • Oversized PST file format
  • Broken PST files
  • Virus attack
  • Accidental deletion of email files

Recovery Squad is a leading email data corruption recovery provider in Perth and Melbourne. Whether it is a software or hardware related problem, our team can fix it all. We repair all damaged files deemed irreparable, without compromising with original formats and other data characteristics.

How Much Does Email Data Corruption Recovery in Melbourne cost?

The cost of email data recovery service depends very much on the size of the lost or corrupted data files. Another critical factor is the part to be replaced if any. You can contact the Recovery Squad team, and we will let you know the exact cost, depending upon your situation.

How Much Time Does Email Data Recovery Take?

Again, the time taken to recover all data depends on the size and the problem. It may take from just a few hours to 2-6 days, depending on the damage caused.

At Recovery Squad, we ensure minimum turn-around time for our data services. We hold one of the highest positions when it comes to email data corruption recovery services in Melbourne and Perth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Recovery Squad is capable of any mail database, including Outlook Express, Vista Mail, Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, TheBat email, etc.

Even if a file system is corrupted, Recovery Squad will still be able to recover all your emails and databases successfully.

Yes, we make sure to recover all data files, including address books, calendars, notes, attachments, etc.

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Our mission is to maximize the chances of a successful data recovery while offering the ultimate customer service experience. We understand the value of digital data and the impact of its loss—whether critical business files or precious family photos.