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Extracting crucial information from your RAID NAS drives

RAID and NAS data recovery services aren’t going to cure your cold. They aren’t going to change your oil, or help you with your taxes. But they can restore your data from a failed RAID array or NAS—and that’s pretty important.

We’re not saying you should be happy about the fact that your RAID array just crashed and took all of your client records with it, but we are saying that our data recovery services can help you get those records back.

We know how valuable your data is to you, and we know how important it is for you to be able to recover it quickly and easily. That’s why we’ve developed a team of highly trained engineers in Ascot who know how to handle all kinds of different situations—from simple drive failures to complex RAID array issues. We’ll work with you every step of the way until we’re able to extract all of the information from your drives and restore it safely on new hardware.


Common reasons behind RAID & NAS Device

There are a number of reasons why data can be lost from a NAS or RAID. Let’s take a look at the most common ones:

  • Software Issues: The first is software corruption. This can happen when there’s a bug in the software, or if the computer running the software crashes unexpectedly.
  • Hardware failure: Sometimes, the hardware itself has a problem. This is especially true if you’re using older hardware or have been using it for a long time.
  • Formatting and partitioning errors: This is a common problem with NAS and RAID systems because they’re designed to be used by multiple people at once. If someone makes an error while formatting or partitioning the drive, it could result in data loss or corruption.
  • Improper shutdown: Sometimes, you have to shut down your machine improperly—for example, if you get interrupted while installing software or something else goes wrong with your computer’s operating system (OS). This can cause serious data loss issues when trying to access your files later on!

Why choose our RAID and NAS data recovery services in Ascot?

If you’re looking for data recovery services, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a team of experts who have helped many people recover their data from all kinds of storage devices. Whether it’s a hard drive or USB stick, or even an SD card, we can help you get your files back.

You might be wondering: why choose us? Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. We’re fast! Most of our repairs are completed within 48 hours of receiving your device(s).
  2. We’re affordable! Our prices start at $149 per device—and that’s for unlimited repairs! If you need more than one device repaired, we’ll give you a discount on each additional unit recovered! You can’t beat that!
  3. We guarantee our work! If any issues come up with your recovered files after they’ve been returned to you, we’ll fix those issues at no cost to you. That’s how confident we are in our abilities as data recovery professionals!
  4. We offer free pickup and delivery services throughout most major cities in Australia. Just call us or email us with your location details in Ascot, and we’ll take care of everything for

Get Professional RAID & NAS Data Recovery Services Today

Even if you think that there is no way to recover your files, our professional techs can offer you a solution in the form of a complete recovery of data at affordable prices. They will remain completely silent until they are 100% positive that your storage media has been successfully recovered.

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