Despite the pandemic, 2020 has been the most profitable year for Apple, which launched its new iPhone 12 and announced an additional smartphone, the new iPhone SE. Now, the whole world is waiting for the new iPhone 13 to be revealed.

The most desired feature of iPhone 13 already exists in almost all Android and even some iPhones. We have collected everything we think we know about the iPhone 13 and will update this information as new developments emerge. 

Features of iPhone 13

Below is list of best features of iPhone 13 series:

  • Displays with 120 Hz refresh rate

Apple was one of the first companies to use a 120Hz ProMotion display in its iPad Pro line. However, three years after its debut on tablets, Apple still did not offer this level of features on the panels of iPhones. Meanwhile, Android manufacturers have incorporated them into the high-end and mid-range models with models like the Poco X3 priced at the $ 300 barrier that includes it. The Apple iPhone 13 models came with a revamped design, offering squarer edges more like the iPhone 4 or 5. Therefore, the iPhone 13 models are likely to stick with this design, as a design update, two years in a row would be unusual.

  • Will the iPhone 13 have 5G?

Seeing the hegemony of 5G in the iPhone 12 (including the mini), it would not make sense to expect that in the next shipment of iPhone (not SE), this would be seen only in some of the models. In fact, it is already said that they will include an X60 modem 5G from Qualcomm for this purpose, although this year we have already met the successor of that modem: the Qualcomm X65. Thus, the basic iPhone 13 models would have 5G at least in sub-6GHz mode, while the more expensive models would use mm Wave technology. Speaking of connectivity, it is also said that they would come with support for Wi-Fi 6E.

  • The larger rear camera module

Like the rear camera design of the iPhone 12 series, the rear cameras of the iPhone 13 will be better. The rear camera on the iPhone 13 is said to be bigger and perform better. This will make the new iPhone 13 model better at taking photos or videos because the rear cameras can automatically and precisely adjust the focal length for us when we place the camera against the subject. In addition, the front camera of the iPhone 13 will adopt a thinner True Depth notch, a rear camera module embedded in the screen.

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  • Better screen resolution

News from the iPhone 13 series also leaks about the best display screen performance. First of all, the iPhone 13 will have a 120Hz resolution screen. This will be the most powerful display screen of all iPhone models. According to the Samsung display screen maker company, Apple will continue to use OLED displays in newer iPhone models. The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will feature an LTPO transistor OLED display. How will this 120Hz OLED screen differentiate us? We can see it on the screen of the Samsung S20 Ultra. News also reports that Apple plans to release all iPhone models with OLED LTPO display.

  • Smaller battery with longevity

The first news story was reported, and an Apple leaker said: “We predict that the iPhone 13 will be the first iPhone model to adopt battery soft plate technology, which will help save internal space and reduce costs.” The latest generation of iPhones will feature a smaller, more durable battery. Soft-plate battery technology could help Apple in its quest to keep releasing small smartphones like the iPhone 12 mini or simply make batteries have a higher capacity than is currently used. Another news report said that Apple was going to keep the same battery capacity between its iPhone 12 and its iPhone 13, the actual physical battery would end up being smaller. Regarding these two leaks, we still have to wait and see if they turn out to be true,

  • Larger ROM storage

The iPhone 13 series will have a larger ROM storage, according to the news report.

  • The iPhone 13 mini is expected to be equipped with 4G RAM and optional 64G or 128G or 256G ROM storage.
  • The iPhone 13 will have the same RAM parameter as the 13 mini.
  • The 13 Pro is expected to be more than capable. It is expected to be 6G RAM with 128G / 256G / 512G / 1TB ROM storage.
  • The 13 Pro Max is expected to have better features, but the ROM storage is the same as the 13. It is large enough for users to store data daily.

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