Email, client files, virtual photos, and application data are essential to managing a profitable business that may seem never-ending. You can now easily centralize, secure, and manage access to your digital assets due to NETGEAR ReadyNAS 3138, an intelligent and user-friendly solution. ReadyNAS offers much more for your business than just unified storage. 

It combines cutting-edge efficiency features like cloud-managed replication, infinite snapshots, and thin provisioning with the newest performance to enable you to accomplish more than you ever imagined possible. Here mentioned are the role of NETGEAR ReadyNAS 3138 storage solution for small and medium-sized enterprises:

What is NETGEAR?

Global networking leader NETGEAR offers customers, companies, and service providers cutting-edge solutions. Emphasizing dependability and usability, the company’s products are constructed on various tried-and-true technologies, including powerline, Ethernet, and wireless. 

The product line includes wired and wireless networking, broadband access, and network connectivity-enabling devices. NAS data recovery is simple to set up. 

Data Protection

Additionally, it is equipped with the most recent iteration of the ground-breaking NetGear ReadyNAS operating system, making possible many business capabilities, such as five levels of comprehensive, all-inclusive data protection exclusive to NetGear ReadyNAS. Data protection and integrity are the top priorities of any business today.

With ReadyNAS 3138, businesses can benefit from an industry-leading data protection solution with outstanding performance and an affordable price point. It is the best storage option for any expanding company. 

The ReadyNAS OS enables five levels of data protection: bitrot protection against silent data corruption, versioning with hourly snapshots to guard against human error, real-time anti-virus, RAID protection against hard drive failure, and the easiest replication for cloud-managed disaster recovery currently found in a NAS.


A secure personal cloud with flexible sync, collaboration, and remote management features is provided by the NetGear ReadyCloud ecosystem without requiring any further payments. 

The ReadyNAS 3138’s storage solutions feature guarantees maximum user productivity and uptime in backup and file serving settings.

Automatic Printer Sharing

The administrator can manage the ReadyNAS-connected USB printers through the printers page. To clients on the LAN, the printers appear as print shares. Alternatively, printers can advertise their presence using the Bonjour and UPnP discovery services. 

In this scenario, clients running on Windows and Macintosh computers can search for the printers.

On-demand and Scheduled Backups

The administrator can create backup jobs through the backup page. Upon generating a backup job, the administrator designates the backup’s source and destination, establishes a backup schedule, and indicates if the job is intended to execute a complete or incremental backup. 

Typically, the backup job runs once to complete a full backup and then does schedule incremental backups on subsequent runs. Based on the file-sharing protocols, the administrator can designate local or distant NAS devices, individual shares and snapshots, and users’ private home shares. 

Trouble-free System Management

On the System page, the administrator can perform several operations related to system performance and maintenance. These responsibilities include setting platform-specific performance parameters and synchronizing the NAS device with a network time server. 

Other chores include selecting the operating language, adjusting power settings, updating the device’s firmware, and restarting and shutting it down.

Extensive Volume Management

The volumes page allows the administrator to organize physical hard drives into logical volumes. ReadyNAS is compatible with two different RAID volume technologies: Flex-RAID and X-RAID. 

ReadyNAS already has an X-RAID configuration, and a default volume is produced. Nevertheless, the device can be reset to factory settings to modify the volume schemes. Here, the administrator is prompted by the RAIDar discovery software to select the preferred volume method. 

RAID technology can be used in addition to labeling one disc as a hot backup to provide data redundancy. In the case of a disc failure, the hot spare can replace the failed disc to keep things running. 

Key Features

Unlimited Snapshots

There is unlimited data snapshot functionality for flexible data recovery and on-box security.

ISCSI and thin provisioning

Effective instruments for companies utilizing virtual infrastructures 

XRAID2 and Instant Provisioning

Expand capacity easily and have peace of mind knowing that data is constantly safe. 

Encryption and Anti-virus 

Use encryption and anti-virus software to shield data from outside threats and prying eyes.

Cloud-managed Replication

Protect data from distant or branch office locations or maintain data sets in many places.

Contemporary Graphical User Interface 

The sleek, contemporary interface arranges the tools you need where and when you need them due to ReadyCloud Management and Modern GUI.

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Wrapping it up

ReadyNAS enables you to achieve greater than you ever imagined by fusing cutting-edge efficiency technologies like thin provisioning, cloud-managed replication, and infinite snapshots with the newest performance. You can find the right data recovery specialist for your organization by doing proper research. 

These devices offer centralized file and print services, strong security, and scheduled local and remote backups that can be managed simply through a web console.