Ever since its creation, the iPhone has been a popular choice for many smartphone users across the world. It was the first phone with a revolutionary interface and allowed users to use various tools in their phone such as a camera, music player, map, etc. Today, the iPhone 12 is quite popular and comes with various amazing features. However, there is one feature which Apple refuses to remove for security reasons. This feature is the auto-lock feature which completely locks your iPhone with no chance of recovering data that was not backed to iCloud.

This feature has caused the loss of countless photos, videos, and other important data of iPhone users to be lost forever in a technological void. If you are an iPhone user and are worried about losing your important data, here are a few steps you can take to prevent this from happening:

Keep a Simple Password

The existing security and 2FA features in iPhones allow users to have the luxury of keeping simple and easy-to-remember passwords. You can try keeping a password that you will never forget such as the password of your bank account or your favorite email password. Even keeping a simple password like 1234 isn’t a bad idea since you have the security of the iPhone to protect your data.

Avoid Keeping Passwords

Removing your passcode entirely from your iPhone is another plausible method, however this does remove the physical protection that your phone provides from prying eyes. If you are alright with the idea of your family members seeing your phone, or can keep your phone close to yourself at all times, then this is probably the right method for you. Here is what you need to do to disable your iPhone passcode:

  • Go to your settings app and select passcode
  • Enter your passcode
  • After entering it, turn the passcode switch off
  • Enter your passcode once more

Now your phone can be unlocked without using a passcode.

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Write Your Password Down

You can also write your password down, however this solution also comes with a few problems. It does not allow you to use your passcode without any problems, as there is a high chance that a physical paper can be lost. This can again cause a problem which would require you to get some additional help for data recovery on iPhone.

What to do if you lose your data?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a DIY solution that can fix your data loss problem on an iPhone. You would most likely have to bring your phone in to a data recovery service center. This may or may not be able to recover all of your data. If you are in Melbourne, then your safest option is to go with a trustable data recovery provider like Recovery Squad.

Do Not Use DIY Tools

Connecting your phone to a computer and running a recovery software can cause several problems. In most cases, when data gets deleted, only its indexing is removed from the operating systema and the data location is marked as free for writing. However, with a software that tries to recover your data at home, you may actually end up overwriting your existing data and this can further cause more problems for you by permanently removing that data without any chance of recovery.

The best way to avoid such problems is to visit a professional iPhone data recovery service in Melbourne. They will be able to use sophisticated tools and methods that can recover your data without overwriting it.

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The Process to Recover Data from iPhone

Here is the process for recovering your iPhone data via a professional service:


This step is the most important of the iPhone data recovery process since it allows the engineer to examine the iPhone and check how much data is actually recoverable. They will also tell you the expected time for the process, and a quote.

Data Recovery on iPhone

If you agree to go with the recovery process, the professional engineer will begin extracting your lost data from your iPhone. This will not affect the functionality or warranty of your iPhone in any way, and is a completely safe process.

To lose your data is to lose your actual memories. In a world where our data drives our lives, it is important to ensure that you don’t simply lose your data for any reason. So, if you are an iPhone owner going through an existing data problem, get in touch with Recovery Squad now for the best iPhone data recovery Melbourne.