When an external hard drive requires repair or a computer crashes, it can be a major annoyance. Not only is it stressful, the fear of losing all of your work or photos can be daunting, but there is no need to stress; Recovery Squad has got you covered.

If you require help with data recovery and retrieval, or your external hard drive is in need of repair, our team can help Richmond residents get their technology back on track.

Our services include:

Our data recovery and repair services

Every file loss situation faces its own individual challenges, which is why our team has developed proprietary hardware and software that allows us to deliver custom data recovery services suitable to a range of common issues. This software and way of thinking is what sets us apart from other companies and helped us earn the reputation as a trusted and reliable data recovery service provider.

Whether your USB flash drive has unexpectedly stopped working or your external hard drive is in need of urgent repair, our engineers at Recovery Squad have the experience and skills to perform a successful data retrieval process. We have seen all sorts of electronic and mechanical damage to a range of devices and are confident in our ability to accurately access the situation and provide a realistic and positive outcome for you and your data.

Get in touch with our recovery experts

Our aim at Recovery Squad is to maximise the chances of a successful data retrieval for your device, while providing excellent customer service to all our clients. We understand the importance of your media and are ready to help. call  (03) 7016 8120 (Melbourne) or (08) 6355 6244 (Perth) to learn more.  or email info@recoverysquad.com.au to start the date recovery process today.