Recovering Data from PC and Apple Laptops in Applecross

Laptops are widely used today by professionals and students doing their work on the go. While they are extremely convenient and fill this role nicely, these portable computers are also much more likely to be dropped, have things fall on them, or to suffer some sort of water damage. These kinds of injuries, along with bad power supplies, are most often the culprits of data loss. When unfortunate accidents damage your laptop, frightening effects usually occur, like: it may not turn on, you are unable to access data, or your data is corrupted and unreadable. Oftentimes, however, we are able to save your information in these cases.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Increase the Odds of a Successful Recovery?

Although you will need professional assistance to access and retrieve your files, there are things you can do in the meantime to increase your odds of successful data recovery. Most importantly, remember to leave your computer turned off and disconnected from the power source. Do not attempt to repair it yourself and get it serviced as soon as possible.

What Cases Are We Experienced in Handling?

Our technicians are trained and experienced in recovering data materials from just about any make and model of PC or Apple laptop. They have also successfully dealt with almost all hard drive brands. As a company, we have handled everything from structural damage to logical file system corruption. Some of the common issues we have effectively dealt with are:

  • √ Dead Laptops
  • √ Non-bootable Laptops
  • √ Damaged Screens
  • √ Damage Resulting from Liquids
  • √ Hard Drive Malfunctions
  • √ Corrupted Operating Systems
  • √ Malware & Virus Attacks
  • √ Accidental File Deletions