Is your iPhone running slow?  Are you constantly getting low storage notifications?  Many iPhone users experience this, even with the best devices.  Over time, iPhones can accumulate photos, videos, and other files that take up valuable space.  

The good news is there are reliable tools available to help you manage your storage and improve your iPhone’s performance.

We’ve researched popular options and identified 5 of the top-rated junk file iphone cleaner apps to help you clear clutter and revitalise your iPhone.  

Let’s explore them further!

Cleanup: The All-Rounder

Looking for an app that tackles more than just iPhone Junk File Removal? Look no further than Cleanup. This app is a great all-rounder, scanning your iPhone for duplicate images and videos and even cleaning up your contacts. No more annoying duplicate birthdays clogging up your address book! Cleanup is user-friendly and lets you preview files before deleting them, so you can be sure you’re getting rid of the right stuff. There’s a free version with basic features, and a paid option with more powerful cleaning tools.

Cleaner: The Classics Never Go Out of Style

A trusted name in the computer cleaning world, CCleaner brings its expertise to the iPhone. This app scans for duplicate photos and screenshots, helping you quickly merge or delete them.  Similar to Magic Cleaner, CCleaner also identifies incomplete contacts and lets you add missing information or simply remove them.  Need to hide some personal photos? CCleaner lets you create a secure vault within the app to keep prying eyes away.

Boost Cleaner: The Fast and Furious

In a hurry to free up space? Boost Cleaner is your best friend. This app opens with a clear display of your storage usage and offers a “Fast Cleaner” option that quickly scans your photos and contacts. Need a more targeted approach? No problem! Boost Cleaner lets you scan specific areas like photos or videos individually. Looking to squeeze even more space out of your media? Boost Cleaner has a built-in video compressor to help you shrink those large video files. There’s a free trial, but keep in mind some features require a subscription.

Magic Cleaner: The Secure Organizer

Magic Cleaner is all about minimalism and security. This app gives you a quick overview of your storage and then dives into your photo library to find duplicate and blurry photos, screenshots, and other clutter.  It even categorizes these “other” files by size and date, making it easy to identify what can be deleted.  What makes Magic Cleaner unique is its built-in VPN, letting you browse securely while you clean up your iPhone.

CleanMyPhone: The Photo Pro

Ever take a bunch of similar photos, unsure which one to keep? CleanMyPhone is your hero. This app uses clever AI to scan your photo library and identify duplicate and blurry photos. It even groups similar photos together, making it easy to choose the best one and delete the rest. No more endless scrolling through blurry vacation pics! CleanMyPhone also tackles large videos and even helps you recover photos you might have accidentally deleted.

Don’t let the App Overload Overwhelm you! 

By prioritizing your specific needs and focusing on trustworthy options, you’ll identify the perfect iPhone storage cleaner.


  • Consider apps like CleanMyPhone or Cleanup for photo duplicates, or Magic Cleaner and Boost Cleaner for security-focused speed boosts.
  • Look for reputable apps with strong track records, positive user reviews, and clear privacy policies.
  • Don’t underestimate your iPhone’s built-in storage management features! Utilize them before downloading apps.
  • With a focus on trust, effectiveness, and built-in options, you’re well on your way to a happy (and secure) iPhone cleanup experience!

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