An SD card is the most widely used external storage device. Being quite small in size, it is incredibly portable, making it a useful device for storing data in digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, and other electronic gadgets.

However, an SD card is prone to damage, considering the intricacies with which it is built. Even a minute scratch could lead to data corruption. In such cases, you must immediately look for an SD card recovery professional in your area.

How do I know if my SD card is corrupt?

SD cards are the carriers of important data files for their users. If damaged, it may lead to a lot of stress. In case of a corrupted SD card, you are likely to see the following messages on your screen:
● SD card damaged, try reformatting it
● Blank SD card / SD card is blank
● Unsupported file system
● Memory card error

A damaged card will block you from reading or retrieving any data.

How does an SD card get corrupt?

An SD card is an exceptionally vulnerable storage device, as it is a delicate piece of hardware. The most common causes of damage are:
● Physical damage, jerks, due to miscarriage of device
● Virus or malware attack form a computer, during files transfer
● Improper ejection of the card.
● Removing an SD card during file transfer from the computer
● Using the same card on multiple devices may result in loose contact terminal, further damaging the card
● Power failure or sudden sparks
● Sudden turning off of a gadget during the writing or reading process

How can you protect your SD card?

The following are the protective measures that you can take to avoid damaging your precious SD card.
● Labeling: This avoids accidentally deleting any critical data
● Storage: Exposing a card to excessive heat or humidity, causes low performance or even total corruption
● Regular Backups: Save essential files and images to another storage medium to prevent any data loss

Look for Data Recovery Services

In case of a damaged SD card, you should immediately stop using it. We also recommend not to try repairing a crashed external hard disk. Repeated trials of data recovery by novices may result in permanent data loss. Specialized data services are required in case of rigid data loss.
Recovery Squad is an expert external hard drive recovery provider in Melbourne and Perth. We provide end-to-end solutions for all types of SD card data recovery in Melbourne and Perth. We are known for helping our customers restore any lost data, including accidentally deleted files.

Our modus operandi includes the following media:

● Remote / Online data recovery – Providing online solutions by remotely connecting to your system through an internet connection
● In-lab data recovery – In case of a rigid data loss, our technical experts perform data recovery in our state-of-the-art labs to prevent any further data loss

Recovery Squad’s services for tough data loss situations include reformatting a drive, repairing RAID and RAW disk, and recovering repartition failures, including system boot errors. We provide the most pocket-friendly and genuine solutions to our esteemed clients.
Reach out to us in case you need SD card recovery in Melbourne and Perth!