What is Nordlocker? Nord Security, an encrypted cloud storage service provider, has introduced a business offering to give enterprises throughout the world top-notch data security.

The interface of NordLocker is deceptively basic. You’ll be up and running since it looks and feels like any other cloud. Data recovery services in Perth, our recovery Squad, and unlimited end-to-end encryption keep your data safe. Employee turnover is unavoidable, which tends to increase the dangers of data mishandling. You can manage user rights from your Admin Panel and help secure your firm from data breaches.

Advantage Of Cloud Storage

  • Healthcare Sector- Only 36% of healthcare employees utilize encryption for data protection, even though they handle private data 75% of the time. Protect your patient data without adding to your budget or employees. Advanced security algorithms and a drag-and-drop interface combine in NordLocker Cloud to make remaining safe as simple as working on unprotected devices.
  • Education Sector- Only one in every three education workers has received cybersecurity training, and 21% do not utilize cybersecurity technologies. However, the condition may be significantly improved. Students, educators, and staff may operate in a secure environment similar to a file browser using NordLocker. Only it’s encrypted from beginning to end and backed up in a secure cloud.
  • Legal Sector- Even though legal practitioners deal with sensitive information regularly, 51% lack the requisite cybersecurity capabilities. You don’t need any special abilities to safeguard your company’s and clients’ data using NordLocker’s drag-and-drop interface.
  • Financial Sector- Finance professionals who work with high-value assets are aware of suitable cybersecurity measures. However, roughly 31% of them have not completed the needed cybersecurity training. Security is always with you when you use NordLocker. Our end-to-end encrypted cloud offers everyone the most excellent security requirements in only a few clicks.

While reading the advantages of cloud storage, you can understand the importance of Nordlocker.

How To Recover Lost Data

The big issue is how to recover lost data? The automated backup function of NordLocker safeguards your information in various conditions. It is possible for your computer to be stolen, damaged, or lost. Your files, however, are safe regardless of what occurs.

While encryption keeps your information safe from prying eyes, automated backups ensure that your cloud lockers are restored the next time you use NordLocker. If you log in from a different computer, the program will automatically retrieve your lost data.

How NordLocker’s Automatic Backup Function Safeguards Your Data

It’s critical to realize that NordLocker protects your files in two ways. The data are encrypted and saved on your computer when you utilize local lockers for your files. On the other hand, local lockers cannot be backed up automatically. Your files will be gone if you lose your device.

Files stored in your cloud lockers are backed up automatically. On your computer, files are encrypted before being uploaded to your cloud storage. Your files are automatically backed up in the cloud as you change them.

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Security Features

  • Zero-knowledge Architecture- We don’t hold your encryption key, unlike other cloud services. You are the only one who can accomplish it. Because your data is encrypted in transit and at rest, it can never be accessed by a third party.
  • Multi-factor Authentication- To safeguard your account, NordLocker employs various security levels. Multi-factor authentication can help you improve your security even more.
  • Advanced cryptography- Data on your devices and in the cloud is protected by proven cryptographic algorithms like AES-256 and next-generation cyphers like xChaCha20-Poly1305.


The world’s first end-to-end encrypted cloud with a file encryption utility called NordLocker.  Data recovery services can only restore your files to a certain extent in most circumstances. It was designed by the same cybersecurity professionals that brought you NordVPN, one of the most powerful VPN services available. NordLocker is accessible on various systems, supports all file formats, has a simple and straightforward user interface, and ensures safe device sync. Files are safeguarded with NordLocker from hacking, spying, and data collecting.